You are That!

Beloved spiritual aspirants! You are seeking something, you are devoted to something, and you are practicing something all with one single ultimate objective. The inner motivation is the same. It is the attainment of Divine-experience, God-experience, the realization of the Absolute, the realization of what you are.

Classical philosophy and all the great wise persons say that this world is an obstacle to that achievement. Sense objects are tempting snares. The unwise embodied soul is caught and enslaved by his own desires, and these temptations draw him out and catch him in their coils. The embodied soul is helpless, caught by delusion. All this they say. All this they say, and we swallow it, we take it for granted.

If the common man in the street hears such discourses and swallows it, saying, “We are helpless, delusion is insurmountable, we can never go beyond it,” it is because they are gullible, they don’t know any better. But, do you know no better? Are you also similarly gullible? Do you also accept this view and theory? If you are also swallowing it, then what is the difference between you and the gullible masses? We must show a difference. All this may be said in books and scriptures and by great wise persons giving discourses, but we must know better. And the better truth has been expounded to us, revealed to us. But you will know this only if you make right inquiry. Right inquiry will suddenly bring you light; reveal to you many things that you did not know. It will bring you so many truths.

And then suddenly you will develop a new skill, a new qualification, a new ability to know what it is that stands in your way and what it is that can be favorable to you in moving towards the supreme goal. You will know what you must gladly accept and make part of your life and what you must uproot and throw away, eradicate, even if it is part of your present life: “No, no, now I know better. I am not going to allow this to remain. It is an obstacle that is within me. I will throw it out.” So this skill of discrimination, viveka, and the ability to know what is helpful to your spiritual life and what is not helpful and constantly discriminating between these two, then at every step rejecting that which is not favorable to your spiritual life and cultivating and augmenting that which is helpful, becomes a constant exercise of a wise and awakened seeker. So right inquiry and discrimination would help you move towards the truth that you are seeking.

And at one stroke, in one declaration-a grand declaration, a great declaration-the whole problem has been solved by a super being. He declared to us that all these things that we think constitute our great obstacle, our great problem, which we constantly have to battle with, are a mere non-existing myth, a nothing. We make it formidable by our lack of right inquiry and discrimination. We have given it importance by endowing it with a strength it does not have: “Do away with this foolishness. It is not formidable. You are always immune to it, above it, unaffected by it.”

The great teacher taught a super devise: “No barrier exists, nothing exists. You are already That which you are seeking to make yourself. Remove this delusion that you are not yet That. You are the divine perfection that you are seeking. The goal is right here-not to be reached, not to be attained, but to be known.”

And this great man put this into an amazingly brief, compact nutshell of a marvelous utterance. He said, “I don’t require many words to declare this. I can do it in just half a verse: ‘Brahma satyam jagan-mithya jivo-brahmaiva naparah.’ This so-called universe that you are endowing with a reality is a non-existent myth. One alone is real. One alone is the solid truth and fact, and that is satchidananda Brahman, the non-dual Reality, the ever-present, eternal, never-changing Reality. That alone is the Reality, and you are no other than that great Reality, only plus some imagined accretions that have been added on to your ever-present, all-perfect Divine Reality-something added on.

“Get rid of these accretions. The moment you get rid of these accretions, you are what you are. You don’t have to become something. You are already That.” And to emphasize it: “You are That and That alone, and you are no other!” What a great truth! What a liberating truth! What a wonderfully strengthening truth!

So this is something you have right in your hand. It is yours. Apply this formula and obstacles will be no obstacles, bondage will be no bondage. You will revel, you will rejoice in your eternally liberated, ever-free state. This is the truth, this is the fact. And this truth is an immediately liberating fact to which you have immediate access. Realize this and be free!

– Swami Chidananda at

Has Science Discovered the Soul?

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The Mystical Path

An American doctor, Stuart Hameroff, Professor Emeritus at the Departments of Anesthesiology and Psychology and the Director of the Centre of Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona, and a British physicist, Sir Roger Penrose, have proposed a ground-breaking quantum theory of consciousness. Their theory advances the concept that “the essence of our soul is contained inside structures called microtubules within brain cells.”

