6 thoughts on “trust your instinct…”

  1. This is a great message! I myself believe a lot in instincts but what I actually want to ask is how frequency is related to the universe..I never understand this. I remember watching a TV programme – The Elephant Princess – where a different magical world exists but at a different frequency 😦 What does this mean? I’m not sure if you’re a physicist but if you are able to answer, that’d be great! 🙂

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    1. Yeah, thanks Manpreet! We are Beings of Energy. Energy is everywhere, and in everything there is energy. We have centers in our body that are the conductors for this energy. These energy centers are called Chakras (Wheels of Light). There are seven major Chakra Centers plus many, many more minor ones. Through these centers we take in and send out energetic vibrations on many different levels (such as Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual). If we look at just the seven major Chakra centers we can find within our lifestyles what we are trying to transform. Each Chakra has a color association and each color also has a vibration.

      The chakras have their own frequency, as well as every human being, tree, and rock. Every single sound from a key on a piano or a loud bang from a gun sends out a wave of energy. This wave vibrates at its own frequency and affects everything in its path in a positive or negative way.

      Just like the plants being stimulated by the frequency of the sitar, we can stimulate each chakra individually by listening to its own special frequency. You can read more about it here… 🙂


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      1. Thanks for the information and the link Ganesh! I’d learnt about frequency in physics and thought this was linked to it but it’s amazing to learn about ‘chakras’. I’ll surely read into this and see what this is all about as I was previously unaware of the existence of this. Thanks a lot! ☺️

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