Science and Technology


A key to understanding Indian Culture is to comprehend that it is this Vaastu Science that gives rise to the resultant Technology. On the contrary, in the case of Modern Science, it is the tenets of Technology which give rise to the Science. Vaastu Science embodies the onward universal journey from the Inner Subtle Nature to the Outer Gross Nature. In other words, the marked difference is that Vaastu Science is Spirit-centric and Modern Science, Matter-centric.

This Science, in its entirety and simplicity, when applied, enables us to live in harmony with the innate rhythm of Nature.

– Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati

It’s in the Water

Very interesting video on Water!

The Wisdom Of Life

Every now and then something comes along to interrupt the polite illusory fiction we like to tell ourselves about how deep our understanding of reality is. This video is just one of those shattering reminders.


*Note* The information in the video is not widely accepted in scientific circles.

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