peaceful joy…


When you feel a peaceful joy, that’s when you are near truth…

~ Rumi


7 thoughts on “peaceful joy…

  1. The elephant is not feeling peace or joy. Elephants belong in sanctuaries, not in temples where they have to stand on hard pavement all day in the heat. Is this any life for a beautiful, innocent elephant. I have personally seen elephants in temples in India that are suffering in temples.

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  2. I am really shocked that you would post this photo or that you would not be aware of the suffering of the elephant. Please do take the time to ask any animal welfare organization in India about the suffering of animals in temples. Sanctuaries must be created for the temple elephants. Spreading peace and joy must begin with awareness of the needs of our fellow creatures on this earth — especially a beloved, innocent animal like an elephant, who represents Ganesha.

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