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God, Truth and Love

Because I love mankind, God loves me. Because I love God, Truth loves me. Because I love Truth, I really and truly love myself.

Why should God love me? I just said that God loves me because I love mankind. There is another reason, too. God loves me because I love His entire Creation. I know and feel that God can never be separated from His Creation. Creator and Creation are one, inseparable. When we appreciate the Creation, the Creator is pleased and satisfied. When we ourselves create something, produce something, build something, people notice our achievement and appreciate it deeply. We are pleased because it is we who have done it. Similarly, the universe is God’s Creation. When we love the universe, we simultaneously love God the Creator and God the Creation; and both the Creator and the Creation will be pleased with us.

Because I love God, Truth loves me. Truth has no existence without God. God is the very breath of Truth. Truth and God are one, indivisible. On the one hand, Truth is another name for God. On the other hand, Truth cannot exist without God, whereas God can at each moment transcend Truth – earthly truth and heavenly truth, earthbound truth and heavenward truth. Even His own Transcendental Truth God can transcend at His own sweet Will. Although we can safely say that God and Truth are one, God alone has the power to transcend all truths, even the Truth itself. That is why Truth without God is helpless. But when we love God, Truth loves us because Truth is immediately fed by our aspiring soul. Inside God is the existence of Truth. In our very appreciation of God, Truth is fed and nourished. And Truth rightly feels that its unique message to the world can be spread only when we truly love its Possessor, God.

Because I love Truth, I love myself. A human being is the expression of Truth. He is not the expression of ignorance, falsehood, darkness and death. No, he is the embodiment, realisation and expression of truth – the lesser truth, the higher Truth and the Highest Truth. Each moment the divine Truth is transcending its boundaries in us. We see it, feel it and realise it when we live the inner life, the life of the soul. Because I love the Truth, I really and truly love myself. My existence and Truth are the obverse and the reverse of the same coin, which is the inner being or soul, the representative of the Supreme here on earth.

I love myself. What do I love about myself? Not my body. If I love my body for the sake of my body, tomorrow I shall be frustrated because there are millions and billions of human beings on earth who are more beautiful than I am. Naturally I will feel miserable. If I love my physical mind for the sake of my mind, tomorrow I shall see millions and billions of mental giants right in front of me, and my mental capacity will fade into insignificance. If I love my vital dynamism for the sake of my vital dynamism, then I shall see that there are millions and billions of people who are simply inundated with striking dynamism. Similarly, if I love anything else of my own, for its own sake, I am bound to be frustrated. I shall defeat my very divine purpose. But if I love myself just because God is expressing Himself through this body, vital, mind and heart, then I see that I am unique and peerless in the whole history of the universe, because no other Chinmoy is going to be created by God with the same capacities, same understanding, same experiences. Each individual can love himself just because he is a direct channel of the Divine. God wants to express Himself in each individual in a unique way. When we become consciously and fully one with God, we not only fulfil Him but we also fulfil ourselves. When I say that I really and truly love myself because I love Truth, it means that I consciously feel that Truth is constantly breathing in me, with me and for me.

My very breath on earth is the living reality of Truth. I love and adore myself at every moment – not because of my sound body, dynamic vital, refined mind and pure heart, but because God is inside me, God is utilising me, God is fulfilling Himself in me and through me. This is the sole reason why my body, vital, mind and heart are loved by me and must be loved by me. Each individual has to be surcharged with this supreme Truth. He should consciously feel that his life on earth is the outer manifestation of the Supreme’s inner Breath.

Supreme, I am Thy Glowing Grace. I am Thy Golden Plow. I am Thy Vision’s Kite.

– Sri Chinmoy, Eastern Light For The Western Mind 

Not power, but oneness…

Man has countless desires. When his desires are not fulfilled, he curses himself; he feels that he is a failure, hopeless and helpless. He wants to prove his existence on earth with the fruits of his desires. He thinks that by fulfilling his desires he will be able to prove himself superior to others. Yet, alas! he fails, he has failed and he shall fail. But God comes to him and says, “My child, you have not failed. You are not hopeless. You are not helpless. How can you be hopeless? I am growing in you with My ever-luminous and ever-fulfilling Dream. How can you be helpless? I am inside you as Infinite Power.”

Then man tries to discover something else in order to prove his superiority. He tries to exercise his power violently, aggressively. He wants to derive joy from his superiority. He wants to prove to the world that he is important. In order to prove his eminence he adopts any means, and his conscience does not bother him. God, out of His Infinite Bounty, again comes to him and says, “This is a wrong choice. You cannot prove to the world that you are matchless, unique. What you actually crave from your superiority is joy, boundless joy. But this boundless joy will never be yours unless you know the secret of secrets. And that secret is your indivisible oneness with each human being on earth.”

