Final Purpose of Our Life – Moksha/Nirvana?

Moksha is the liberation of the living being (soul) after complete exhaustion or elimination of all karmas. A liberated soul regains totally its original attributes of perfect knowledge, vision, power, and bliss. It reaches the higher dimensions and remains there forever in its blissful and unconditional existence. It never returns again into the cycles of birth, life, and death. This state of the soul is the liberated or perfect state, and this is called “Nirvana.”

It’s our final purpose of being in this world. We can attain Moksha/Nirvana only when we are born as human. We are blessed to be born as human being!

Jain Philosophy

Way to Live

Karma and birth continue one after another. Here questions arise. Is there no end to this cycle? How can the soul get liberation? As per Saiva philosophy, we should develop positive qualities and attitudes in life. Our action or Karma should be in the way of Supreme whose inherent nature is wisdom and attribute is love. In every birth, we gain experience through karma, and knowledge through experience. In this process the grip of Ego(“I”), which is the source ignorance, get loosened and ultimately we become liberated from it. Also we develop the mind to take pain and pleasure, the fruits of evil and good karmas, alike. Supreme Grace then descends on us. Then our actions will not be motivated by our senses which are prompted by Ego. They become His actions and karma will not follow us to come to experience.

– Saiva Philosophy