Secret of Vaastu – Part 2

By Dr. Jessie Mercay
posted by Ganesh

The Luminous Being (Artha) and the Sonic Being (Sabda) are the raw materials from which material light and sound emerge. And, it is actually this Luminous Being Oli that is at the root of it all aural and visual forms in the manifest world. It is Primal light or Luminous Form that is in fact called Vastu.

How do both of these events occur? They occur through a grammar or mathematical order. It is this mathematical order, along with design principles based upon this order that is the secret of Vaastu Shastra. This knowledge is so important and potent that according to Mayan If the proportionate measures fall short of / are reduced, the there would occur severe diseases and if the ordained measures get increased, then the one who commissioned the shilpin for such designs would be ruined, therefore, by all means and efforts, one should design the forms according to the lineaments prescribed.

What is the causal element of this mathematical, grammatical, Mayonic order?

Mayan says that it is the rhythmic pulse of Para Brahman (free from vibration). First we have Para Brahman, which then begins to pulse or vibrate. That vibration is called Tudi, which takes on the name Time. Time implies rhythm or moving pulse. This Time (Kala Brahmam) emits OM light. Everything is implicit in Para Brahman. But then as Para Brahman begins to vibrate, it differentiates itself into Time, OM Light, OM Sound etc.

As stated earlier, this unfolding process occurs in a mathematical order. It is this mathematical order that manifests all of the innumerable qualities of the manifest world. Just as light rays for the color blue have certain qualities that arise from a certain length or mathematical equation, all other qualities of light and sound have their own mathematical wave length. Through Ayadi calculations, we can determine the mathematical wave length (the perimeter of the main wall of the house – Motherwall), which will give rise to qualities that will support human growth and physical and spiritual well-being.

Heavy black line forms main wall or mother wall. (Design by Gretchen Leary, AUM S&T Advanced Student under supervision of Dr. Jessie Mercay)

Mother Wall

The Motherwall

  •  The “Motherwall “ is the primary wall or container that serves to create a space for Consciousness to become conscious – for Vastu (unmanifest energy) to become Vaastu (manifest).
  •  In a home, for example, it is often the main four walls of the house.
  • We call it “Motherwall” because it forms the structure that gives birth to Vastu becoming Vaastu.
  • The Motherwall is constructed on a 9×9 grid and is formed with very specific individualized measurements that cause the central pada (module) to exude specific life-giving qualities that then vibrate through the whole structure. It is through this form that consciousness, Purusha, takes the form of its container.
  • The dweller then begins to vibrate with those same qualities just as a vibrating tuning fork of one pitch causes another tuning fork of the same pitch in close proximity to vibrate.

The calculations used to form the Motherwall are called Ayadi calculations.

  • The Ayadi calculation is chosen to be an exact mathematical calculation that scientifically equates to the personal resonance/vibration of the dweller.
  • With the Ayadi calculation, a number of factors are considered in determining exactly what size the Motherwall must be in order to resonate the effect of consciousness becoming conscious within the dweller when he or she enters and resides in a specific house. This is a vital piece of information that supports the fullness of the Vastu effect.
  • Once the Ayadi calculation is determined, the structure is divided into 9 by 9 modules. The modules can be square or rectangular. These modules help locate important features such as windows and doors on the appropriate grid lines. This maximizes the positive effect of the grid, solar energies and cosmic energies. Extensions (rooms) of various shapes and forms can be added beyond the Motherwall but only in accordance with the mathematical formulas of the Ayadi and modules.

We can say that a house is a convergence of frequencies – a Vaastu or Mayonic house is a convergence of known frequencies determined by Ayadi, which bring spiritual peace, well-being, and happiness.

The Brahmasthan

The central point of the structure is the Brahmasthan. It is the central module, and the adjacent row of modules surrounding the central module of the 9 by 9 grid formed by the Motherwall


  • It is the nucleolus of space from which and in which consciousness becomes conscious. The energy generator for the Vaastu building.
  • Locating the Brahmasthan is of vital importance in breathing life into a structure.
  • This central point can be likened to the nucleus of an atom around which energetic forces revolve.
  • Maximum benefit arises when this central area is designed in harmony with the rest of the structure.
  • The key feature of the Brahmasthan is that it is an autocatalytic energy generator. The qualities and characteristics of the energy generated (happiness, wealth, health, relational and spiritual bliss, success, respect etc.) are determined by the Ayadi calculation of the Motherwall. As described above, these numerical calculations determine the pulse and ultimate frequency of all the modules/ padas and the Brahmasthan. The properly placed walls act as energy conduits. The sum total of these frequencies determines the vibrational frequency of the structure. The vibrational frequency generated by the Brahmasthan creates the same frequency within the body and consciousness of the dweller.

Many so-called Vaastu Consultants who are not properly trained attempt to “open the Brahmasthan” when they are doing “rectification” of non ­ Vaastu compliant houses. This is an improper use of the Shastric knowledge. The qualities of a house are determined by the measure of the main wall, its orientation on true east and true north, and several other points. If the Brahmasthan of a non – compliant house is opened then that may increase any negative traits produced by the measurement of the house and the improper orientation. This can bring misfortune to the inhabitant.


Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay. Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, For any questions please visit

Author: Ganesh

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10 thoughts on “Secret of Vaastu – Part 2”

  1. Those constructs are founded in the non material ,they are the very building blocks of our lives vibrationaly. In a heavy material form they produce the sacred path and one knows when one has entered such a place. Nature forms them without mind which is the most perfect understanding of consciousness in action.
    Enjoyed the post.


      1. I had the vision drawn in todays blog the shape of karma , in a dream , I wrote about it in one of my books Fear of Life Love of Gold.Your blog reminded me of it.


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