Know me?

know me

If you want to know me, look inside your heart…

~ Lao Tzu


2 thoughts on “Know me?

  1. A wise old man sat at the gates to his village.
    A man with his wife and children approached him as he sat. He greeted the strangers in a friendly way. The man said “Tell me Grandfather, what are the people in this village like? We are looking to move from our old village.” The Old Man asked “Why do you leave your old village?” The man said, “We are leaving because the people there are terrible and mean.”
    The old man looked at the family and said sadly, “I don’t think you will like it here either. The people can be mean and nasty.” The family thanked him and left.
    A few days later, another family approached the Old Man and yet again asked, “please Grandfather, we are looking to move to a new home, can you tell us what kind of village this is?” The Old Man looked at the man and asked “Tell me what the people were like in your old village that you want to move?”
    The man looked at his family and then responded ” Sadly, we are leaving the nicest, kindest people to be found anywhere. Our home is being ripped down and there are no homes available for a family of our size.”
    The Old Man said “Welcome to our town! You are exactly like the people you will find here”
    (Not an original story I am afraid, but it does make the point well, even though it’s not as succinct.


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