neither me nor mine…

Name and form are constantly changing;
Their background alone is real.
Body, senses and mind are changing;
“I” alone is changeless and real,
Through all states and times.
One is the “I” when
All experiences are left behind.
One is sentient space.
Just as the sky is not affected by clouds,
One is not affected by
The phenomena that arise in oneself.
As such, the practice of this moment is
The practice of every moment, and that is
The seeing through of whatever it is that
Arises as “not me, not mine””

~ Wu Hsin

Center of (Universe : Earth : Heart)

By Dr. Jessie Mercay
posted by Ganesh

This Cosmic force that we activate through applying the principles laid out in the Vaastu Shastras per Mayan is called Purusha or Vaastu Purusha. It is the manifest form of Vastu Purusha. In the Rig Veda, we find numerous references to Purusha. An entire sukta is called the Purusha Sukta. Here the Rig Veda says:

vedAhametam purusham mahAntam Aditya varNam tamasaH parastAt
tam evam vidvAn amRta iha bhavati na anyaH panthA vidyate ‘yanaaya

This great Purusha, brilliant as the sun, who is beyond all darkness,
I know him in my heart.
Who knows the Purusha thus, attains immortality in this very birth.
I know of no other way to salvation.

Vastu Purusha facing down is symbolic of waves of Vastu energy drizzling down onto and into a Vaastu building. This is Cosmic Space (Consciousness / Quantum field) transforming itself into matter and co-mingling with Vaastu Purusha within the center of a Vaastu building. Vaastu Purusha facing upward represents the Vastu Energy of the earth rising upward from the earth’s central cubicle core and entering into a Vaastu building then co-mingling with Vastu Purusha. Scientists have recently shown what Mayan proclaimed in 10,500 BC. That is, the central core of the earth is cubical (Macroabode).

Scientists have estimated that this cubical form is about 1200 kilometers square. If you analyze this according to Mayan’s theory the end product is amazingly interesting. That is if you divide that number by 9; then divide that product by 9 and do this 8 times then you come up with a number (about 1 and 3/32 inches) that is very close to Mayan’s angula (1 3/8 inches). This angula is the measure found on the thumb and middle finger of the human body of the human who is enlightened or in harmony with the Divine!

1. 1,200,000 m (1200 km) divide by 9
2. 133333.33 m divide by 9
3. 14814.81 m divide by 9
4. 1646.091 m “
5. 182.899 m “
6. 20.32211 m “
7. 2.258012 m “
8. .25089 m “
9. .027877 m = 1 3/32nd

From this I can only say that 1200 m is only approximate. But a very close approximation. I believe that if the cubicle form found in the center of the earth could be exactly measured and that measurement were reduced as above it would come to 1 3/8 inches (and we can find the exact measure of the cubical earth center by using 1 3/8 inch). I expect the cubicle center of the earth to be 1503.4063 m and not 1200 m. The measurement that Mayan says is the finger measurement of the ideal human who is in complete harmony with the Universe.

The 8×8 form is the fabric of the subtle universe – a description of the Unified Field and a description of the body of the Divine – Vastu Purusha. The 9×9 cubicle form is a description of the fabric of the gross Universe known as Vaastu Purusha.

How do we come to know this Purusha in our heart? Our microform is found in the cave of our heart. It is through the resonance we experience in a Vaastu house or temple that we can come to know this great Purusha in our heart.

In the center of the castle of Brahman (our own body) there is a small shrine in the form of a lotus flower (appearance of fully blossomed microabode as you look down from above), and within can be found a small space. We should find who dwells there, and we should want to know him. And if anyone asks – “Who is he who dwells in the small shrine in the form of a lotus flower in the center of the castle of Brahman?” We can answer –

“The little space within the heart is as great as this universe.
The heavens and the earth are there;
the sun, the moon, the stars;
fire and lightning and winds…
For the whole universe is in him
and he dwells within our heart.”

