Mother Earth – The Material Energy

By Dr. Jessie Mercay
posted by Ganesh

In Vaastu Shastras, Earth is seen as a conscious Primal Vaastu – Vaastu Purusha. When we do not take into account the principles of Vaastu Shastras, we are violating the very laws of nature that run the Universe including the Earth. By violating the rules of Vaastu we are wounding Mother earth. (From a personal communication with Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati). This violation cannot be recovered or altered by using principles of green building, Bau Biologie, natural building, or sustainable building practices because none of those practices support the subtle laws of nature – they only support gross energy systems. In fact, certain of these building practices violate the most basic principles found in Vaastu Shastras. The first principle often violated is proper orientation of enclosed space. Most natural building or eco building of various kinds promotes solar gain. That is, deflecting built space upwards to 18 or 20 degrees to maximize heat from the sun in the winter. This deflection moves the house in the worst possible position off the earth grid toward what is called agneya prachee. The Shastras indicate that this position of built space off the earth grid deflected toward the south-east increases the Fire element in a structure to such an extent that the entire psychology of the inhabitants will suffer. (Interestingly enough, the Vaastu Shastras do support natural building etc. It was a great concern of Mayan. But, without using the fundamental principles found in Vaastu Shastras, natural building and its sister sciences generally violate the laws of nature.)

Every aspect of human wellbeing is considered in the Vaastu Shastras. Properly trained Vaastu consultants (trained by an authentic program supervised by a Shilpi Guru) can identify the qualities of land and determine its suitability for human and divine habitation. In addition they have the proper training to carry out all of the above evaluations and tasks.

Earth Elements

Earth is a Vaastu form. From the dynamic center of the earth Vaastu energy shoots out in all directions. Just as the Brahmam shoots out sparks and waveforms that have various qualities, the earth shoots out waveforms of various qualities. Those waveforms contain the fundamental pulses or vibrations that create the geology, geography, animals, humans, vegetation, and all aspects of earthly life in any given place around, in and on the earth. Because various waveforms differ, we find diverse geology, geography, vegetation, animals etc., in different places on the earth.

In addition, the qualities of Vaastu Purusha also produce the five elements on the earth just as the five elements are manifested within the Vaastu Purusha Mandala. At some locations the fire element is dominant (the desert), at other sites, the water element dominates (the oceans and swamps), others air or wind (certain places have high winds) and yet others have a preponderance of Space and spiritual bliss (these are places where temples have been built or were people naturally congregate because of the qualities of Vaastu Purusha present there).

Every form on this planet is a result of the type of waveform expressed by Vaastu Purusha at that site. And, different qualities of Vaastu Purusha may exist at any given site. For example in the swamps of the Southern US, there is a preponderance of water and fire element. This gives rise to certain vegetation, animals, plants, serpents and many other diverse life forms.

We assess the qualities of Vaastu Purusha at a site by assessing the vegetation, geology, geography, existence of heat, water, etc. The geography, for example, reveals to us a great deal about the qualities of Vaastu Purusha in that particular place. The principle underlying this idea is that the earth is a Vaastu form. As it rotates, it produces waveforms with varying qualities of Vaastu Purusha. Those qualities contain different quantities of the five Elements. Those different quantities of the five elements then manifest as qualities of vegetation, geology, geography etc. For example, Death Valley in California, USA is dry, extremely hot, and life there is not very abundant. It is a thriving environment for snakes and scorpions but not for humans and many other animals or vegetation – the Fire and Air elements predominate. In the swamps of Georgia, USA, there is an abundance of Water. Certain kinds of vegetation thrive there – cactus, however would die. Crocodiles, water snakes, and numerous insects thrive there. It too is out of balance for human habitation. The hills of North Central Missouri, USA have a balance of the five elements. Animals and humans thrive there.


Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay. Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, For any questions please visit

Pleasure in Objects?

Pleasure and pain, beauty and ugliness are all false imaginations of the mind. Mind is a false illusory product. Conceptions of the mind also must, therefore, be false. They are all like a mirage in the desert. Sense-Pleasure is only a mental deception. What is beautiful for you is ugly for another. Beauty and ugliness are relative terms. Beauty is only a mental concept. It is only a mental projection. Real beauty is in the Self only.

Pleasure and beauty reside in the mind and not in the objects. Mango is not sweet; the idea of mango is sweet. It is all thought wave. It is all mental deception, mental conception, mental creation. Remove the thought wave; beauty vanishes. The husband stretches his own idea of beauty in his ugly wife and finds his wife very beautiful through passion. Shakespeare has rightly expressed this in his “Mid-summer Night’s Dream”: “Cupid is painted blind. It finds Helen’s beauty in the brow of Egypt.”

Pleasure arising from external objects is evanescent, transitory and fleeting. It is mere nerve-titillation and mental deception. Embodied soul joins with mind and thought-wave and enjoys the sense-objects. The thing that gives you pleasure gives you pain also. “The delights that are contact-born, are verily wombs of pain.” The body is an abode of misery and disease. Wealth brings a lot of trouble in acquiring and keeping safe. Sorrow springs from every connection. Alas! People prefer this path of misery to that of spiritual enjoyment.

No true, lasting satisfaction comes from the enjoyment of worldly objects. Yet, people rush headlong towards objects even when they know that the objects are unreal and the world is full of miseries. That is Maya. When the mind rests on Soul, then only eternal satisfaction will come; because, Soul is complete, you get everything there. It is self-contained. All desires are gratified by realization of Soul.

Some say that children are very happy. It is wrong. They only become exuberant. They get serious reaction also. They have no balanced mind. They weep for hours together for nothing at all. It is only a man of balanced mind that can really be happy.

Pleasure Arise Not From Sense-Objects

Really, there is no pleasure in objects. Soul gives a push to the mind and sets it in motion. A thought-wave arises in the mind on account of the force of a subtle desire. The mind is agitated and runs towards the particular object. The agitation will not subside till the mind gets the desired object. It will constantly think of the object. It will scheme and plan various methods to achieve the desired object. It will be ever restless. It will be ever assuming the shape of the object.

As soon as the object is obtained and enjoyed, the particular thought-wave that was causing agitation in the mind gets dissolved. When thoughts are dissolved, you get peace and bliss from the Soul within only and not from the object outside. Ignorant persons attribute their pleasures to external objects. That is a serious blunder, indeed.

There is no happiness at all in any of the objects of the world. It is sheer ignorance to think that we derive any pleasure from the sense-objects or from the mind. Whenever we feel our desires are satisfied, we observe that the mind moves towards the heart, towards Soul. In pleasure also, there is exercise of the mind. It expands. It turns inward and moves to its original home, the place of its origin, Soul and enjoys Bliss of the Self.


Mind – Its Mysteries and Control by Sri Swami Sivananda