essence of mind…


Pure space has neither color nor shape
And it cannot be stained either black or white;
So also, mind’s essence is beyond both colour and shape
And it cannot be sullied by black or white deeds.

The darkness of a thousand aeons is powerless
To dim the crystal clarity of the sun’s heart;
And likewise, aeons of samsara have no power
To veil the clear light of the mind’s essence.

Although space has been designated “empty”,
In reality it is inexpressible;
Although the nature of mind is called “clear light”,
Its every ascription is baseless verbal fiction.

The mind’s original nature is like space;
It pervades and embraces all things under the sun.
Be still and stay relaxed in genuine ease,
Be quiet and let sound reverberate as an echo,
Keep your mind silent and watch the ending of all worlds…

~ Tilopa

She is…



She is the Beginning, She is the Beginningless,
She is the Cause, She is the Causeless
She is the Light, She is the Not-light
She is the Bliss that is Beauty Divine,
She is the Mother Supreme, She is Samadhi, the transcendental End
She is Manonmani, the Jewel of the Inmost Mind
She in my sentience entered, And in my heart abided.

~ Tirumantiram 1114