– Chandogya Upanishad 8:1


Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay. Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, For any questions please visit

A Divine Love Story…

By Dr. Jessie Mercay
posted by Ganesh

In the following paragraphs Rosie O’ Sullivan comments on an article written by Dr. Mercay called The Cosmological View of Mamuni Mayan In His Mayonic Science. It is a commentary on a monograph by Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati:

The “Cosmological View of Mamuni Mayan in His Mayonic Science” is a very profound and deeply moving description by Dr. Jessie Mercay of Dr. Sthapati’s translation of The Center of Origination, a chapter in his overview of Mayan’s Aintiram. It follows the theme of revealing why Brahmam or Consciousness chose and chooses to manifest and ultimately helps one understand why he or she was born and what brings true happiness. What most inspires me about this description of the unfolding of life is that it is a love story, the greatest love story, in that it is this Supreme 1st impulse of Love that brought and continues to bring into being, in every nano second, all that we know and experience as our world and the pulsating universe. It starts as the Originating One Source, called Moolam, Brahmam, The Quantum field, finding itself to be so beautiful and perfect and so in love with that beauty and perfection that it begins to vibrate, pulse, spin and order itself, manifesting over and over again into the myriad of material forms in the universe in order to experience and savor that beauty eternally. This process of manifestation besides being vibrant with the impulse of love is spontaneous, orderly, intelligent, unforced, auto catalytic, and pure.

These are its beginnings, where even in its stillness it is not frozen but filled with the promise of its throbbing, where it then impels itself into a spin discharging particles of light from its luminous core in anticipation of the end product of a manifested outer form, as the birth of a now and later are born, bringing Time and limits into being. An intrinsic order is created as Moolam exercises control on its luminous particles. This is what we call Mayonic Order or Tala Purusha. This vibrant energy flutters to this ceaseless rhythm and is compared to an eternal dance of love, the dance of all reality, the divine dance of Nataraja (God Shiva). In love with its own beauty and pulsing itself to this divine dance it transforms itself into infinitely complex material forms. The knowledge of this process not only thrills the reader with intense happiness it shows us that our true happiness lies in the ability to savor our own individual beauty and perfection that pulsates with great luminosity from our own vibrant core. It tells us that we are a perfect creation/manifestation of the ultimate Divine Love that sprung from its own desire to savor its own beauty in our living form. To know this brings one into resonance with that highest vibration of Love that vibrates us and everything into being. (Rosie O’Sullivan, PA, USA, Advanced Student AUM S&T)


Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay. Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, For any questions please visit

Fabric of the Universe – Origin of the World!

By Dr. Jessie Mercay
posted by Ganesh

Mayan’s greatest achievement, and root of all of his other achievements, was the discovery of the Brahmam principle, which is akin to modern Unified Field Theory (the field of Brahmam) and quantum physics (the actions of particles and waves within the Unified Field). Not only did he discover The Brahmam principle but he also discovered principles akin to modern point theory, wave theory, string theory, and particle theory. He, in a nutshell, was able to describe the fabric of the universe and the innate functioning of an underlying intelligence responsible for the formation of matter. And, in that description, he explained a fundamental particle (micro and macro) from which all of life arises.

Mayan in his understanding of the Unified field and quantum field activities (ripples in the Unified field) was able to go farther than modern science. Mayan states:

“There exists an order in the Universe – subtle universe, and material universe. This power is attributed to the consciousness of the cosmic space as well as of the inner space of the animate beings. This consciousness, by its personal effort to express its own inner feelings, causes a kind of vibration or pulsation in the inner space, resulting in energy-grids. The vibration or pulsation, being the causal element of all these events, is called KAALA. This is actually the force of energy aroused by the inner consciousness, causing waves and contributing to the growth of living forms. This KAALA resides in all living beings. So, space is the offshoot of the vibration of the primordial energy. This is how the space was born. All forms of nature are manifest forms of subtle energy. For all to get manifested, the force is KAALAM. This wave-form frequency realm is the creative element of the universe.” (Aintiram)

Without exception, the ancient Vedic texts speak of Mayans’ Brahmam principle. Modern science has, in theory, come to understand that there is that one unified field from which the material world arises yet it is only a theory today. However, Mayan thought of it, saw it and described it – the Brahmam principle.

