Everything is Sound and Light – 2


The predominant text of relativistic physics, Gravitation, notes “present-day quantum field theory “gets rid by a renormalization process” of an energy density in the vacuum that would formally be infinite, if not removed by this renormalization.”[iv] Each literal cube of space is 10^94gm/cm^3 “of field fluctuation energy in the vacuum”[v]; one centimeter of space exceeds the mass of the entire observable universe[vi]. A fundamental tenet in Mayan’s Aintiram, a purportedly ~12,000 year old text, is “The free space is packed with cubical atoms of energy. They are building blocks of the structure of the universe.”[vii]

flower of life in a cubestar in a cube

Expanding and shifting this cube of space to its multidimensional and higher iteration is the Cube of Metatron. Twenty-two lines/paths in the Cube expand to seventy eight lines in Metatron’s cube, each line begetting an archetypal form unveiled in the Major, and Major and Minor Arcana, respectively. Physicist Michio Kaku notes “Each subatomic particle represents a note on a vibrating string or vibrating membrane. We now have a candidate for the “mind of God” that Einstein wrote about for the last 30 years of his life, the “mind of God” in this picture is cosmic music resonating throughout 11 dimensional hyperspace,”[viii] This is a beautiful and lucid articulation of Qabalistic metaphysics, in harmony with budding theoretical physics.

In the western mystery tradition the Tree of Life is the dynamic structure through which consciousness transforms itself into the four elements in the dimensions of energy, matter, time and space. The eleven objective Sephiroth or dimensions are connected through twenty-two subjective pathways, corresponding to the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the archetypal keys of the Major Arcana. Similar in intent to eastern mandalas and yantras, the twenty-two Major Arcana are an archetypal journey into a 5th dimensional state and integration with the Source network. The Soul’s journey around the Cube of Space into reunion with the central point was first articulated in the Qabalistic Book of Formation, and developed further by Builders of the Adytum founder Paul Foster Case in the early 1900s. This journey elevates and expands individual consciousness from a water-based neurochemical soup, to a consciousness tuned into the subtle frequencies permeating space, towards the ultimate state of integration with the sub-atomic Source Intelligence network. The primeval geometric instruments used in the orchestration of creation find expression in nearly every wisdom tradition.

Eight symbols give rise to the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching; the first binary system, ultimately leading to 64bit computing. There are 64 classical arts listed in many Indian scriptures. The perfected Qabalistic structure is a 64 star tetrahedron, the Merkabah. The outside of a 64 tetrahedron has 144 faces, a significant number in the Juedo-Christian tradition. Its structure is a cubeoctahedron or vector equilibrium described by Buckminster Fuller, with eight star tetrahedrons placed into the negative space of the central, perfectly equilibrated form.


Physicist Nassim Haramein arrived at a 64 tetrahedral structure as the fundamental form of “space”. In a recent paper “Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass”[ix] Haramein accurately predicts the charge radius of the proton months prior to the LHC providing updated measurements. He exposits the structure of space as “Spherical plank units in a generalized holographic approach”, or a three dimensional Flower of Life. In an earlier paper with Dr. Elizabeth Raucher he demonstrates that space-time is not simply curved to produce gravity, but also curled, like water flowing down a drain[x].

The governing principle for this flow is what the mystery schools have taught for millennia and physicists Nima Arkani-Hamed and Jaroslav Trnka’s recent description of the amplituhedron[xi] elucidates in modern physics; geometry is the underlying organizing principle and key to unifying and understanding interactions between the macro and microcosmic.

– Andrew Eth

Source: http://themindunleashed.org/2015/07/everything-is-sound-and-light.html

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[xi] https://www.simonsfoundation.org/quanta/20130917-a-jewel-at-the-heart-of-quantum-physics/

‘All is One’ – Why?

