Like and Dislike

“But the disciplined (lower) Self, moving among sense-objects with senses free from attraction and repulsion and mastered by the Higher Self, goes to Peace. (Gita, II-64)

Like (attraction), Dislike (repulsion) and indifference are the three important thought waves of the mind. Like and Dislike (love and hatred or attraction and repulsion) are the two currents in the mind which bind a man to the wheel of birth and death. Like and Dislike are the two faults in the mind that have brought you to this world. The form of bondage is Like and Dislike. The form of Ignorance is Like and Dislike. All the emotions come under the category of Like-Dislike. These two currents are the characteristics of the mind and not of the Soul. Pleasure and pain, exhilaration and depression are due to Like-Dislike. If Like and Dislike vanish from the mind, Pleasure-Pain also will disappear.

Self Love and Divine Love

When two forces of equal quality or power meet, a third force is formed. When two people of equal force and quality are attracted towards each other, a third force is formed between them. That is termed love. When I see myself in another man, when I see him as my own self, I begin to love him as my own self. When I find something in you that I myself possess, I am naturally drawn towards you and begin to love you. This is one way of explaining love. Love is pouring forth one.s affection on another. Love is God. Love is of two kinds, viz., selfish or physical love and real Love or divine Love which is unselfish and lasting.

The first kind is love with attachment. The second one is love without attachment. He who is a real aspirant, who feels his own self everywhere and a real devotee who sees God everywhere in everything can really love others. When an inferior person hangs on another person for his happiness or existence, physical attachment crops up. Attachment causes slave mentality and weak will. “Cut all sorts of attachment by the sword of non-attachment.” (Gita, XV-3)

Like as Painful as Dislike

Like (attraction) in the mind is as much dangerous as Dislike (hatred or repulsion). Whenever there is Like, there is Dislike also. Not only the Dislike thought wave , but also the thought wave of Like gives pain to man. If an object gives pleasure, you get Like for the object. But when there is separation from the object, as in the case of death of your dear wife or son, you get immense pain which is indescribable. Suppose you are in the habit of taking fruits after food. Fruits give you pleasure. You get Like (liking) for fruits. But if you cannot get fruits in a place, you get pain.

Whenever there is pleasure and Like, there exist side by side fear and anger. Anger is only a modification of desire. Fear and anger are two old associates of pleasure and Like. Fear and anger are hidden in Like. They constantly torment the mind. Fear is hidden in Like. When you have got Like for body, fear of death comes in. When you have Like for money, there is fear of losing money, as money is the means of getting objects of enjoyment. When you have Like for a woman, you always take care in protecting her. Fear is a very old, intimate friend of Like.


Mind – Its Mysteries and Control by Sri Swami Sivananda

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A Divine Love Story…

By Dr. Jessie Mercay
posted by Ganesh

In the following paragraphs Rosie O’ Sullivan comments on an article written by Dr. Mercay called The Cosmological View of Mamuni Mayan In His Mayonic Science. It is a commentary on a monograph by Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati:

The “Cosmological View of Mamuni Mayan in His Mayonic Science” is a very profound and deeply moving description by Dr. Jessie Mercay of Dr. Sthapati’s translation of The Center of Origination, a chapter in his overview of Mayan’s Aintiram. It follows the theme of revealing why Brahmam or Consciousness chose and chooses to manifest and ultimately helps one understand why he or she was born and what brings true happiness. What most inspires me about this description of the unfolding of life is that it is a love story, the greatest love story, in that it is this Supreme 1st impulse of Love that brought and continues to bring into being, in every nano second, all that we know and experience as our world and the pulsating universe. It starts as the Originating One Source, called Moolam, Brahmam, The Quantum field, finding itself to be so beautiful and perfect and so in love with that beauty and perfection that it begins to vibrate, pulse, spin and order itself, manifesting over and over again into the myriad of material forms in the universe in order to experience and savor that beauty eternally. This process of manifestation besides being vibrant with the impulse of love is spontaneous, orderly, intelligent, unforced, auto catalytic, and pure.

These are its beginnings, where even in its stillness it is not frozen but filled with the promise of its throbbing, where it then impels itself into a spin discharging particles of light from its luminous core in anticipation of the end product of a manifested outer form, as the birth of a now and later are born, bringing Time and limits into being. An intrinsic order is created as Moolam exercises control on its luminous particles. This is what we call Mayonic Order or Tala Purusha. This vibrant energy flutters to this ceaseless rhythm and is compared to an eternal dance of love, the dance of all reality, the divine dance of Nataraja (God Shiva). In love with its own beauty and pulsing itself to this divine dance it transforms itself into infinitely complex material forms. The knowledge of this process not only thrills the reader with intense happiness it shows us that our true happiness lies in the ability to savor our own individual beauty and perfection that pulsates with great luminosity from our own vibrant core. It tells us that we are a perfect creation/manifestation of the ultimate Divine Love that sprung from its own desire to savor its own beauty in our living form. To know this brings one into resonance with that highest vibration of Love that vibrates us and everything into being. (Rosie O’Sullivan, PA, USA, Advanced Student AUM S&T)


Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay. Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, For any questions please visit

Is Laughter the Best Medicine?

We all have heard the phrase “Laughter is the best medicine” Well it is! In yogic terms, it’s really the highest form of pranayama, the art of breathing. It expands and stretches your inhales and exhales challenging you without you even knowing it. There are short breaths, hahahaha hehehehehehehe. Long breaths, aaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaahaaaaaa. Combo breaths: waaahahahahahahaha.

There is also a school for Laughter Yoga. Laughter Yoga combines Unconditional Laughter with Yogic Breathing (Pranayama). Anyone can Laugh for No Reason, without relying on humor, jokes or comedy. The concept of Laughter Yoga is based on a scientific fact that the body cannot differentiate between fake and real laughter. One gets the same physiological and psychological benefits. It brings good health and joy. Laughter is universal with no language and cultural barriers. It fosters a positive and hopeful attitude. It is less likely for a person to succumb to stress and feelings of depression, if one is able to laugh away the troubles. So keep laughing and be happy! 🙂