Mayan identified the structure of infinite and finite energy particles. Mayan defined the vibration of inner Space and outer Space as a quantifiable one by virtue of which he was able to identify the structure of these energy particles and an order in the development of forms of matter. He discovered that the subtlest and smallest particle exists as a cubical structure containing a vibrating Thread of Consciousness or Cosmic Fire. This Cosmic Fire is the creative element. This particle he called anu or Microabode (Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati). The Microabode is the smallest particle in the Absolute or relative existence. It is the foundation from which all matter rises. Absolute Space is packed with these energy particles.

It is from these particles that Absolute Space manifests itself through Time, OM Light, OM Sound, the subtle aspects of the Pancha Bhutas (five elements –air, fire, water, earth, space). At this point, there is a question in the minds of almost every human in history: Why? A philosopher asks – Why did the Absolute manifest Itself? A religious person asks ‐ Why did God create the world? A scientist asks – Why does the quantum field project forth sound and light waves that form the material world? At last, we have the answer thanks to Mamuni Mayan:

Dr. Sthapati says that “the paradox lies in the utter simplicity of the answer: The Moolam (Brahmam) is in love with its own inherent beauty and this beauty it searches for on the outside and this perfection it constantly creates, so that it may forever savor and enjoy this ultimate beauty. In its desire to create a substantive representation of itself on the outside, in order to savor its own beauty, the Moolam impels itself into a spin. Upon rotating the particles are thrown out all around the center. Mayan says that it is from this action of discharging particles of light from the luminous core that the Moolam anticipates the end product of a manifested outer phenomenon. The very act of anticipation of a final outcome and the effort put into bringing this about are the reasons for the ultimate object to be transformed into a reality from being figment of an inner dream.”

Tomorrow we will explore this process more deeply with a summary written by an advanced student of the American University of Mayonic Science and Technology. 🙂


Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay. Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, For any questions please visit

Cosmic Space – The Source of Universe

By Dr. Jessie Mercay
posted by Ganesh

“Vastu is the Primal energetic substance and Vaastu is all the worldly objects, which are actually the modifications and transformations of Vastu.” – Ibid

“The theme of the Vaastu traditions is that God is the most Primal, energetic, vibrant existence as a scientific substance full of consciousness which cognizes itself and gets itself turned into manifold forms in tune with its own self-awareness. This is called self-manifestation.” – Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati 

Vaastu Shastras speak of Cosmic Space as being the source of energy. Cosmic Space refers to Brahmam or Consciousness itself – the source of the entire material world. We can think of Brahmam as being similar to the concept in physics called the Unified Field. Thus, the source of energy in a Vastu is not the sky or outer space – it is Cosmic Space or Consciousness.

Physicists theorize that there is a single unified field of unmanifest pure energy that is the source of the material world. They view the material world as impulses or waveforms that are fluctuations of a unified field. In addition there are various other theories such as string theory that hold that the unified field is filled with “strings” that are one-dimensional oscillating lines or threads. Without going into too much depth, these oscillating strings (similar to the concept of Brahma Sutra [Cosmic Thread] which will be discussed later) are holographic in nature (similar to the microabode – to be discussed later) and ultimately produce matter. These scientific principles are similar to the principles that underlie the concept of Brahmam or unmanifest energy in Mayonic Science.

Fortunately there are several treatise written by Brahmarishi Mayan that clearly state the source of Vaastu energy as being Brahmam or Consciousness – that is the real meaning of Cosmic Space. We can look at one great and sacred text called Brahma Sutra for further evidence of Mayan’s assertion that Space is not just a material element.

Adhikarana VIII: Sutra 22 shows that the ether (Akasa) from which according to Chandogya Upanishad I-9, all beings originate, is not the elemental ether but the Supreme Brahmam – Vastu Brahmam.

Space (Akasa) is Brahmam, for Brahmam’s indicatory mark is in evidence.

