How to Control Anger?

There are three ways of destroying the thought waves of anger and lust: (1) You can drive them through will-force. This is, no doubt, difficult and taxing. It exhausts your energy much. (2) Entertain counter-thoughts. thoughts of purity and love. This is easy. (3) Live in Truth or Soul. There are no thoughts of any kind in Soul. Soul is thoughtless and ever pure. This method is a perfect and powerful one.

Conquer passion. It will then be easy to subdue anger, which is only one of its followers. Control anger by love. Anger is a powerful energy that is uncontrollable by practical mind, but controllable by pure reason or Viveka(Power of discrimination).

When you become angry with a person when he fails to supply your usual Coffee on a day, raise a question within yourself: .Why should I be a slave to Coffee?. Then the wave of anger will at once naturally subside. It will not arise on other occasions also, if you are careful and thoughtful.

Control anger by forgiveness, patience, tolerance, universal love, mildness, Viveka, Soul Awareness, and such other virtues. Forgive and pity the man who does you harm. Consider censure as a blessing, ornament and nectar. Bear reproach. Develop universal love by service, charity, awareness. Recall any calm and pure state, which when once brought to mind, suppresses the hatred and brings composure.

When anger is subdued, rudeness, pride and envy will vanish of themselves. Prayer and devotion will root out anger.

Practice of entertaining a counter-idea. When you get angry, fill the mind with the idea of love. If you are depressed, fill the mind with the idea of joy and exhilaration.

When you become intensely angry, leave the place immediately for half an hour. Take a long walk. Repeat the sacred Mantra, 108 times. Your anger will subside. I shall tell you another easy way. When you get angry, count from one to thirty. The anger will subside.

When anger tries to exhibit itself, observe silence. Keep quiet. Never utter a harsh word or obscene speech. Try to nip it before it emerges out from the subconscious mind. You will have to be very alert. It tries to come out suddenly. Before anger manifests, there is an agitation in the mind. You must try to extirpate this very agitation in the mind before it assumes a very gross form in the shape of twitching of muscles of the face, clenching of teeth, red eyes, etc. You will have to punish the mind well. You will have to impose self-restraint and punishment on yourself by way of fasting for a day whenever agitation manifests in the mind.

If you strive and make sincere effort to subdue your anger, the hatred subsides. Even then, a slight movement of impatience lingers although the angry feeling has gone. You must eschew this slight disturbance also. For a man who is leading a divine life, this is a very serious drawback.

Irritability is a weakness of the mind. If you are easily irritable, it is likely that you may do injustice to many. Remove this by the practice of patience, tolerance, mercy, love, etc.

Calmness of mind is a direct means to the realization of Soul (or the Highest Self). Verily a certain man in his behavior is calm. His calmness is noticed by everyone as he discharges his duties, large and small, beautifully well. Another man is calm in his behavior, in speech, which is noticed by everyone. For, by nature, he is friendly, sweet in speech, congenial, of a frank countenance, ready at greetings. You should be calm in all the three states. Towards such a one, the development of love is not difficult.

You must have the knack to keep the mind always in balance and in tune. Close your eyes. Dive deep into the Divine Source. Feel His Presence. Remember Him always. Practice His Name. Repeat His Name even while at work. You will gain immense spiritual strength. Meditate early in the morning before you mix with people. You must rise above the thousand and one things which would irritate you easily in the course of your daily life. Then only you can turn out wonderful work daily with harmony and concord.


Mind – Its Mysteries and Control by Sri Swami Sivananda

Just be true to your Self!

“Truth always triumphs” – It’s a true statement. Never ever think that others are not true to you or only foxy person can survive in this world. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone else other than you. There is no better Jurisdiction or best Judge in the world other than your own heart. The law of cause and effect (Karma) is universal for all. Always try be true in your thoughts, words and actions. Truth is very powerful! You will start realizing it once you are trying to be true to your Self. Whatever you think or say or do truly from your heart will have very powerful impact. Your thoughts and words would become a certain reality when you become the truth. So just be true to your Self and spread the truth around … 🙂

Be your Self!

“Know your Self, Express your Self, Be your Self”

 Know your Self…

Knowing your Self is Knowledge. When you try to know your Self you will improve Reasoning (Intellect), gain Knowledge, develop Intelligence and acquire Wisdom. All your questions on life, creation and existence will be answered by your Self in this journey.

Express your Self…

Expressing your Self is Creativity. While knowing your Self, you express your Self, your Thoughts in Words (quotes, poems, songs, speech, …), Arts (drawing, painting, music, dance,…), Discoveries (inventions, theories, philosophies,…), Expressions (love, compassion, humility,…), Actions (helping others, serving others, transforming humanity,…)

Be your Self…

Being your Self is Self Realization. When you are trying consistently to know your Self you are stepping towards being your Self! Once you completely know your Self or your Source, you will become one with your Self or Soul or Spirit or GOD or Creator or Source or Space!!! 🙂

Vairagya – How to develop?

Those who do not develop the painless Vairagya inherent in one’s self and that with great felicity and happiness are, at best, but vermin in human shape. When a bee finds that its feet are stuck in the honey, it slowly licks its feet several times and then flies away with joy. Even so, extricate yourself from the mind’s sticking and clinging to this body and children-honey owing to Likes and Attraction through Vairagya (Dispassion) and meditation and fly away from this cage of flesh and bone to the Source, Brahman or Absolute.

It is very difficult to wean some children. They suck the breast even when they are three or four years old. The mother applies some neem-paste to the nipples. The child is weaned quickly. Even so, you will have to get a medicine of neem-paste for the mind to get it weaned from sensual objects. Sit in a solitary room. Think of the miseries of this earthly life, its cares, worries, anxieties, hunger, thirst, sins, temptations, passion, fighting, fears, vanity, disease, death, old age, sorrow, grief, tribulation, loss, failures, disappointments, hostility, scorpion stings, mosquito bites, etc. This will serve as an efficient neem-paste to wean the mind from birth death cycle. You must think in the above-manner daily.

Remember constantly the pains of various kinds pertaining to this mundane existence. Insight into the pain and evil of birth, old age and sickness.. Always make the mind understand clearly that there is only pain in this world. Reflect often on the instability of this world. This is the first practice for aspirants. They can thus develop Vairagya. The mind will be weaned from objects. Attraction for sense-objects will gradually vanish.

Renunciation brings liberation

Shun the earthly objects as fire or poison. Renounce all desires and cravings. This itself is Liberation (true freedom). Renunciation of desires brings about the annihilation of the mind. Annihilation of the mind brings on the destruction of Maya (Delusion), because the mind alone is Maya. Maya is enthroned in the imagination of the mind. How cunning she is! A Viveki (person with power of discrimination) knows her tricks well. She is awfully afraid of the man of renunciation and Soul Inquiry. She bows to him with folded hands.

What is true renunciation?

The mind is the all-in-all and its mastery leads to the renunciation of all. Giving up mind alone constitutes the renunciation of all. True renunciation lies in the abnegation of the mind. It consists in renouncing all desires and egoism and not world-existence. Through such a mental abnegation, you will be able to free yourself from all pain. Then will come immortality in life or enjoyment of the infinite delight of existence free from ego, founded on oneness of all in Supreme Soul or Brahman.


Mind – Its Mysteries and Control by Sri Swami Sivananda