“For two thousand years it was believed that atoms were tiny solid balls – a model clearly drawn from everyday experience. Then, as physicists discovered that atoms were composed of more elementary, sub-atomic particles (electrons, protons, neutrons and suchlike) the model shifted to one of a central nucleus surrounded by orbiting electrons – again a model based on experience. An atom may be small, a mere billionth of an inch across, but these sub-atomic particles are a hundred thousand times smaller still. Imagine the nucleus of an atom magnified to the size of a grain of rice. The whole atom would then be the size of a football stadium, and the electrons would be other grains of rice flying round the stands. As the early twentieth-century British physicist Sir Arthur Eddington put it, ‘matter is mostly ghostly empty space’ – 99.9999999% empty space, to be a little more precise.” -Peter Russell, “From Science to God”

How can something which is 99.9999999% empty space be considered the building block of matter? And what is the fundamental “stuff” of the universe if not matter? If there is almost no substance to our seemingly solid, tangible world, what causes the illusion? German physicist Hans-Peter Dürr keenly noted, “Matter is not made of matter.” So what is it made of?

“For a start, what we perceive to be ‘physical’ and ‘solid’ is anything but. Science says that what we see as ‘form’ – people, buildings, landscape etc. – are made of atoms. Okay, but the trouble with the ‘solid world’ theory is that atoms are not solid. More than that, they are basically empty. How can something that is not solid create a solid environment? It can’t. Atoms consist of electrons orbiting a nucleus (protons and neutrons), but it is the proportions that tell the story. Atoms are more than 99% empty space to our human reality, yet they are described as the fundamental building-blocks of matter – yes, ‘solid’ matter.” –David Icke, “The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy” (34)

“Examine each part of the cabin. The walls are made of wood. What makes wood what it is? A configuration of wood cells exists as a log, and each of these cells cannot exist without a configuration of molecules. Likewise, each molecule is composed of atoms. Each atom contains electrons, protons, and neutrons. Each atomic particle is composed of quarks, etc., etc., etc. Everything can be broken down into parts. Even if somehow a ‘thing’ was found that could not be broken down, it would still have parts because if it did not, it could not be used to make more complex things. Anything that has spatial extent requires that it has a front, a back, a shape – different parts. At the level of atoms, the distance from one atom to another in relationship to the diameter of the nucleus of the atom is ‘astronomical.’ There is more emptiness in the atoms composing the wall of a cabin than there is matter! And this goes for all matter. All matter is mostly emptiness … What prevents your hand, for example, from passing through a wall is not that there is some ‘thing’ or ‘things’ (atoms) in the way, but more so because there is an atomic energy field that prevents the atoms from one’s hand to pass by the atoms of the wall.” –Aaron G. L. Adoni, “The Gnosis of Kali Yuga” (137)

When touching a wall with your hand, both the wall and your hand are composed of 99.9999999% empty space, so your sensation of touching some “thing” comes not from physically colliding hand-atoms with wall-atoms, but rather from an energetic charge between them. That energetic charge is then electro-chemically interpreted by your brain into your felt experience of “wall.”

“How can something that is not solid be the building blocks that construct this ‘solid’ wall I am looking at now? It can’t – our brains do it. With the emergence of quantum physics, science has had to concede that atoms are not solid … The atoms that comprise ‘physical’ matter are overwhelmingly ’empty’ and even illustrations of this are misleading because there is not enough room in a book or science paper to accurately depict the proportions of particles to ’empty space’. As one writer put it: ‘If an atom was the size of a cathedral, the nucleus would be about the size of a ten cent piece.’ The rest is ‘empty’ to the perception of the five senses because it consists of energy vibrating on wavelengths higher than the ‘physical’, and even the particles are found to be empty as you go deeper into the subatomic realm. If you magnify anything powerfully enough and go deeper than the atom, you will find that nothing has solidity – No, not even buildings, cars, mountains or the bones in your body. It’s Illusion! If you find this hard to accept, think of your dreams. You dream in three-dimensional images and yet no one claims they are solid do they?” –David Icke, “Infinite Love is the Only Truth, Everything Else is Illusion” (40)

“Quantum theory thus reveals an essential interconnectedness of the universe. It shows that we cannot decompose the world into independently existing smallest units. As we penetrate into matter, we find that it is made of particles, but these are not the ‘basic building blocks’ in the sense of Democritus and Newton. They are merely idealizations which are useful from a practical point of view, but have no fundamental significance.” -Fritjof Capra, “The Tao of Physics” (137)

