“Time” or ‘Time God’?

By Dr. Jessie Mercay
posted by Ganesh

Throughout Mayan’s writings he refers to Kaalam as “Time God.” But why?

Mayan says: “It is Time that creates; it is Time that maintains; it destroys; it conceals; it sets right the discordant and disproportionate aspects and effects purity; it makes the fruits fructify; it stabilizes; it assimilates; it provides an effective and great path; it brings into effect a supreme and sacred form” (Aintiram: 815, Dr. S.P. Sabharathnam commentary)

The deep meaning expression ‘viditthuk-koduttha’ denotes the orderly behavior of divine energy. It is this orderly behavior underlying viditthuk-koduttha’ – the manifestation of the unmanifest. It is Time that functions as part of this process.

It is only because of Time or frequency (movement of consciousness within itself) that Space or Brahmam manifests itself into material form. Time is in effect, simply Space or God itself moving – vibrating. Mayan says that it is Time that functions in every living being as in – breath and out – breath. Time is the dance and Space is the dancer. They are one and the same. Thus, we have the concept of Time God.

Mayan says in his Pranava Veda verse one:
“Om Light and Om Sound are the Primal Source of all manifest forms. Om Light is aroused by its own effort in a state of disorder and appears as a flame. The state of Om Light and Om Sound in Space is a magnificent luminous six – faced Light form that is called “murukoli”. The transformation of Om Light and Om Sound through the five stages is concealed in the five fold knowledge, of which, this is the first. This process of transformation of disorderly Om Light and Om Sound into orderliness is found in all five fold material forms.”

More sayings of Mayan regarding Time:
The throbbing or forcible movement of the Prial Space or Mulam (Moolam) is called Time (Kala). The place where this throbbing or movement takes place is called Space (inner space called ‘ullam’, which means ‘heart’ in Tamil). The form assumed through this throbbing is called creation/manifestation (‘Porul’, which means ‘meaning’ or ‘substance’ in Tamil).The numerical system shows the essential nature of mula – vastu, through the expositions on time, space, and creation (manifestation). Aintiram 16

When the traditional practitioner of Vaastu analyses the metrical syllable (phase or rhythm of primal existence) and understands that it exists for the purpose of regulation (control) and order, then naturally there would arise a state of beatitude and beneficence in which all objects meant for ephemeral and sensual pleasures get affected. Aintiram 218

…those who execute their creative works through divisional process involving Ayadi etc. could surpass even the providential course of events and perceptually see the light energy. Aintiram 255

The process of constructional science shines forth as the basis of creative order and it is capable of effecting luminosity. (Effecting luminosity means effecting pulse or Time. In other words, constructional science provides the knowledge for controlling/effecting Time) Aintiram 550

With Ayadi, we determine the rhythm or Time measure of a building – in other words, the time units of the building. This then determines the luminosity or consciousness of the building. We then can be said to control Time and Consciousness. Aintiram 685


Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay. Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, aumscience.com/wordpress. For any questions please visit http://www.aumscience.com.

Author: Ganesh

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