Then God continues. He says that He is Strong, He is Happy, He is Fulfilled just because He is totally one with each human being, with the entire universe. Only when one is totally united with the rest of the world can he truly be happy. And this happiness makes a man the unparalleled soul on earth. It is not power that makes us superior or makes us feel that we are priceless; it is our matchless oneness with God. Others do not need us because we have power. No, others badly need our soul’s oneness. And this soul’s oneness has to be brought into the oneness of the physical, the vital and the mind in an illumined and transformed way. We are great, we are greater, we are greatest only when we consciously feel our oneness with the entire world. And God is eager; He is sincerely eager to prove to the entire world that His aspiring, dedicated, devoted children are truly His Boundless Pride. We do not need to prove what we have and what we are. God is eager to prove to the world what His aspiring children, His dedicated, devoted, surrendered children have and are.

God will fulfil His task in us, through us, for us. Let us also try to fulfil our task. Let us try to have the conscious feeling of our indivisible oneness with each human being here on earth and there in heaven.

What Abraham Lincoln says about power is undeniably correct: “Nearly all men can stand adversity; but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

And to those who are trying to feel oneness with the entire world, Winston Churchill has something to say: “It is no use saying, ‘we are doing our best.’ You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.”

Our heart’s sincerity never fails. Our soul’s concern never fail. God’s Compassion never fails. When our heart is soulful, our soul is fruitful, our God is meaningful.

Sri Chinmoy, Eastern Light For The Western Mind 

The supreme secret of meditation

Meditation is man’s thirst for the Infinite Real, Eternal Real and Absolute Real. The secret of meditation is to achieve conscious and constant oneness with God. The secret supreme of meditation is to feel God as one’s very own, and finally to realise God for God’s sake, Him to reveal and Him to fulfil.

Meditation has to be practised spontaneously, soulfully and correctly. If it is not, dark doubt will blight your mind and utter frustration will steal into your heart. And you will probably find your whole existence thrown into the depths of a yawning chasm.

For meditation you need inspiration. Scriptures can supply you with inspiration. To buy a spiritual book takes ten seconds. To read that book takes a few hours. To absorb that book takes a few years. And to live the truths thereof may take not only a whole lifetime, but a few incarnations.

For meditation you need aspiration. The presence, physical or spiritual, of a spiritual teacher can awaken your sleeping aspiration. He can easily and will gladly do it for you. Aspiration: this is precisely what you need in order to reach your journey’s goal. You don’t have to worry about your realisation. Your aspiration will take care of it.

Meditation nourishes your self-discipline. Self-discipline strengthens your meditation. Meditation purifies your heart. And in a pure heart alone looms large the Godward march of human life. One may know what proper meditation is. One may even practise it, since that is what the divine nature in man needs. But the result or fulfilment of meditation transcends all human understanding, for it is measureless, limitless, infinite. Meditation tells you only one thing: God is. Meditation reveals to you only one truth: yours is the vision of God.

To my extreme sorrow, some of you have grave misconceptions about meditation. You feel that the acme of meditation is fortunetelling or miracle-mongering. Fortunetelling does not rhyme with meditation. Miracle-mongering does not rhyme with meditation, either. But realisation perfectly rhymes with meditation. Liberation soulfully rhymes with meditation. Do you really want to realise God? Do you really want God’s Infinite Light, Peace and Bliss? If so, you should keep millions and millions of miles away from fortune-tellers and miracle-mongers. If you think that they inspire you, then you are mistaken. Go deep within and you will discover that they have just aroused your idle, eyeless and fruitless curiosity. Curiosity is not spirituality. And secretly and consciously the fortune-tellers and miracle-mongers have offered you something more: temptation. Temptation is the harbinger of destruction. It is here that the divine mission of your life – unsuccessful, unfulfilled – comes to an end. Let us be on the alert. I urge you not to confuse your heart’s genuine meditation with fortunetelling and miracle-mongering. Don’t waste your time. Your time is precious. Your meditation is priceless. Your achievement shall be the treasure of timeless Eternity, measureless Infinity and deathless Immortality. Don’t wait. All things come to him who waits, except the realisation that today embodies and the liberation that now reveals.

Meditation is our soul’s cry for our life’s perfect perfection. Perfection has not yet dawned on earth, but one day it will. Perfection is the ideal of human life. To quote Swami Vivekananda: “None of us has yet seen an ideal human being, and yet we are told to believe in him. None of us has yet seen an ideally perfect man, and yet without that ideal we cannot progress.”

Meditation alone can give birth to perfection. Meditation carries us beyond the frustration of the senses, beyond the limitation of the reasoning mind. And, finally, meditation can present us with the breath of perfection. The ultimate aim of meditation is to realise the Supreme. On the strength of our highest and deepest meditation we unfailingly gain free access to the Supreme.

