let That flow…


You are extensions of Source Energy. And when you allow that pure Source Energy to flow through you, you are so bright and beautiful; your timing is good; and you feel vital and alive in your body. And as others see you, they wonder what your magic is. But it only seems like magic because it is experienced by so few. It isn’t magic. It is available to everyone. But you must allow your alignment…

~ Abraham Hicks




Cymatics is the study of visible sound and vibration. By sending sound waves through matter such as sand on a plate a cornstarch and water mixture, various geometric patterns emerge depending on the frequency and amplitude of the sound being played.

Matter itself is made of atoms which are all tiny oscillators vibrating in the structure of the vacuum and are each made of 99.999999% space. By understanding the structure and dynamics of space we can better understand everything in the universe…

Nikola Tesla was correct when he said “Our entire biological system, the brain and the Earth itself, work on the same frequencies.” It’s time to tune our biology and our consciousness to resonate with the fundamental harmonics of the universe.

Why do I Struggle more when I Spiritually Grow?

It’s all about energy, and becoming more subtle…

For Souls Who Wish to Hear

Green powerPut simply, it’s all about energy, and becoming more subtle.

There are two main ways to expand our over-all vibrational fields. One is through spiritual practice and or aligning to energetic truth. The other is a natural ramification of the planet rising in vibration.

Everything in existence is expanding in frequency, this is all a part of the ascension process, which is all about all frequency raising, to eventually come into a vibrational match with the bigger piece of God – Home. Everything is on this journey back to God to obtain completion.

All things and life in existence is doing this.

Ever since we as little fragments of God broke away from the bigger piece of God, we have been playing an active role in creation and soul expansion, to journey back home – God

Regardless of how we shift in energy, the higher we vibrate, the subtler our…

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