In addition, great enlightened Tamil poets saints like Thirumular also state that Space is Consciousness. In his Thirumaintiram he makes a number of references to Space as being consciousness. He also makes a number of other references that indicate his understanding of the knowledge in Vaastu Shastras and Pranava Veda. As an example, we can refer to verse 129 of Thirumular’s Thirumaintirum. Thirumular states:

In Space pure is tranquility seated
In space pure it does repose.

The prestigious scholar Dr. B. Natarajan states in his commentary on Thirumanitiram that Thirumular is speaking of the Ultimate, Consciousness itself as Cosmic Space. He says that according to Thirumular, the essence of life and all things is the self same Space in a microcosmic state. Thirumular seemed to be steeped in Mayonic wisdom.

In other verses Thirumular points out that Space is the source of Consciousness and that everything in the material world is born of that Space.

Verse 385: Universe of Five Elements – Evolutes

Out of Maan evoluted space
From space, ether
From ether, water
From water, earth’s hard crust;
Thus they formed in succession
The elements five;
They were for the universe
The nectar unto Flower.

Verse 787: God as Knowledge

The God is the Knowledge
He stood as knowledge of elements five-air and the rest;
He stood as knowledge pervading world all and life
Inseparate from them;
If sought within,
That knowledge will in pervasive richness glow.
Knowledge of the five elements (Vaastu Purusha Mandala)


Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay. Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, For any questions please visit

The Aintiram – The Five Aspects

By Dr. Jessie Mercay
posted by Ganesh

In Mayan’s deep, spiritual and scientific treatise called the Aintiram, the profound underpinnings of Vastu Science are articulated.

Aintiram is a multidimensional treatise on Energy and Matter, Space and Time, Order and Beauty. Absolute time creates life said Mayan in his Aintiram. He added that “Mathematics has its roots in the Time unit and Architecture is the zenith achievement of mathematics.” Aindiram is an embodiment of the subtle and penetrating theories of five aspects (Ain-Tiram) namely, Moolam (Prime Existence), Kaalam (Time), Seelam (Rhythm), Kolam (Form) and Gnalam (Earth). Mayan views the entire cosmic phenomenon in terms of these five aspects.

The following is a summary of some of the principles put forth by Mayan in the Aintiram:

1. Nothing is created – it is manifested from the One Source.
2. The Originating Source is sometimes called Moolam, Brahmam (Quantum Field)
3. It constantly creates (manifests) so that it may forever savor and enjoy its own Ultimate Beauty. That is, the Originating Source found itself to be so beautiful and perfect, and in love with that beauty and perfection that it manifested itself in different material forms in order to experience and savor that beauty eternally.
4. This Originating Source or spiritual center is Moolam (meaning source), Maiyyam (meaning center) and Pulli meaning point) – the central source point of consciousness – pure energy.
5. All objects of nature are unified entities (forms)of energy and matter.
6. The free space is the unified field of energy and matter and source of all forms that we see in material world.
7. There are two OMs: OM Light and OM Sound, the former is the source of all visible objects and the latter, the source of all aural forms.
8. All material forms of the universe are musical forms or have taken shape on musical rhythm or musical scale.
9. Time creates, sustains, and destroys all, so created.
10. The primal manifest form of the unmanifest is square (primal wave pattern).
11. The primal square pattern is designated as the diagram of embodied energy – Vaastu Purusha mandala.
12. The free space is packed with cubical atoms of energy. They are building blocks of the structure of the universe.
13. The cube is micro-abode called Sittravai/Chittrambalam (mini hall in Tamil).
14. Within the hall there is a vertical luminous shaft called Brahma Sutra (Oli nool).
15. This Olinool/Brahma Sutra is a shaft of consciousness also called Moolathoon/Moolasthambham.
16. This shaft of consciousness vibrates in a particular order called rhythm. This is the order of nature.
17. This rhythmic vibration of the shaft of consciousness is the dance of Shiva, the Space.
18. The micro space, in the cubical shape is foetus, Garbha or Bindu. This is known as Vinkaru in Tamil.
19. This micro abode is the repository of light and sound.
20. The free space is Light and the Light is Moolam or source of the universe and universal forms. Light is Brahman, Atman, Vastu Brahman – Nun porul in Tamil.
21. The embodied energy is Vaastu Brahman/Vaastu Purushan. The space enclosed in a building is Prasada Purushan – energized building –Building is a living organism, built of musical units of measure.
22. Architecture is the supreme achievement of mathematics.
23. Mathematics is rooted in the dynamism of Absolute Time.
24. Time is the vibration of Space.
25. Time and Space are equal.
26. Time is one of the subtle elements of Space (akasa).
27. Time is the causal element of all objects of the Universe.
28. The microcosmic structure is in total identity with macrocosmic structure.
29. The supreme space is throbbing every moment to express itself out.
30. Through the power of inner consciousness, the knower of Vastu should know about light aspects and sound aspects of OM pertaining to both inner and outer space.
31. Those who do not realize the creative dynamism of inner space cannot know the dynamism of outer space (195,831).

