Pran Mudra

Pran Mudra

This technique is called Pran Mudra


This is called the Mudra of Life as it improves our vital life force and empowers our life from the inside out.


Bend the ring finger and the little finger and touch the tip of the thumb with their tips keeping the remaining two fingers stretched upward and together. Do this with both hands placing them comfortably by your side or on your lap while relaxing the shoulders.

Taking deep and complete breaths begin observing the sensations in your body. If you are feeling you need more energy, focus on extending your inhale twice the duration of your complete exhale. If you are feeling at all anxious or nervous, try elongating your exhale twice as long as your deep inhale.

Can you feel the energy between your fingertips? Do you notice some softening in any tight areas? What colors and textures does your mind’s eye see? Notice any thoughts that arise while trying not to follow any specific line of thought. Just keep returning to your Body Current™ by focusing your awareness on your breath and the sensations in your body.

You can do this anywhere, anytime for however long you wish! There are no contraindications and the side effects are great! Enjoy this simple and accessible technique whenever you need a bit more balance and ease.


  • Balances the adrenals and nervous system
  • Balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain
  • Calms the limbic system
  • Improves fatigue

Happy Balancing to you!


Author: Ganesh

A soul in the search of eternal peace... "Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace"

19 thoughts on “Pran Mudra”

  1. Mainly on my long walks fatigue has recently become a problem which, given the age of my body and its history is not surprising, so I am trying this. I will let you know what happens 🙂


  2. After five days of doing this a few times a day for a few minutes each time there may, repeat may, be an improvement. Of course, as I state in my writings, it takes time for us to create these things so we cannot expect a “magic bullet” cure. Ganesh, have you any idea as to whether this is supposed to work at once for a short time – i.e. a temporary solution as and when needed, or a long term cure in which case for how long is it supposed to be adopted?


    1. Glad to know, Ian! This Mudra is performed either five to thirty minutes per day or three times a day as a course of treatment. Pran Mudra can be practiced thrice a day for duration of 15 minutes or for around 30 minutes in a day. You can explore more details here.

      To treat any disease Pran Mudra is like a friend that helps other mudras; to cure insomnia, Jnana Mudra is to be followed by pran mudra; to cure diabetes Apan Mudra is to be followed by Pran Mudra; Numbness in any part of the body is cured by Pran Mudra. 🙂


  3. I am suffering with Fibromyalgia, twitching of nerves, anxiety, depression, aches, insomnia, feels like nervous system is weak (rather agitated). I am taking meditation for Fibro. Is there a mudra that can strengthen my nervous system?


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