How to develop our Reasoning and Self Learning?

In order to acquire True Knowledge we need to develop our Reasoning (Intellect), which is also the first step in Self Learning. Whenever we listen/read/see something we don’t have to believe/follow them blindly or ignore them upfront. Try to accept them first, then try to ask our Self ‘Why?, What?, Where?, When? and How?’ is it so and try to understand the real reasoning behind it. At the initial stages we can use multiple external sources like Internet, Books from different school of thoughts to gain some basic knowledge. In later stages when our Intellect is trained and developed, we will be able to find answers for all our questions by our Self. This is one of my favorite things to do and suggestion to who are in search of Absolute Truth!

Remember all of us are Infinite Potential Energy with all the great virtues and powers dormant inside us. We can unleash them only through continuous Practise and Self Learning. Happy Learning! 🙂

Who are the ‘Messengers of GOD’?

All of us are Human souls (Embodied Souls) or Receivers operating in the lower frequency. Universal soul is the Transmitter operating in Higher frequency. In order receive message/signal from Universal soul we need to remove our blockages and tune in to higher frequency. This is the ultimate goal of Spirituality and Religion. Yoga/Mediation/Spiritual Practices try to calm our mind and body, raise our lower Self to Higher Self and tune into Higher or Divine Frequency. So all of us are Messengers of GOD or the potential energy to become GOD.

Note: This is the application of Self Awareness/ Self Realization concept only.