Vastu reva Vaastu (E=mc2)

We have seen earlier that the universe in its un-manifest state is filled with luminescent cuboids and there was a trigger in the form of Pranava which started the absolute time and gave forth visual forms and aural forms. This process of evolution is depicted very nicely in the following diagram…

absolute to brahmam

The square (in 2D) which is an 8×8 energy grid became a 9×9 energy grid which is manifest / gross. The transition forms were an octagon and a circle. Aintiram suggests how this transition takes place. Present physics accepts that a pulse and a sine wave can be created from each other and this happens because of simple addition of harmonic frequencies. The primordial pulsation initiates a rotational force and this rotational force as it gains momentum converts the square into a circle and if you notice that the octagon is just an in between state between a square and a circle.

We see confirmation of the details of this manifestation process in Chapter 9, verse 8 of the Bhagavad Gita where Lord Krishna describes His manifestation process to Arjuna, “prakritim svaam avastabhya visrijaami punah punah”, which means “Curving back onto myself, I create again and again…”

What it suggests is that the essential shape of every gross form in its natural state is a circle (in 2D) and a sphere in (3D). This is the reason we find every planetary body is almost spherical in shape and this is also the reason as to why the ripples in a water body when we throw a stone in the water are in circles. Be it the center of a tornado or the shape of a hurricane or a tsunami it always a circular force. The supreme secret in martial arts is that the Chi moves in a circular fashion and hence Tai Chi is the most deadly form of martial arts. Lord Vishnu has Chakra as his weapon to suggest not only light but also the rotational force.

The process of manifestation is captured in these 2 pictures at all the significant stages. If you notice that a single dot becomes multiple dots, then a line, then a pulse and then goes on to becoming a 8×8 energy grid and then to a 9×9 energy grid. 8×8 is un‐manifest and 9×9 is manifest. These aspects are very well captured as sutras in the book Aintiram and Pranava Vedam.

Self Transition of Energy to Matter

  • Subtle Energy becomes gross universe and the fundamental 5 elements are created in the process.
  • It is said that 1/10th of the space becomes Air, 1/10th of air becomes Fire, 1/10th Fire becomes Water and 1/10th of Water becomes Earth.
  • So we can conclude that we are living in a Space delineated world.


  • Vastureva Vaastu – Vastu which is unmanifest and subtle becomes Vaastu which is manifest and gross.
  • If we assume that Paramaanu is God particle and hence it is divine, then everything in this world is divine. See the oneness in all and see “All in one”.
  • All beings in the universe are divine. There is nothing without that divine energy or particle – however we call it. This is Universal, Open source, All Compassing and the highest state of Consciousness.

To summarize…

  • We all note that Subtle has become Gross. Hence conceptually Gross = Subtle or both are proportionate.
  • We all note that Space has become Earth. Hence conceptually Space = Earth or both are proportionate.
  • We all note that 8 have become 9. Hence conceptually 8 =9 or both are proportionate.
  •  We all note that ENERGY has become MATTER. Hence conceptually ENERGY = MATTER or both are proportionate. This is represented by E = mc2 by our great scientist Einstein. While we did not have this specific formula, the concept and the associated texts were very much with us for ages.

Now let’s try to answer this question. When you throw a stone in water / pond the ripples that form take the shape of a circle (in 2D) / sphere (in 3D). Can you guess what the shape of the ripple would be if you throw the same stone in space? You would have probably guessed the answer. The ripples in space should be and would be in square /cube in shape.


1. Time = Space by Raguram Gopalan,
2. Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay

Author: Ganesh

A soul in the search of eternal peace... "Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace"

8 thoughts on “Vastu reva Vaastu (E=mc2)”

    1. Thanks Barbara! Sure, my pleasure.

      Absolute Space (Brahmam) is the Source and Destination of all beings in the Universe. Absolute Space is filled with subatomic particle or God particle (Parama Anu). The shape of the God particle is 8×8 energy grid (Manduka Mandala). This 8×8 Manduka Mandala is a vibrant structure of Primal Space, Time, Light, Sound, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. It is the manifested movement of rhythm or frequency over the space of the mandala constituted of 64 squares that gives rise to Form. The subtle energy (8×8 grid) transforms to gross matter (9×9 grid).

      Vastu = Vaastu, Energy = Matter (e=mc2), Space = Earth. 🙂


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