Nobel Prize winning physicist Niels Bohr was the inventor of the Bohr Atom Model seen in every high-school physics/chemistry textbook depicting the atom as a mini solar system with a central nucleus orbited by bands of electrons. He created this model of the atom with which we are all so familiar, yet he himself knew the model was incorrect at a fundamental level. He wrote that, “Isolated material particles are abstractions, their properties being definable and observable only through their interaction with other systems.” In other words, no atom or sub-atomic particle has an isolated, separate existence. No material particle has independent properties or location as distinct from any other. At the atomic and subatomic levels, no “thing” is separate from every “thing” else – there is just One field of pulsating energy that composes the entire physical universe. It has been called The Ether, The Field, The Quantum Field, The Zero-Point Field, and many other names, all referring to this essential, energetic Oneness. So, not only was Newton’s classical physics incorrect about absolute space and time, it was incorrect about the universe being composed of separate particles of matter.

Everyone knows Einstein’s famous formula E=MC2 meaning Energy = Mass x Light Speed squared. What we’re seldom taught, however, are the implications of this equation. E=MC2 shows that matter and energy are really just two different forms of the same thing. Einstein’s formula and quantum physics have both verified that all matter is really just energy vibrating at a low frequency. This means that energy, the One undifferentiated field of quantum zero-point energy, is the primary reality; So-called “empty” space, “solid” matter, and “separate” forms, are just subjective interpretations of the One underlying energy. As Albert Einstein himself said, “We may therefore regard matter as being constituted by the regions of space in which the field is extremely intense … There is no place in this new kind of physics both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality.”

“The discovery that mass is nothing but a form of energy has forced us to modify our concept of a particle in an essential way. In modern physics, mass is no longer associated with a material substance, and hence particles are not seen as consisting of any basic ‘stuff’, but as bundles of energy.” -Fritjof Capra, “The Tao of Physics” (202)

Read more at… http://ericdubay.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-immaterial-physical-world.html

The Physics of Wave Forms – Part 3

By Dr. Jessie Mercay
posted by Ganesh


Waves are said to be an energy transport phenomenon. As a disturbance or pulse moves through a medium from one particle to its adjacent particle, energy is being transported from one end of the medium to the other. This is the story of the formation (in the medium of Absolute Space) of Absolute Time, OM Light, OM Sound, Air, Fire, Water and Earth as described in this monograph.

An interesting property of wave functioning deals with the results that occur when a wave moves across a medium and strikes a boundary.

  •  A portion of the energy carried by the pulse is reflected at the boundary and returns towards the source of the wave. (Light energy is reflected back and sound energy is echoed back). The disturbance, which returns to the source after bouncing off the boundary, is known as the reflected pulse.
  • A portion of the energy carried by the pulse (about half) is transmitted to the boundary, causing the boundary to vibrate.

Application to Mayonic Science

In Vaastu Science and Technology we understand that pure wave forms are generated at the center of the Brahmastan and move outward in all directions toward the boundary or mother wall established through the numerical equation of the Ayadi calculation. Because we know that in physical wave dynamics as described above, part of the wave generated in the Brahmastan is transmitted to the boundary or mother wall. The mother wall then vibrates with the qualities generated in the Brahmastan. That vibration is carried throughout the structure creating a constantly vibrating form.

“…if a part of free space is isolated and confined into a four walled structure called building, it becomes a living organism and the space enclosed will start vibrating in a particular order. If such a building is designed to vibrate in the same numerical order, as that of the indweller, the resultant phenomenon is that, he will experience harmony or perfect union with the Universal Self…” – Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati

Square waves of the 8×8 transform into vibrating sine waves represented by Nataraja (dancing Shiva). They proceed out from the center of the Brahmastan in all directions (only one direction indicated below) and pass through space to the boundary established by the mother wall. In following the principle that when a wave hits a boundary it splits. Part of the pulse is transmitted into the boundary and causes the boundary to vibrate and the other part is reflected backward to its source. The part of the wave that moves backward causes a co-mingling or interference with new waves moving forward toward the boundary thus causing standing waves. The amount of wave energy that stays with the boundary is influenced by the medium it is passing through and the boundary conditions.

