structure of space…

sri yanta

The symbol known as the Sri Yantra is an ancient Hindu symbol comprised of nine triangles that are interlaced in such a way as to form 43 smaller triangles in a web said to be symbolic of the entire cosmos. The Sri Yantra also represents a very specific perspective on a 64 tetrahedron grid if viewed from down one of it’s points. The 64 tetrahedron grid is also the foundational seed geometry of the fabric of the vacuum in unified field theory. Everything is connected by the structure of space…

~ Nassim Haramein


8 thoughts on “structure of space…

  1. Nothing but respect 4 the Indian Rishi who managed 2 reproduce this out from his vision 4 it’s one thing 2 see & feel but a whole other thing 2 realize what one saw, felt & became aware of. Thank you 4 posting !

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  2. How absolutely profound this is! I have seen modified versions of this but never this. Sacred Geometry! What deep mind was enlightened with this wisdom! Breathtaking!

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