    They have argued that our experience of consciousness is the result of quantum gravity effects in these microtubules, a theory which they dubbed orchestrated objective reduction (Orch-OR).

    Thus it is held that our souls are more than the interaction of neurons in the brain. They are in fact constructed from the very fabric of the universe – and may have existed since the beginning of time.

    The concept is similar to the Buddhist and Hindu belief that consciousness is an integral part of the…

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The Target!

““Pranavo dhanuh saro hyatma brahma tallakshyam uchyate;
Apramattena veddhavyam saravan tanmayo bhavet.””

“Om is the bow, mind is the arrow and Brahman/God/Soul is the mark to be aimed at. Brahman is to be hit or pierced by him whose thoughts are concentrated. Then he will be of the same nature as Brahman, as the arrow becomes one with the aim when it has pierced it.”

~ Mundakopanishad, II-ii-4

Consciousness – What is it?

Consciousness is defined as the quality or state of being aware of an external object or something within oneself according to Merriam-Webster. We will explore a bit more on our consciousness and what it is all about. To start with, there are two types of consciousness

1. Pure consciousness [Chaitanya]
2. Material consciousness [Chitta]

When a pure drop of rain falls from the sky and comes in contact with the ground it takes up the nature of the ground and becomes muddy. By association with matter the pure raindrop becomes conditioned and gets mixed up with matter, thus losing its original purity. Similarly when a living entity comes in contact with material nature his original spiritual consciousness becomes covered up by matter and thus becomes perverted reflected as material consciousness.

The pure soul, when coming in contact with material nature, becomes conditioned by it and his pure consciousness becomes perverted and reflected. Material consciousness is therefore nothing but a covering or perverted reflection of the original pure consciousness of the soul.

But what is this consciousness? Consciousness means to be conscious of something. I am conscious of my self. I know that I exist. This consciousness is ‘I am’. Then what am I? In material consciousness one is conscious of one’s physical body in relationship to the interaction with the material environment. In this contaminated consciousness ‘I am’ means I am a product of this material world and I am the creation and creator of all I survey. The world revolves because every living being thinks that he is the creator of the material environment.

Material consciousness has two psychic divisions. One is that I am the creator, and the other is that I am the enjoyer. But actually the Supreme Soul is both the creator and enjoyer, and the living entity, being part and parcel of the Supreme Soul, is neither the creator nor the enjoyer, but co-operator. He is the created and the enjoyed. When we refuse to co-operate with the Creator and try to artificially enjoy the material resources, by lording it over material nature, we become forgetful of our spiritual nature and our pure consciousness gets contaminated.

When we are materially contaminated we are called conditioned. False consciousness is exhibited under the impression that I am a product of this material world. This is called false ego. One who is absorbed in the thought of bodily conceptions cannot understand his real self which is spiritual and not a product of this world. One must become free from the bodily conception of life; that is the preliminary activity for the transcendentalist. One who wants to become free, who wants to become liberated, must first of all learn that he is not his material body. Mukti or Moksha or Nirvana or Liberation means freedom from material consciousness. In the Bhagavad Gita we are advised to purify our contaminated consciousness in order to be situated in pure consciousness.

Purified consciousness establishes one in his own spiritual nature. In pure consciousness one is conscious of one’s spiritual identity in relationship with the Supreme Soul. In this purified consciousness ‘I am’ means I am the soul, part and parcel of the Supreme Soul .This is the original constitutional position of the living entities and the whole sum and substance of purified consciousness.Consciousness is already there because we are part and parcels of the Creator who is the supreme consciousness but for us there is the affinity of being affected by material consciousness due to being infinitesimal small parts only. But the consciousness of the Creator, being the Supreme, is never affected by matter and remains always transcendental or spiritual.

The Supreme consciousness is similar to the living entity in this way: both the consciousness of the Creator and that of the living entity are transcendental or spiritual. It is not that consciousness is generated by association of matter. That is a mistaken idea. Pure consciousness is the symptom of the living entity and manifested by the soul.

Consciousness may be perversely reflected by the covering of material circumstances, just as light reflected through colored glass may appear to be a certain color, but the consciousness of the Creator is not materially affected. We, the individual souls, who have been created by the creator, are endowed with a mixed aptitude. Our consciousness possesses a two-fold potentiality. It takes cognizance of material categories and it is also open to the influence of spiritual categories which are distinguished from the mundane world.