At the beginning of our spiritual journey, we feel that meditation is self-effort and perspiration. At the end of our journey’s close, we realise that meditation is God’s Grace, His Compassion Infinite. The price is never right. Before realisation, it is too high. After realisation, it is too low.

– Sri Chinmoy, Eastern Light For The Western Mind

Goal of Life!

God has a Master-plan. We have our parts to play. Play out your part well in the worldly play. But, do not fetter yourself. Keep your mind steady on the lotus-feet of the Lord. You will swim in the ocean of divine bliss. Have no attachment for this mortal body of flesh and bone. Cast it off like a slough anywhere, just as the snake throws away its skin. Make up your mind to give up the body at any moment. Become absolutely fearless. As long as there is the least Deha-Adhyasa, identification with the body, so long you cannot expect Self-realization. Exhibit undaunted spirit, intrepidity, and manliness. Make a strong resolve: “I will die or realize”.

Birth and death, bondage and freedom, pleasure and pain, gain and loss, are mental creations. Transcend the pairs of opposites. You were never born. You will never die. Thou art the immortal Self always, O Dear! Thou art ever free in the three periods of time. It is the physical body that goes and comes. Recognize, O Dear, that you are the living Truth. Realize that you are always inseparable from the one essence that is the substratum of all these illusory names and forms, these false shadowy appearances. Get yourself firmly established in the Brahman, the Light of lights. Nothing can disturb you now. You have become invulnerable. Feel this. Feel this through intuition when you enter into deep Samadhi or supreme silence, my child!

The god of death will tremble before you now. By your command the sun shines, the fire burns, and the wind blows. By your command Indra, Prajapati, Agni, and Varuna do their respective functions. Thou art beyond time, space, and causation.

You must not be afraid of Maya (Delusion) now. She is under your perfect control now. Stand firm like the yonder rock. Be adamantine. Move about in the world now like a lion and lift up the young, struggling souls out of the mire of Samsara, the cycle of birth and death. Disseminate Knowledge of the Self. Share it with others. Be catholic, liberal, universal, all-inclusive. Love all. Be kind to all. Expand thy heart. Have space in thy heart for all, even for that man who is planning to poison you, who is drawing the dagger to cut your throat. Become a perfect being.

Rely on your own Self, your own inner spiritual strength. Stand on your own feet. Do not depend on money, friends, or anyone. When the friends are put to the test, they will desert you. Lord Buddha never trusted even his disciples. When he was seriously ailing, he himself jumped like a frog to drink water from the river. Be not bound to anybody, any place, or thing. Do not desire to possess. Possessions bring pain. Become absolutely free by identifying with the inner Self, thy Inner Ruler, immortal. Challenge the whole, world now.

Stand up, O Dear! Follow me. Enjoy the bliss of Soul. The river of Soul joy is flowing all around. There is a deluge of Bliss of Self. Drink this nectar to your heart’s content. Care not for the world. Go thy own way. Let others hoard up wealth and become multi-millionaires and mill-owners. They are misers only. Let others become barristers, high court judges, and ministers. They are still ignorant men. Mind not a bit.

The wealth of the three worlds is nothing, mere straw, before the spiritual wealth, the wealth of Atma-Jnana (Wisdom of Soul). The joy of the three worlds is a mere drop when compared to the ocean of bliss of the Self. The knowledge of all secular sciences is mere husk when compared to the Knowledge of the Self. Here are the priceless treasures of Atman for thee. Here is the inexhaustible wealth of Brahma-Jnana (Wisdom of Supreme). Enjoy these riches. No robber can rob thee of this imperishable wealth of Tattva-Jnana (Wisdom of basic principles). No insolvency, no failure of bank, no bankruptcy here. Take possession of this spiritual treasurer the splendor of Brahman, and enjoy for ever and ever. Thou art now a real King of kings, Shah of shahs, Emperor of emperors. Indra and Brahma will be jealous of thee now, O Dear! Go and distribute this imperishable wealth of Knowledge of Self far and wide. Glory unto thee! Peace be with thee for ever and ever!

– Swami Sivananda

Light, God and God Particle…

At the beginning it was just Consciousness that was luminescent with unmanifested potential energy and residing at resonant state of non‐vibration. This energy was self manifest and was ever-present as Paramaanu or Microbode or Vinporul aka a subatomic or god particle. This is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.

If we look at this particle’s characteristics scientifically, it is Eternal (Anaadi), Primordial (Aadi), without any quality (Nirguna), it cannot be reached / grasped by thoughts of mind (Achintya) since thoughts as energy are much more gross than this, it cannot be measured (Aprameya), Luminescent (Jyothi swaroopa), its omnipotence (Ishvara), omnipresence (Vishva) and Omniscience (Sarvajna) is already known. We can observe that all the characteristics of the god particle are attributed to a personality or a state by the founders of religions.