As the standing waves vibrate, the waves from the 8X8 structure can be said to meet their self in the returning waves. That “meeting of itself” and co-mingling (Absolute Space meeting Itself) creates an additive factor that creates the 9X9 structure of the Vaastu Purusha mandala. In Mayonic Science and Technology, this phenomenon is understood to be the cause of the vibrational nature of a Vaastu form. That is, the mother wall then becomes a vibrating structure that passes this vibration onto the inhabitant. This accounts for the many benefits experienced by people living in Vaastu homes.

Since a properly built Vaastu structure is cuboidal and mirrors the form of Vaastu Purusha, the entire structure – walls and airspace are packed with vibrating microabodes (smallest unmanifest particle that contains consciousness). This accounts for the overall sense of wellbeing experienced by inmates as they begin to vibrate within their own microabode with that of the Cosmic Principle.

How does this happen? The diagram below demonstrates the mechanics of this phenomenon. And, above and beyond this mechanism, as you can see from the diagram above (three microabodes) the inmate (person) and the house are nothing but Brahmam in bounded form.


Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay. Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, aumscience.com/wordpress. For any questions please visit http://www.aumscience.com.

The Physics of Wave Forms – Part 2

By Dr. Jessie Mercay
posted by Ganesh

Last week we saw the basics of wave forms and a principle. We will explore some more principles and application this week.

• The speed of a wave increases with wavelength (the change of speed with wavelength is called dispersion).
• Dispersion causes long wavelength waves in the square wave to move faster than the short wavelength waves.
• As time progresses, the square wave is decomposed into a spreading series of waves of different wavelengths. In other words, with increase in amplitude, the square wave spreads out into various wavelengths as it
decomposes with increased speed and gives way to sine waves.
• Sine waves are curved by nature and, if spinning, form a circle.

The diagram below shows a square wave increasing in amplitude and speed then decomposing into sine waves.

Application to Mayonic Science

In the formation of the 8X8 Manduka Mandala, it was previously noted that the concentric bands of time Space Time units (modules or padas) that form around the central Bindu point contain more and more modules (space time units strung together) forming increasingly long bands of energy. In addition, it was established that those bands around the central Bindu point are frequencies or waveforms/wavelengths. During the process of manifestation, wavelength increases additively by eight. That means that there is also a change of speed with the increase in wavelength. It is hypothesized that, as described above, when there is an increase of wavelength, and speed, the square wave becomes dispersed and forms a sine waves. Since the whole entity is spinning it is easy to see how the sine waves could form a circle.


• When sine waves interact with each other in a specific way (two sine waves of equal frequency and intensity traveling in opposite directions combine) those waves appear to be stationary or standing still. This illusion is called standing waves.

• Waveforms have specific qualities based upon only a very few simple characteristics. Those characteristics are:

A. Wave length – the actual length or measure of the wave – length of one complete wave cycle
B. Amplitude: the height of the wave or the maximum amount of displacement of a particle on the medium from its rest position – the distance from rest to crest.
C. Periodicity: the interval between wave peaks

(The units from A to B, B to C, C to D and so on, can be viewed as are Space Time Units.)

• To fully understand the nature of a wave, it is important to consider the medium as a series of interconnected or interacting particles. In other words, the medium is composed of parts, which are capable of interacting with each other. The interactions of one particle of the medium with the next adjacent particle allows the disturbance to travel through the medium

Application to Mayonic Science

In the case of unmanifest creation, within the fundamental medium called Absolute Space, there are uncountable numbers of cubical particles called micro abode (smallest particle that contains absolute space). When a self activated pulse occurs within Absolute Space, one particle acts upon adjacent particles and ultimately creates a waveform or wave forms. Given the nature of Absolute Space, it would be easy to imagine a holographic waveform. This vibrant but unmanifest energy is called Vastu.


Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay. Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, aumscience.com/wordpress. For any questions please visit http://www.aumscience.com.

The Physics of Wave Forms!