These thirty-one principles form part of the foundation of the sciences called building architecture of Sthapatya Veda, Vaastu Shastra and Traditional Indian Architecture. These are commonly called Vastu or Vaastu. While these ideas may seem unfamiliar or perhaps abstract, their meaning and significance becomes clear as one delves more deeply into the science of Vastureva Vaastu- energy becoming matter through the manifestation process which we will go through in next weekend.


Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay. Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, For any questions please visit

The Why and How of the Universe

Mr. Nathan, my friend who is standing before me, is my own mental creation. Even this world is my own mental creation.

Non-existence is said to be an object of perception, since non-existence of a thing means its existence somewhere else. According to the idealistic theory, there is no world at all in reality. It is all mere mental imagination. According to the realistic theory, the world is a solid reality. Even the dualist school of thought hold’s that the world is real.

Kant has demonstrated that space, time and causation are not objective realities, but only subjective forms of our intellect, and the unavoidable conclusion is that the world, so far as it is extended in space, is running on in time and ruled throughout by causality, is merely a representation of our mind and nothing beyond it.

A finite mind that is gross and conditioned by time, space and causation cannot comprehend the why and how of the universe, a question that is transcendental. The question has never been answered by anybody. Do not rack your mind on this point. You can never get a solution for this problem. It is His Nature.

Non-Existence of the World – What it means?

The non-existence of the world or its destruction does not mean the annihilation of mountains, lakes, trees and rivers. When your determination that this world is unreal, illusory gets stronger and stronger and when you are well-established on this idea that this world is illusory like mirage, this alone is destruction of the world.

You cannot destroy a mountain, but you can destroy the idea of a mountain. The universe is like a Dream in wakened state. Just as there is the image in the mirror, this world is a big image in the mind-mirror. The play of the mind arising out of pure consciousness constitutes this universe. Mind is Maya (Delusion). Maya is the mind. The workings of the mind are nothing but the workings of Maya itself. Attraction or attachment in the mind towards forms is Maya. Identification of one’s own self with the mind is Maya.

How the Mind manifests as the World?

The motion or vibration of Prana (breath) moves the mind. The movement of the mind generates the universe. The mind manifests itself as the external world. The world enters the mind through the eyes, ears, tongue (speech) and old Impressions. If you remain in the seclusion, you can shut out these first three doors. Through right inquiry of Supreme Self, you can destroy the Impressions. Then Knowledge of Self will dawn.

All the universes with their heterogeneity, though really Self-Knowledge, shine as worlds only through our illusory mind, like the blueness of the sky which is really non-existent. The Self-light of formless Supreme Soul alone is appearing as the mind or this motley universe. The mind which ever rises and falls with the ebb of desires, fancies this illusory universe to be through its ignorance; but it should be informed of the real nature of this world, then it will recognize it to be Supreme Soul itself.


Mind – Its Mysteries and Control by Sri Swami Sivananda