eternal light…


We all come from the same divine Light source. During the process of creation through the elements the physical body is formed. It is possible for us to reverse the process and make this physical body pure light, here and now, in this plane. We come from the source so we can be the source.

When we express Love, Compassion, and Bliss we are all connected. We are One because those qualities are the qualities of all souls and also the qualities of the Absolute Eternal Grace Light.

There is only one God which is the Absolute Eternal Light, no other form should be worshiped.
There are no castes, no differences of sex…we are all equal.
One should treat all life as he would treat his own life.
One should not believe in scripture but gain his own understanding and knowledge.
All religions, philosophies, and organizations are false, they are only hiding the truth.
One should ask, “Do I accept death and aging?” If you do not accept this, then do something about it and follow my example.

~ Vallalar

absolutely nothing…


Your thoughts, concepts, ideas, and imaginings cannot touch Truth. There is nothing you can do to awaken to it —absolutely nothing. When you realize that there is nothing you can do, that all doing will only lead you further away from it, you must stop all doing. Stop and be still. Stopping and stillness require no doing and no effort…

~ Adyashanti