By Dr. Jessie Mercay
posted by Ganesh

Mayonic Science and Technology and its sub topics of Vastu Science and Vaastu Science and Technology are deeply rooted in the science of Physics. More accurately, since Mayonic Science and Technology preceded Physics as a discipline by about 10,000 years one could say that Physics is deeply rooted in Mayonic Science and Technology and it is Mayonic Science and Technology that will ultimately explain the science of Physics. In the meantime, we can use principles of Physics to help us understand the mechanisms and dynamics of Mayonic Science and Technology.

In this discussion, I will present some fundamental ideas found in most basic physics texts and relate them to Mayonic Science and Technology. Physics is the scientific study of matter, energy, force, and motion, and the way they relate to each other. Physics also investigates and elucidates on the physical processes, interactions, qualities, properties and behavior of something.

Mayonic Science and Technology is the science of manifestation of subtle energy into embodied energy. It is the science of manifestation, energy, matter, time, space, rhythm and form. Principles of Physics can be found in Mayonic Science. Mayonic Science extends those theoretical principles of Physics through Mayonic Technology to material applications. The study of Physics will in turn help us to understand Mayonic Science and Technology.


Present day Physics has confirmed that everything in this Universe is composed of vibratory or oscillatory components, be it solid or evanescent (transient/ disappearing). Those oscillatory components are fluctuating waves of energy called sine waves and square waves. The genesis of these waveforms is called a pulse.

A pulse is a single disturbance moving through a medium from one location to another location. One particle is stimulated or pulsed and that particle acts upon adjacent particles. The repeating and periodic disturbance, which moves through a medium from one location to another, is referred to as a wave.

Application to Mayonic Science

Mamuni Mayan says, “The primal manifest form of the unmanifest is square” He calls it a primal wave pattern – (Aintiram) – the pure energy cube. From this we can say that the most fundamental wave form is cubical / square in nature. Interestingly enough, scientist say that contained within square waves are potential sine or curved waves. If we use the knowledge gained from Mamuni Mayan (As in micro so it is in macro and vice versa) and the facts offered by modern physics it is possible to understand the mechanisms of unmanifest pure energy (Vastu). Why is this important to think about and apply to Vastureva Vaastu?

In understanding that the square wave contains a series of sine waves, if we look at what happens to square waves under certain conditions we might find a clue to the 8=9 phenomena. We will see more principles and their applications next week.


Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay. Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, aumscience.com/wordpress. For any questions please visit http://www.aumscience.com.

Center of (Universe : Earth : Heart)

By Dr. Jessie Mercay
posted by Ganesh

This Cosmic force that we activate through applying the principles laid out in the Vaastu Shastras per Mayan is called Purusha or Vaastu Purusha. It is the manifest form of Vastu Purusha. In the Rig Veda, we find numerous references to Purusha. An entire sukta is called the Purusha Sukta. Here the Rig Veda says:

vedAhametam purusham mahAntam Aditya varNam tamasaH parastAt
tam evam vidvAn amRta iha bhavati na anyaH panthA vidyate ‘yanaaya

This great Purusha, brilliant as the sun, who is beyond all darkness,
I know him in my heart.
Who knows the Purusha thus, attains immortality in this very birth.
I know of no other way to salvation.

Vastu Purusha facing down is symbolic of waves of Vastu energy drizzling down onto and into a Vaastu building. This is Cosmic Space (Consciousness / Quantum field) transforming itself into matter and co-mingling with Vaastu Purusha within the center of a Vaastu building. Vaastu Purusha facing upward represents the Vastu Energy of the earth rising upward from the earth’s central cubicle core and entering into a Vaastu building then co-mingling with Vastu Purusha. Scientists have recently shown what Mayan proclaimed in 10,500 BC. That is, the central core of the earth is cubical (Macroabode).

Scientists have estimated that this cubical form is about 1200 kilometers square. If you analyze this according to Mayan’s theory the end product is amazingly interesting. That is if you divide that number by 9; then divide that product by 9 and do this 8 times then you come up with a number (about 1 and 3/32 inches) that is very close to Mayan’s angula (1 3/8 inches). This angula is the measure found on the thumb and middle finger of the human body of the human who is enlightened or in harmony with the Divine!

1. 1,200,000 m (1200 km) divide by 9
2. 133333.33 m divide by 9
3. 14814.81 m divide by 9
4. 1646.091 m “
5. 182.899 m “
6. 20.32211 m “
7. 2.258012 m “
8. .25089 m “
9. .027877 m = 1 3/32nd

From this I can only say that 1200 m is only approximate. But a very close approximation. I believe that if the cubicle form found in the center of the earth could be exactly measured and that measurement were reduced as above it would come to 1 3/8 inches (and we can find the exact measure of the cubical earth center by using 1 3/8 inch). I expect the cubicle center of the earth to be 1503.4063 m and not 1200 m. The measurement that Mayan says is the finger measurement of the ideal human who is in complete harmony with the Universe.

The 8×8 form is the fabric of the subtle universe – a description of the Unified Field and a description of the body of the Divine – Vastu Purusha. The 9×9 cubicle form is a description of the fabric of the gross Universe known as Vaastu Purusha.

How do we come to know this Purusha in our heart? Our microform is found in the cave of our heart. It is through the resonance we experience in a Vaastu house or temple that we can come to know this great Purusha in our heart.

In the center of the castle of Brahman (our own body) there is a small shrine in the form of a lotus flower (appearance of fully blossomed microabode as you look down from above), and within can be found a small space. We should find who dwells there, and we should want to know him. And if anyone asks – “Who is he who dwells in the small shrine in the form of a lotus flower in the center of the castle of Brahman?” We can answer –

“The little space within the heart is as great as this universe.
The heavens and the earth are there;
the sun, the moon, the stars;
fire and lightning and winds…
For the whole universe is in him
and he dwells within our heart.”

– Chandogya Upanishad 8:1


Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay. Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, aumscience.com/wordpress. For any questions please visit http://www.aumscience.com.

‘Love’ or ‘Devotion’ or ‘Resonance’?

By Dr. Jessie Mercay
posted by Ganesh

Furthermore, Mayan discovered that he could create and control the qualities generated by a form (sculpture, house, poem, music, dance) by applying specific mathematical formulas to the creation of that form. Mayan discovered, for example, that he could apply his mathematical formulas to building a house. Depending on the formula used, that house will be harmonic to a human inhabitant or it will be disharmonic to that dweller. If a house was disharmonic, it could affect the life of the person in a negative way. If it was harmonic, it could affect the life of the dweller in a positive way.

This concept of harmony is called resonance. This is the origin of the concept of Bhakti (Devotion). It is a term coined by Mayan. Many people think of Bhakti as meaning love or devotion or service. It in fact means resonance. It has nothing to do with love or devotion or service. It means that in a Vaastu form, the form and the individual come into resonance and that resonance elevates the individual to the Divine level of the form. The Vaastu form is a divine form and the individual who is in resonance or Bhakti with that form begins to vibrate with the qualities of that form.

This concept can be demonstrated by striking a tuning fork and holding a still tuning fork of the same chord next to it can demonstrate this process. The still tuning fork will soon be vibrating as a result of being placed next to a vibrating tuning fork.

In that same way, the vibration or frequency of the built space will cause the space of the dweller to vibrate at the same frequency of the house. The built space emulates the Cosmic microabode and has at its heart – the center of the Brahmasthan or Brahma Bindu – a Cosmic microform. The human has the same microform within in the cave of the heart. The individual microform is like a tuning fork to environmental influences. Whatever is in the environment, the individual will begin to vibrate with that frequency. If you place yourself in the environment of a Cosmic Force, you automatically become in resonance with the qualities of the Cosmic Force. In a Vaastu building your heart resonates with the heart of the Cosmos – from Cosmic Heart to individual heart.

Hope you got the reasoning behind why religions say “Love is God”. 🙂

Mayan realized that for a human to be at peace, enjoy health, and experience spiritual bliss, he or she should well in a structure that vibrates with those qualities. A Vaastu building is constructed to vibrate with those qualities so that the indweller may live a life of bliss and well-being.


Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay. Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, aumscience.com/wordpress. For any questions please visit http://www.aumscience.com.