Every religion and sage has agreed with the fact this fundamental particle or potential energy is LUMINESCENT. Let us see few quotes on this (there are thousands of quotes):

  • Be it Vedic culture, Zoroastrians, Greek or any major culture fire / sun god which represents light is worshiped.
  • “Om Jyothi rasaha” says Vedas
  • In Gayatri mantra you meditate on the supreme light to illuminate you.
  • Vallalar said “Arutperumjyothi, Arutperumjyothi” which means mighty graceful light.
  • If therefore your eye be single, your whole body shall be full of light. Mathew 6:22
  • Siddhar Thirumoolar sayss brilliantly that one who realizes that the light (physical light which means the world) merges with light (subtle light), he has realized Siva(Consciousness).

ஒளியில் ஒளிேபாய் ஒடுங்கிய வாறும்
ெதளியும் அவேர சிவ சித்தர் தாேம – 124

So what has happened to the Sabda Brahman (Sound) here? It has merged with the Artha Brahman which is the Light. What can you use to represent this state? Light represents Form and our eyes represent Light / Form. So obviously sound is represented by ears. When sound has merged with light then it means Eyes and ears are merged together. Can you think of anything that represents this state?

Nataraja in Manduka Mandala

[Lord Nataraja in Manduka Mandala (8×8 grid) by Dr. Ganapathi Sthapati]

This concept is captured by representing a Manduka (Frog) or Sarpa (Snake) always. Since for a frog and a snake the ears and eyes are merged. Manduka Upanishad, represents knowledge of this state. And obviously the 8×8 square / cube represent the most subtle energy as an energy grid is called as Manduka Pada / Mandala. The same aspect when it is applied to a gross form / body or a building then it is a 9×9 energy grid and it is called as Paramasyika Mandala. At the gross level the same concept as applied is the WORD where Light (form) and sound and meaning merged into one.


Time = Space by Raguram Gopalan, http://ragsgopalan.blogspot.com

Why to wake up early in the morning? -1

In our early ages our parents asked to wake up early saying its good time for studies. In every school of yoga or meditation they say that the idle time for doing mediation is early morning 4am to 6am. But why? First lets explore some of the more common and logical reasons…

Our elders used to give vague answers saying it is “Brahma Muhurtam” or we are fresh after a sleep and the world around us is peaceful and calm. While everything would have its own merit but if we create a very calm, noiseless environment and if we are fresh, can we do meditation all the time with equal efficiency? The answer to this question is NO, we cannot do mediation with equal efficiency at all the time. But can someone answer why? The other question which needs to be answered is why “Brahma Muhurtam” so special that it is the most recommended time slot for meditative practices.

Early morning is called Brahma Muhurtham (Time of Divine), referring to the fact that it has sacred energies for the worship of the Brahman inside you. Brahman here refers to the God-immanent in every being. Muhurtam is a unit of measurement for time in the Indian calendar. A Muhurtam equals 2 Ghadiyas or 48 minutes. Thirty Muhurtams constitute a day and night. Brahma Muhurtham starts 96 minutes before sunrise. It lasts for 48 minutes. Brahma Muhurtam ends 48 minutes before sunrise.

Meditation is a coherent flow of energy and is disturbed by the external atmosphere and other people’s vibrations and thought forms. These things do not affect the meditator during Brahma Muhurtham. At that time, all the people are in deep sleep and nobody will disturb you. The atmosphere is sacred because the vibrations of mind involved in world matters are not emitted from the people since they are in deep sleep. Mind is also a form of energy. Mind disappears in deep sleep. The atmosphere is not polluted by the radiations of worldly feelings. At that time devotees awake and pray God. Their pure mental rays pervade all over the world and make the time sacred. Thus it becomes congenial and encouraging atmosphere.

After sunrise people awake and the materialistic mental radiations are emitted through their physical senses. The atmosphere is polluted. People will disturb you dragging you to materialistic discussions. Even by seeing face, you will be effected. If you see a devotee, you become sacred. The mind and body are inter-related. Since mind is energy and energy is matter, even if you see the body, the mind in that body is emitted out effecting you. Therefore, avoid even the vision of materialistic people, not to say about their touch, conversation and co-living.

After sunrise when we worship God or meditate on the Divine in us, close our eyes to avoid others. But, their mental radiations spread all over the cosmos and are inevitable. It is better to walk in the morning while singing devotional songs. Morning walk is good for health. Apart from this, the mind desires dynamic condition of the body. The body was in static condition all over the night. Mind is always for a change. Satisfy the mind and you should not unnecessarily control the mind when it is not necessary. We will more reasons relevant to our breath tomorrow.


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The theme of the Vaastu traditions is that God is the most Primal, energetic, vibrant existence as a scientific substance full of consciousness which cognizes itself and gets itself turned into manifold forms in tune with its own Self-awareness. This is called Self-manifestation.

~ Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati