Life is a Billion Breath Package – 2

We can correlate the frequency of our mind and breathe. Scientists today have assigned names for the mental states which are as follows:

  • Delta Wave – Less than 4 Cycles per second (CPS). It’s a deep meditative state and also experienced in deep sleep state. Our body recharges itself in this state, life force is acquired and our immune system strengthened. At this deep meditative state the breath is almost suspended and this is the difference between this and deep sleep state. We would see in the later chapters as to why continuous sleeping cannot increase our life span and why after longer periods of sleep we feel tired.
  • Theta Wave – 4 to 7 Cycles per second (CPS). It is the dreaming state and the yoga Nidra happens at this state. During this state the subconscious mind is active for any programming.
  • Alpha Wave – 8 to 13 Cycles per second (CPS). This is a mild meditative state or a conscious state which is tension or anxiety free.
  • Beta Wave – >13 Cycles per second (CPS). This is our normal wake up state in our worldly life. They say that the Joy center in our brain works at 17.65 Hz and below.

So today scientists say that lower the mental frequency, healthier it is for the human being. This is what Sage Patanjali told in his Yoga Sutra as definition for Yoga itself as“Yoga Chitta vrtti nirodah!, That which removes the vibrations of the mind is called Yoga”.

I would encourage you to visit They have been working on the impact of electro-magnetic pollution on human life and they state that above 33Hz panic, anxiety and nervousness start. They have classified few more states like High Beta, Hyper Beta state, Ultra Beta states. Normal exposures to electricity which is at 50Hz disconnect our mind from our higher mental states. The state of electro-stress starts at this stage. This means we are permanently in the state of electro-stress. Using Cordless DECT phone in our home invites an electro-stress of 100Hz shock waves being sent to brain continuously. The impact of Bluetooth, 3G and Wi-Fi services are also highlighted which results in hormonal disturbances, stress related disorders, cancers and other diseases.

So we are in some sort of a trap of electromagnetic pollution and it is important to protect our health and the health of our family. This book gives some secrets and techniques to quickly gain back our health but most importantly understand the nature of things within us.

We generally tend have a tendency to take things for granted that are simple and free. We are both ignorant and indifferent to the fundamental activity – breathing that is an inseparable part of us. Our ability to drive ourselves to the edge without an internal credit management for this current account of breath drives our risks higher of being “liquidated” earlier than budgeted.

Breathing is simple and air around us is free (so far) but we tend to ignore the effects of managing the same beneficially. I just want to wish you that “May every moment of yours be a breath-taking moment, so that you conserve your breath for longer and healthier life”.

Life is a billion breath package and how much have you used up so far? 🙂


Know thy Nature by Raguram Gopalan,

Vaastu compliant and Eco Home

By Dr. Jessie Mercay
posted by Ganesh

There are a lot of people hearing about Vaastu and the miracles that can occur if they would just by a yantra to hang on the wall. Several of my students were duped into believing that an $800 three-­dimensional yantra (with a bad mother wall by the way) would Vaastu their house. This is really highway robbery. It is better to have a real consultation and pay $250 for it, get a few good suggestions, and hear the truth than to pay several thousand dollars for yantras and crystals.

The next question that begs a reply is this: Is it better to build a partial Vaastu house than no Vaastu at all? First, once one knows Vaastu Shastra I would imagine it would be difficult to build anything but Vaastu compliant structures. With that said, if you use Ayadi for this partial Vaastu house then you “activate” the energy of the house. From that point on, the rest better be done properly. Otherwise, if you don’t build a fully compliant house, then every Vaastu building code that you break is a breaking of natural law. You can’t fool Mother Nature. Each of the Vaastu building codes that you fail to comply with will distort the energy of the house and you will feel that in your life.

We are building with the highest ecologically sound principles available – natural law – the laws of nature. Beyond that, we are building with the laws of Consciousness – the laws of manifestation that even transcend the laws of nature. You can have an eco house that is compliant with everything from green building principles to building biology principles and still build a sick house if you don’t use Vaastu Shastric building codes. All of these building codes that have to do with green building, natural building, etc. are only dealing with the material aspect of building.

Yes, Mayan was an eco builder. He said where we should build (environmentally clean sites) and the materials we use are important (how trees should be cut, which stones are good for what, etc.). But more than that, is the subtle energy or quantum energy that we activate when we enclose space. Vaastu is primarily about enclosed Space. That is the energy that will have the greatest and deepest effect on human well-being  We have to change our way of thinking. We have to stop trying to fit Vaastu into our building style and try to put our building style into proper Vaastu. Vaastu comes first – the rest follows.

Even an emphasis on the “building codes of Vaastu” is almost inaccurate because the building codes are secondary to the concept of Vastureva vaastu (pure energy or consciousness becoming matter – the material world). The building codes (rules for building per Vaastu Shastras) are simply to ensure that Vastureva Vaastu happens the way we want it to and that the qualities of energy/consciousness that are housed by the built space are undistorted. The real point we must understand is that our priority is to enclose space that vibrates with life supporting qualities of consciousness itself.


Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay. Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, For any questions please visit

Being for each other…

Sacred Geometry

You are me, and I am you.
Isn’t it obvious that we “inter-are”?
You cultivate the flower in yourself,
so that I will be beautiful.
I transform the garbage in myself,
so that you will not have to suffer.

I support you;
you support me.
I am in this world to offer you peace;
you are in this world to bring me joy.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Slope of Land in Vaastu

By Dr. Jessie Mercay
posted by Ganesh

The slope of the land is an important factor that indicates certain qualities of Vaastu Purusha at a given site. Those qualities will affect a human living there based on the specific direction of slope in relation to the Earth’s grid. Specific qualities of Vaastu Purusha form the physical slope of the land and other geophysical features. Through insight and observation Mayan was able to assess the energetic patterns of a given site and then how those patterns would affect humans living there. This gave rise to various site assessment codes that at first glance might seem born of superstition. In fact, they are born of fundamental principles of the transformation of energy to matter.

It is optimal to select a site that has the proper slope of land already in place. It is possible to rectify a site using specific principles but, the underlying energetic patterns that formed the land slope and geology will always exist on that site even if only on a subtle level. Certainly it is of value to rectify an existing site if the land is already purchased but it will never be perfect in terms of subtle energy. Yet, good will come to the individual once they live in their Vaastu compliant house.

A small inclination of the site in an inappropriate direction is not as crucial as a large inclination in an improper direction. The force of nature that caused the small inclination is not as potent as a large inclination. In any case, the land must be flat for a minimum of ten feet around the house for optimal Vaastu effect and ensuing results. These are laws of subtle origin and thus of a subtle nature. We cannot overcome me the laws of subtle nature through trickery (doing some special trick to overcome them). We cannot trick Vaastu Purusha by hanging a mirror in the house or using a yantra or other device. In that same way we can’t trick Vaastu Purusha by flattening a drastically sloping piece of land. The essential patterns of subtle nature are there and can only be altered by that great Cosmic Force itself.

The diagrams below are an example of some of the many Shastric Codes set forth by the Vaastu Shastras that ensure the well-being of individuals inhabiting any given parcel of land or site.

Slope of Land in Vaastu Mayan also applied his understanding of the effect of mathematical values creating varying frequencies and qualities in any given built space. He formulated specific calculations – Ayadi calculations – that are applied to the perimeter of a built space called a Motherwall. We will see more about the Ayadi calculations by end of next week.


Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay. Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, For any questions please visit

Universal Harmony – The Rhythm Of Life

All living beings must live in harmony in order to have any happiness or sense of peace. That the world today is lacking this harmonious rhythm is a warning in it self that there are great cataclysmic changes soon to come on our planet earth. One who can bring harmony into balance in all things can understand the meaning to life, one who cannot remains a fool despite any acquired material knowledge. Humans become attracted by two opposites in the search for harmony. One is the direction of godliness and spiritual life, the other towards material life in the form of matter. By moving further towards the material we lose sight and remembrance of the spiritual. It is only when we bring ourselves into harmony with the will of the Supreme that our own harmony is ultimately realized.

There is harmony in God’s creation between land and water, the sun and the moon and between the stars and planets. They are all connected and moving in a universal harmony. There is a purpose and reason for all things moving and non-moving. Even the calamities of earth’s past (as well as those to come in the future) regardless of how awful they may seem to us, are simply an adjustment to restore universal harmony. There are individual as well as collective karmas between us due to thoughts, words and deeds created in ignorance and these negatives destroy harmony, thereby necessitating nature’s intervention. Were all people to adhere to God’s laws, the laws of nature, there would always be universal harmony within the world.

There is universal harmony, which we have been speaking of, and there is an eternal harmony, known only once we are purified of material designations and situated on the plane of transcendence. There is also a harmony we must maintain individually between our own body and soul and one to be maintained between us as separate individuals. Most people today are completely unaware of the actual needs of the soul, but are engaged in an endless struggle to obtain flickering material happiness of the body. This is never fulfilled. The more a person struggles to become materially comfortable, the more dissatisfied he becomes. Not able to see beneath the dictates of the mind he thinks this dissatisfaction is due to some other unfulfilled material desire and thus it is an endless struggle of frustration upon frustration. One desire begets another and on and on. It is like pouring gasoline on a fire to put it out. Attempting to satisfy the sensual cravings of the physical body only increases the fire of material desire. Acting in this way there is never an end to it, nor ever satiation of further material (bodily) desire.

To have harmony between body and soul we human beings must strive to learn love. If we watch each thought we think, each word we say and each action we perform, striving to bring them to a higher level, then the ultimate outcome of this effort will be peace and wisdom. The eternal soul’s desires are what are important, not the temporary illusory desires born of the body. To have harmony the bodily desires must be brought to subservience to those of the soul.

To have harmony between ourselves and others the blindness of false egoism must be removed. This is what makes us look at everything through the eyes of self-interest and judge everything in relation to ourselves. We become unable to see our own faults, much less do anything about them, and are then also unable to see the good qualities and merits of others. Until we can become free from the spell of illusion (maya) we can never have harmony and peace within ourselves or between each other.

It is possible to see gradations of harmony within man, birds, and beasts. The lions and tigers are always restless and welcome no outsiders to their homes, although they are of the same species. All other forest animals live in fear of them due to their severely passionate nature. Animals that live on herbs and grasses such as cows, sheep, or goats live in herds due to greater harmony between them. They do not harm one another, but are sympathetic toward one another. This makes them share harmony, but also makes them vulnerable to other wild animals. Birds have a great harmony in that many of them, even different species, can live together in one tree. Many insects such as the ants or bees can also be seen living and working in harmony. Many tribal and aboriginal people’s of the world lived together in harmony and with empathy for the world around them. The American aboriginals, known as the American Indians, are an example of a people who valued harmony with nature, rather than the modern values of accumulation and waste.

Then there is tone and rhythm. Just as in music rhythm and harmony can be learned, so it is with our own lives. We must learn to distinguish tones within words and thus their hidden meanings. How else to distinguish the truth from a lie, sarcasm from sincerity, admiration from flattery, modesty from humility, arrogance from pride, whether they are directly or indirectly expressed? The rhythm is the balance between speech and action. One must speak at the proper time otherwise it is better to keep silent. We smile in rhythm and harmony when a person laughs, offer a sympathetic word in the face of another’s grief and so on. In all arenas of life there is a certain harmony and rhythm at the heart of it all.


Chhandogya Upanishad on Food

“When the food is pure, the whole nature becomes pure; when the nature becomes pure, the memory becomes firm; and when a man is in possession of a firm memory, all the ties are severed.”

(Chhandogya Upanishad, VII—xxvi-2)

The Physical Body – The Field of Molecules

We have seen the basics of Soul and Mind in my earlier articles. Finally we will explore our Body.

Within our physical domain, we have an extended body, a personal body, and an energetic body. Our extended body is the environment, containing the never-ending supply of energy and information that is available to we. Every sound, sensation, sight, flavor, and aroma we ingest from the environment influences our body and mind. Although our senses may tell we otherwise, there is no distinct boundary between our personal and extended bodies, which are in constant and dynamic exchange. Each breath that we inhale and exhale is a reminder of the continuous conversation taking place between our physical body and our environment.

This recognition requires we to take responsibility for what is happening in our environment. As a human, we should be an environmentalist because we need to recognize that the rivers flowing through the valleys and those flowing through our veins are intimately related. The breath of an old-growth forest and our most recent breath are inextricably intertwined. The quality of the soil in which our food is raised is directly connected to the health of our tissues and organs. Our environment is our extended body. We are inseparably interwoven with our ecosystem.

Of course, we do have a personal body that consists of the molecules that temporarily comprise our cells, tissues, and organs. We say temporarily because although it appears that our body is solid and constant, it actually is continuously transforming. Scientific studies using radioisotope tracings convincingly show that 98 percent of the ten trillion quadrillion (1028) atoms in our body are replaced annually. our stomach lining re-creates itself about every five days, our skin is made anew every month, and our liver cells turn over every six weeks.

Although our body appears to be fixed and stable, it is continually metamorphosing. The vast majority of the cells in our body are derived from the food we eat. Hence physical body is called “the covering made of food.” To create and maintain a healthy body, yogis pay attention to the food they consume, minimizing the toxicity they ingest while maximizing the nourishment they receive.

The third layer of the physical body is called “the sheath made of vital energy.” There is a difference between the cells of a corpse and the cells of a vibrant living being. This organizing principle that breathes life into biochemicals is called Prana. There are five seats of prana in the body, localized in the head, throat, heart, stomach, and pelvis. These centers of movement govern the flow of life force throughout the body. When prana is moving freely throughout the cells and tissues, vitality and creativity are abundant. Yogic breathing exercises, known Pranayama techniques, are designed to awaken and purify the vital energy layer of the body.

From tomorrow we will explore about the Mind and Body influence.


A Practical Guide to Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit by Deepak Chopra, M.D. and David Simon, M.D.