Basic Elements of Vaastu

There are a number of basic elements involved in the proper execution of Vaastu Shastras. These elements only apply to a building that is properly oriented on the cardinal directions (with a slight deflection) and designed and built using specific mathematical calculations for the main wall (motherwall) and the extensions. Without proper orientation and mathematical calculations (Ayadi) a building is not a Vaastu compliant building.

Without these two elements it is fruitless to expect that you can have a peaceful home that brings wellbeing and prosperity. There is about 1 out of 100 – 200 homes, properly place on the cardinal directions, which may come close to a proper Ayadi measurement but it is very rare. Hence, it is a waste of money to attempt to “fix” an existing home unless it is oriented on the cardinal directions.


  1. Motherwall – the main perimeter of the house mathematically selected to be in resonance with the inmate and precisely executed as built space
  2. Orientation – oriented to the cardinal directions with slight deflection on appropriate site
  3. Yoni Line – clear line of sight from front door to back door resulting from properly placed front door
  4. Brahma sutra – follows Yoni but through center of Brahmasthan line and is a vibrant thread of light
  5. Soma Sutra – perpendicular to Brahma Sutra – also a vibrant thread of light
  6. Brahmasthan – open space, no walls or obstacles, no furniture, no fountains. The point of energy generation for the house
  7. Five Elements – naturally distributed due to laws of nature
  8. Room placement – based upon functions related to the 5 elements
  9. Elevational elements – based upon math of Motherwall and precisely executed with proper placement of windows, doors, and other elements


Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay. Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, and

Author: Ganesh

A soul in the search of eternal peace... "Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace"

4 thoughts on “Basic Elements of Vaastu”

  1. Intriguing results when applied to ones place and time in relationship to the Brahma Sutra and the Sona Sutra lines. I love the depth and knowledge shared in your posts they add to our beings it is an honor for both you and I that you share as well as the Heavens thank you for sharing.


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