Our consciousness at the present moment, however, is materially contaminated. Pure unadulterated consciousness is the original quality of the individual soul in his liberated state. Material consciousness is the perverted reflection of spiritual consciousness exhibited by the individual soul in his bounded state, which is due to his misidentification with matter. Through the process of Yoga, Meditation and other spiritual practices one can purify one’s whole existence and thus regain his original pure consciousness.


The Soul…

Bliss is the essential nature of man. The central fact of man’s being is his inherent divinity.

Man’s essential nature is divine, the awareness of which he has lost because of his animal propensities and the veil of ignorance. Man, in his ignorance, identifies himself with the body, mind, Prana and the senses. Transcending these, he becomes one with Soul or the Absolute who is pure bliss.

Soul or the Absolute is the fullest reality, the completest consciousness. That beyond which there is nothing, that which is the innermost Self of all is Soul or Spirit or Brahman. The Soul is the common Consciousness in all beings. All beings have the same common Soul.

There is apparent, fictitious difference in bodies and minds only. There are differences in colors and opinions. But, the Soul is the same in all. If you are very rich, you can have a steamer, a train, an airship of your own for your own selfish interests. But, you cannot have an Soul of your own. The Soul is common to all. It is not an individual’s sole registered property. The Soul is the one amidst the many. It is constant amidst the forms which come and go. It is the pure, absolute, essential Consciousness of all the conscious beings. The source of all life, the source of all knowledge is the Soul, thy innermost Self. This Soul or Supreme Soul is transcendent, inexpressible, unthinkable, indescribable, the ever-peaceful, all-blissful.

There is no difference between the Soul and bliss. The Soul is bliss itself. God, perfection, peace, immortality, bliss are one. The goal of life is to obtain perfection, immortality or God. The nearer one approaches the Truth, the happier one becomes. For, the essential nature of Truth is positive, absolute bliss. There is no bliss in the finite. Bliss is only in the Infinite. Eternal bliss can be had only from the eternal Self.

To know the Self is to enjoy eternal bliss and everlasting peace. Self-realization bestows eternal existence, absolute knowledge, and perennial bliss. None can be saved without Self-realization.

Oneness of Self or oneness of Existence is Reality, and the realization of this Reality is Moksha or Nirvana or Liberation. Moksha is the breaking down of the barriers that constitute separate existence. Moksha is the absolute state of Being, where the unity of all-pervading and all-permeating consciousness is realized with certainty, like that of an orange which we see in our palm. Moksha is not an attainment of liberation from an actual state of bondage, but is the realization of the liberation which already exists. It is freedom from the false notion of bondage.

The individual soul feels itself to be in bondage on account of ignorance caused by the power of delusion. When the false belief caused by delusion is removed by Knowledge of Soul, the state of Moksha is realized then and there, in this very life. It is not to follow after death. The cause of delusion is the desire in man. The desires generate the thought-waves, and the thought-waves veil the real nature of the Soul which is blissful, immortal, and eternal. When the desires are annihilated, Knowledge of Self dawns!

Sri Swami Sivananda

One World, One Humanity!

Self Awareness or Soul Awareness is the first step towards Universal Harmony and Eternal Peace. When we realize that we all are a Soul in the Universe and not just the Mind or Body, all the differences among us will be resolved. We will realize the truth that we all are One. Once we know we are all are one we treat everything in the world as one among us, respect all, respect the laws of nature, love the world as never before! When our learning and understanding becomes our way of living, we will be in continuous communication with our Higher Self / Universal Soul / God. In this path we will help each other in achieving the ultimate goal of humanity, finally become one with the Ultimate Source / Primal Energy and rest in Eternal Peace forever…

Vision: “Self Awareness, Universal Harmony, Eternal Peace”

Mission: “To Spread Self Awareness Among All”

‘One’ Dream or ‘One’ Reality?

One World – No Boundary, No War 🙂

One Economy – No Poverty, No Gap 🙂

One Humanity – No Religion, No Difference 🙂

Awake, Arise, Aware!!!