Nataraja and String Theory – 2

We can see the Nataraja is drawn inside a 8×8 Manduka mandala, his left leg is raised suggesting a movement from left to right. Why should he suggest that he is moving from left to right?

Nataraja in Manduka Mandala

His left hand holds Light / Fire and his right hand holds Drum / Damru / Sound. The process of Evolution which starts with the absolute time and Pranava is fantastically represented pictorially. It suggests that the evolution process starts with the rhythmic dance of the PARAMAANU in a 8×8 energy grid and this process evolves first as light and then as sound. This light and sound creates further forms and the entire universe.

It is very easy to answer as to why sound evolves from light? We all know that the light is at a higher frequency and velocity than sound. This is the same reason we see lightning first then hear the thunders. So let’s summarize the DANCE OF EVOLUTION of NATARAJA:

  • From being un‐manifest the Pranava emerges. Or the Pranava evolves the un‐manifest to the manifest and starts the cycle of evolution.
  • This leads to a pulsation which is called as the COSMIC DANCE / CELESTIAL DANCE / DANCE OF EVOLUTION.
  • This pulsation is rhythmic and symmetric.
  • The luminescent shaft of consciousness is called as Brahma Sutra or popularly called as String theory in the modern science.
  • The process of creation evolves from the dance as light then sound evolves from light and then all the visual and aural forms in this universe.

If this is so then the process of dissolution should be that Nataraja’s right leg should be lifted suggesting a movement from right to left isn’t? Look at the majestic picture suggesting the DANCE of EVOLUTION and the DANCE of DISSOLUTION as below…

Nataraja - Dance of Evolution

Nataraja - Dance of Dissolution

a) Dance of Evolution                            b) Dance of Dissolution

There is nothing more scientific in this world that is pictorially represented about the evolution of universe. You should read a book called “The Tao of Physics” by Frijat Capra where as physicist he explains how he experienced this and highlights the dance of the quantum particles in space corresponds to the dance of Nataraja.

Now this central shaft of Consciousness is called Brahma Sutra and according to our scriptures Paramaanu has this string, which means every being, matter, inanimate things in this universe including the tiniest of subatomic particles have this string / sutra. In the future parts we will see the Maths behind this sutra and the pulsation but let us look at what the modern science says about Superstring theory here. Also check out Nataraja at the CERN.

As a wise man said, “We are the most ignorant about their rich past and scientific traditions.” We have a very rich past that is most scientific and it is left codified in a form across thousands of temples in India. Let us just open your eyes and understand the scientific meaning around it. May that “Sutradhaari” dispel our ignorance and reveal to us the secrets of nature.


‘Time = Space’ by Raguram Gopalan,

Nataraja and String Theory – 1

“The Self unfolds itself for its Self “– Bhagavad Gita

The Self unfolded itself with a pulsation and this pulsation is the start of Absolute time (KAALAM). This is the point of singularity in the scientific language and the event is termed as Big Bang. As we saw earlier it was an event of primordial pulsation and not of an explosion which threw away mass because of the explosion into the space. The entire space existed with its subatomic particles and this pulsation made the space to vibrate and this vibration was rhythmic and led to the evolution of this universe. Popularly known as “That one became many”… and ..Vastur eva Vaastu.

This pulsation happened because of the Pranava or the first pulsation resulted in the Pranava both conceptually right. So at the time of this primordial pulsation 2 things happened:

  1. The Absolute Time started. This is called Kaalam.
  2. Primordial and the most sacred Pranava emerged.

This is the reason that Pranava / Primordial OM is so sacred. This Pranava had manifested in 2 forms…

  • Luminescent form as OM the Light. This is the source of all visual forms. The primordial form is represented as ஓம் in Tamil and ॐ in Sanskrit.
  • Aural form as OM the Sound. This is the source of all aural forms. This is more popular form compared to the luminescent form.

Now this concept is very important, since in the Pranava meditation they say us to meditate on the silence after the word OM and also mediate OM as light, OM jyoti rasaha in vedas. So, when we say that sound merges into light, it is all the aural form merges into its luminescent form. All luminescent forms merge with the Paramaanu which is also luminescent. Siddhar Thirumoolar states brilliantly that who realizes that the light (physical light which means the world) merges with light (subtle light), he has realized SIVA (Consciousness).

ஒளியில் ஒளிேபாய் ஒடுங்கிய வாறும்
ெதளியும் அவேர சிவ சித்தர் தாேம – 124

Now let’s come to the 8×8 energy grid of the Paramaanu and imagine that it is pulsating because of Pranava and this Pranava has both light and aural form.

  • They say that this pulsation is rhythmic and symmetric.
  • When something is Symmetric, then there has to be a central line along with the Symmetry comes. For example if our right and left sides are symmetric then the body is divided along the sternum & backbone.
  • Within the 8×8 energy grid / hall there is a vertical luminous shaft called Brahma Sutra (Oli nool). Sutra in Sanskrit and Nool in Tamil means Thread / String.
  • This Olinool / Brahma Sutra is a shaft of consciousness also called Moolathoon / Moolasthambham.
  • This shaft of consciousness vibrates in a particular order called rhythm. This is the order of nature.
  • This rhythmic vibration of the shaft of consciousness is the dance of Siva, the CELESTIAL DANCE / THE COSMIC DANCE / THE DANCE OF EVOLUTION of the NATARAJA.


Look again at the picture of NATARAJA, he is drawn inside a 8×8 Manduka mandala (now you know what it is), his left leg is raised suggesting a movement from left to right. Imagine that he is going to land the left leg to his right side. Tomorrow we will reasoning behind it and explore more on this.


