How to Acquire Good Impressions?

Try to acquire some good spiritual Impressions in this birth at least, if you are not able to devote all your time in spiritual pursuit. Do some kind of meditation for a short time at least daily, say for half an hour in the morning or evening. Have a meditation room. By doing so, you will acquire some spiritual Impressions which will be a valuable spiritual asset for a new, good life.

You will have a very good birth. You will be placed in suitable environments in the next birth for unfolding the Divinity that is lurking in your heart, for practice of Yoga. Even by a little systematic spiritual practice, you can change your mentality, your old vicious Impressions. You can cut short several future births. By practice for three years, you can free yourself from the clutches of births and deaths. Why not now in this very birth? Why don’t you cut short the cycle of unnecessary births and consequent miseries? How long do you want to be a slave of the world, a slave of passions and Senses? Wake up now. Rouse the self by the Self.

New, healthy Impressions can be implanted by new, healthy suggestions. Suppose your brain is a plank in which are driven nails which represent the ideas, habits and instincts which determine your actions. If you find that there exists in you a bad idea, a bad habit, a bad instinct, a bad nail, as it were, in the plank of your mind, you should take another, viz., a good idea, habit or instinct, place it on the top of the bad one and give a hard tap with a hammer. In other words, you should make a healthy, useful suggestion. The new nail will be driven in perhaps a fraction of an inch while the old one will come out to the same extent. At each fresh blow with the hammer, that is to say, at each fresh suggestion, the one will be driven in a little further and the other will be driven out just that much until, after a certain number of blows, the old habits will be completely replaced by the new habits, new ideas. It demands, doubtless, strenuous efforts. It needs constant repetition of the new, healthy suggestions. Habit is second nature. But, pure, irresistible, determined will is bound to succeed eventually.

End of Impressions Leads to Moksha/Nirvana

The physical body may die. But, the thoughts and Impressions of actions, enjoyments and thinking follow you after death till you attain Moksha. In different births, you create different kinds of Impressions. It is the end of the Impressions, it is the death of the causal body that leads to the final Moksha. It leads to the attainment of Self Realization. You will be getting fresh births so long as there are Impressions. You will have to take birth again and again till all the Impressions are obliterated or fried up by the acquisition of Self Knowledge. When the Impressions are wiped out, Self Knowledge shines by itself in its own glory.


Mind – Its Mysteries and Control by Sri Swami Sivananda

Karma and After Life

The gross body and the mind have, on account of your past Karmas, a tendency to act in a certain way and you act just in accordance with that tendency like a machine. You wrongly impute to yourself the authorship (agency) of these actions and thus make the matters worse. Most of your actions are done more or less automatically.

After a life, all earthly experiences of the mind are sorted and analyzed The essence is taken. The Soul is born again in the physical universe with a new frame and bent of mind according to the nature of the essence extracted in the mental plane.

When you are writing a drama, if sleep comes in, you stop writing and retire to bed. As soon as you get up, you continue to write from where you have left the previous night. Even so, when you take up a new incarnation, you begin to continue the work which you had left unfinished in your previous life in accordance with the current of latent subtle desires of your past life.

Your next life will depend very largely upon the Karma you perform in this birth. There are probably many things which the man of the world does constantly and may do without much harm resulting in any way; if these things were done by those sincere aspirants who are treading the path of Realization, they would be decidedly harmful.

The Chains of Impressions

Mind exercises its rule through Impressions. From Impressions emanate subtle desires like swarms of locusts. From latent subtle desires flows the stream of desire and from enjoyment of objects of desires arises internal craving (intense longing). Internal craving is very powerful. The Impressions are embedded in the mind. There arises a memory of pleasure in the mind. Then the mind thinks of objects. Maya(delusion) has her powerful seat in the imagination. There comes attachment. The mind plans and schemes. You are swayed by the passions. You exert yourself physically to possess those objects and enjoy them. In your efforts, you favor some and disfavor others through like and dislike. You will have to enjoy the fruits of your virtuous and vicious actions. Through this six-spoked wheel of like and dislike, virtue and vice, pleasure and pain, this wheel of birth and death moves on without stopping from beginning-less time.

Thoughts and Desires depend upon Impressions

The nature of desires and thoughts depends upon the nature of your Impressions. If you have good Impressions, you will have good desires and good thoughts and vice versa. Even if you have indulged in vicious actions up to the age of forty, begin practicing virtuous actions such as charity, meditation, service of the poor and the sick, service of elders, etc., from this moment and these Impressions will prompt you to do more virtuous deeds. They will stimulate good desires and noble thoughts.


Mind – Its Mysteries and Control by Sri Swami Sivananda

Memory and Impression


A whirlpool or thought-wave arises in the mind-ocean. It operates for sometime. Then it sinks below the threshold of normal consciousness. From the surface of the conscious mind wherein it was uppermost for some time, it sinks down deep into the region of the subconscious mind. There, it continues to be a subliminal action and becomes an impression.

A conscious action-whether cognitive, affective or conative assumes a potential and hidden form just below the threshold of consciousness. This is termed an Impression.


The impressions are embedded in the subconscious mind or Chitta. The subconscious mind is otherwise known as the unconscious mind. Subjective mind, subconscious mind, unconscious mind and Chitta are synonymous terms. The seat of this subconscious mind is the cerebellum or hindbrain. You can recall the past experiences from the storehouse of Impressions in the subconscious mind. The past is preserved even to the minutest detail. Even a bit is never lost.

When the fine Impressions come up to the surface of the conscious mind back again as a big wave, when the past comes back to the surface of the conscious mind again by recollection, it is called memory. No memory is possible without the help of Impression.


An experience in the sense-plane sinks down into the depths of the subconscious mind and becomes there an Impression. An Impression of an experience is formed or developed in the subconscious mind at the very moment that the mind is experiencing something. There is no gap between the present experience and the formation of an impression in the subconscious mind. A specific experience leaves a specific Impression. The memory of this specific experience springs from that particular Impression only, which was formed out of that particular experience.

When you perceive an orange and taste for the first time, you get knowledge of an orange. You know its taste. You know the object, orange. An Impression is formed in the subconscious mind at once. At any time, this Impression can generate a memory of the object, orange and knowledge of an orange. Though the object and the act of knowledge are distinguishable, yet they are inseparable.


An object awakens or revives Impressions in the mind through external stimuli. Hence, a thought arises subjectively from within, without a stimulus from outside. When you think of a cow which you have seen before, you repeat the word cow mentally. Then only, the mental image comes. Then, a thought is formed. Impression causes thought, and thought causes Impression, just as seed is the cause of the tree, and tree is the cause of the seed, in turn. There is cyclic causation on the analogy of seed and tree.

This cycle of thought-wave and impression is beginningless, but has an end when one attains Divine Knowledge and liberation. They get dissolved into Nature. They cease to produce any effect on the Soul. Impression should be fried up by continuous Samadhi. Then only you will be free from births and deaths.



Mind – Its Mysteries and Control by Sri Swami Sivananda