Nothing is created!

Nothing is created – it is manifested from the One Source. The Originating Source is sometimes called Moolam, Brahmam (Quantum Field). It constantly creates (manifests) so that it may forever savor and enjoy its own Ultimate Beauty. That is, the Originating Source found itself to be so beautiful and perfect, and in love with that beauty and perfection that it manifested itself in different material forms in order to experience and savor that beauty eternally. This Originating Source or spiritual center is Moolam (meaning Source), Maiyyam (meaning Center) and Pulli (meaning Point) – the central source point of consciousness – pure energy.

~ Mamuni Mayan in ‘Aintiram’

Geetha Quotes

“The Self unfolds Itself,
by Itself, for its Self”

“Though I am unborn and of imperishable
nature, though Lord of all beings, yet
remaining in My own nature I take birth
through My own power of creation”

– Bhagavad Geetha