1. Time = Space by Raguram Gopalan,
2. Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay

Self-discovery – An Inner Journey….

  • Self-discovery is an inner movement. World-mastery is an outer movement.
  • Self-discovery is an inner journey. World-mastery is an outer journey.
  • Self-discovery is an inner adventure. World-mastery is an outer adventure.
  • Self-discovery is an inner experience. World-mastery is an outer experience.
  • Self-discovery is an inner perfection. World-mastery is an outer perfection.

Movement, journey, adventure, experience and perfection. The inner movement is the vision of the silence-life. The outer movement is the vision of the sound-life. The inner journey knows the goal even long before it has arrived at the goal.The outer journey knows the goal only when it has reached the goal.

The inner adventure is inspired by aspiration and sustained by dedication. The outer adventure is inspired by imagination and supported by determination. The inner experience is: God and I are one; we are eternally one. The outer experience is: God need not and cannot remain always a far cry; He is within our easy reach and if we look for Him we are bound to see Him, feel Him and grow into Him.

The inner perfection is “I am.” The outer perfection is “I have.”

The inner journey of self-discovery encounters on the way an adversary by the name of doubt. Doubt delays our self-discovery indefinitely. The outer journey of world-mastery encounters on the way an adversary named fear. Fear delays our world-mastery indefinitely. Doubt tries to destroy the cosmic seed within us. Fear does not allow us to see either the cosmic seed or the cosmic tree.

We need meditation and we need concentration. For self-discovery what we need is meditation, a life of meditation. For world-mastery what we need is concentration, the power of concentration. Our meditation longs for Infinity’s reality. Our concentration longs for reality’s immediacy. Concentration wants something here and now, in the twinkling of an eye. Meditation wants everything slowly, steadily and unerringly. Concentration gives utmost importance to speed, while meditation gives utmost importance to silence.

Self-discovery shows us a road. This road is between our spirit’s involution and life’s evolution. Spirit is involved in matter and now it is trying to evolve itself. There is a road between the involution of spirit and the evolution of life. This is what we learn from self-discovery. Now, there is another significant road, the road between our revelation and our manifestations here on earth. This road is the road of world-mastery. We reveal what we have within and then we manifest our revelation. How do we do it? We do it on the strength of our world-mastery. We walk along the road between our revelation and our manifestation when we have world-mastery.

He who has discovered his highest Self is an instrument of God, conscious and illumined. He who has acquired world-mastery is also an instrument of God, conscious and fulfilling. He who has realised God in the inner world is undoubtedly a better instrument in the inner world than he who has only acquired mastery in the outer world. But he who has acquired mastery in the outer world is a better instrument in the outer world of dedication than he who has only acquired self-discovery in the inner world.

There are some spiritual figures who give more importance to self-discovery than to world-mastery, while there are others who give more importance to world-mastery than to self-discovery. Both are right in their own way. They feel that self-discovery is aspiration and world-mastery is dedication. But aspiration and dedication should go together. Again, when we dive deep within, we feel that in aspiration also looms large the life-breath of dedication; similarly, in dedication the life-breath of aspiration also looms large. They are one. They should be inseparable, like the obverse and reverse of the same coin. He who has discovered the highest in himself, he who has discovered his Source and at the same time has acquired world-mastery, is undoubtedly an unparalleled instrument both here on earth and there in Heaven.

In order to become a perfect instrument in the inner world and in the outer world, one has to practise both aspiration and dedication. Aspiration is the inner wealth, inner achievement and inner secret. Dedication is the outer wealth, outer achievement and outer secret. Both are of paramount importance. But at the time of the seeker’s very start in the spiritual life he has to practise aspiration first, then dedication. When the seeker has been in the spiritual life for some time, then he can practise both simultaneously. At that time he sees they are like complementary souls. But at the very beginning, at the journey’s start, it is always better for the seeker to pay utmost attention to his aspiration, and then to dedicate himself later. Once he is safe in his aspiration, then it is of paramount importance for him to practise self-dedication, too.

When we aspire, when we dedicate ourselves, we eventually discover what we eternally are: our eternal Self. And when we dedicate ourselves, we attain world-mastery. It is through our world-mastery that we can inspire our fellow citizens, our brothers and sisters of the world, to enter into the life of aspiration and self-discovery.

 – Sri Chinmoy, Self-Discovery And World-Mastery 

Pran Mudra

Pran Mudra

This technique is called Pran Mudra


This is called the Mudra of Life as it improves our vital life force and empowers our life from the inside out.


Bend the ring finger and the little finger and touch the tip of the thumb with their tips keeping the remaining two fingers stretched upward and together. Do this with both hands placing them comfortably by your side or on your lap while relaxing the shoulders.

Taking deep and complete breaths begin observing the sensations in your body. If you are feeling you need more energy, focus on extending your inhale twice the duration of your complete exhale. If you are feeling at all anxious or nervous, try elongating your exhale twice as long as your deep inhale.

Can you feel the energy between your fingertips? Do you notice some softening in any tight areas? What colors and textures does your mind’s eye see? Notice any thoughts that arise while trying not to follow any specific line of thought. Just keep returning to your Body Current™ by focusing your awareness on your breath and the sensations in your body.

You can do this anywhere, anytime for however long you wish! There are no contraindications and the side effects are great! Enjoy this simple and accessible technique whenever you need a bit more balance and ease.


  • Balances the adrenals and nervous system
  • Balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain
  • Calms the limbic system
  • Improves fatigue

Happy Balancing to you!