The Great Vision…

The Great View

All is the Lord. There is nothing else in existence.
Ignorance of this is the only impurity.
When you find yourself, you find God; When you find God, you find yourself.
Wherever true realization of God is, there nothing and no one is excluded.
God is both one and infinite; both the unlimited and the limited.
When you come to know God, the Supreme Self, you embody devotion; when you embody devotion, you come to know God.
The Father is in the Mother; Shiva is in Shakti. The whole of life is the means to realizing the Self…

~ Maha Darshan, The Great Vision

Author: Ganesh

A soul in the search of eternal peace... "Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace"

10 thoughts on “The Great Vision…”

  1. All is the Lord? There is nothing else in existence? I’m assuming that you’re presuming that no atheists or agnostics subscribe to your

    “Known is a drop.” If so, that would obviously be incorrect.

    Furthermore, doesn’t the message of this entire post conflict with the concept “Unknown is an Ocean”?

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    1. Thanks dear Mike for sharing your thoughts! You are most welcome here.

      How we present anything or interpret anything is completely up to us, but the ultimate truth is one. This is a very good example…

      Religion – All is the Lord. There is nothing else in existence.
      Spirituality – All is Self. Self in you is the Self in all Beings. The Source of everything is the same and this is Self.
      Science – All is Energy. Energy is everywhere, and in everything there is energy.

      Coming back the the quote “Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean”. It clearly speaks about the limited nature of our mind and body. When it comes to science, art or anything else, we are just sitting above water on the tip of the iceberg. We aren’t even aware of how much left there is to learn. “One who knows the Self, knows all”. Only through Self knowledge, one can understand all. 🙂

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