I am Divine…

I am Divine


3 thoughts on “I am Divine…

  1. YES! Perfect confirmation to my last post:
    I just sat down in meditation with God, Jesus, Kuthumi (my guide), and Mother Mary.

    Yes, we sat in our sweat pants (me in pajamas) in our very own selves together, smiling, with ease and in complete love. A bit of the time we were gazing in each other’s third eyes but that’s not necessary. Works perfectly with the intention either way.

    I the very humble and real Vera just did this and I’m guided to humbly and simply ask all healers, all meditators, all genuine good-feelers, all lovers of God, love and peace to do the same with no haste.

    It’s easy, it’s real, it is true.

    The preface is this:

    I’ve been with God, Jesus, Kuthumi (my guide), and Mother Mary and my own son and our other guides and guardian angels this past day more than ever before. The world was spinning a bit when I woke up this morning. I immediately went to God and sat with his love. He is complete peace, harmony and balance – a kind of a peaceful stillness. I took my love, sitting with his love and stopped the spin. I’m sitting here in peaceful stillness and all that there is love. So, the world stopped spinning.

    Then, let the meditation start.

    I went in with God, Jesus, Kuthumi, and Mother Mary – and my son – and our angels and guides. My son and myself went into it multidimensionally, in every time and place that our soul and energy ever existed, exists now and will exist in. So, really, we’re talking about our energy in all of the universe. Or in multi-verse as I see people call it. We were sitting in multiverse, with our own existence, and God, Jesus, Kuthumi, and Mother Mary on a yoga mat.

    Then I took this Reiki symbol of a Motor Zanon. I put it in front of me so that I can see it. I envisioned it a part of the meditation, in all of the multi-verse, with all of our existence. I extended my left hand out facing the sky, and my right hand on my chest. God, Jesus, Kuthumi, and Mother Mary we sitting with me. I thanked them for all their love and guidance along my way.

    Then we meditated the following. I was the humble, direct and true speaker – they were there with me:

    I love myself unconditionally in all of my existence now, here and always. I forgive myself completely for everything now, here and always. I thank God, Jesus, Kuthumi, and Mother Mary and my own soul in the Multiverse-Universe for all the love and guidance along my way. I thank you for being here with me today.

    With this Motor Zanon I remove all of dis-ease, fear, worry, self doubt (add to list if you wish) that no longer serves my purpose. With this Motor Zanon I transmute them into love, peace, joy, happiness, total harmony and balance, purity and compassion. We did this three times and I included my my own soul and son and all of his existence every time. I also included God, Jesus, Kuthumi, and Mother Mary. Obviously, I was thinking of the entire Multiverse-Universe, our energy in all of it’s existence. Since everything is connected, and nothing is disconnected, this meditation automatically included all of existence from my direction.

    At the end I let the healing come and be – and then took it back to our very own presence and soul in this now and here right now – with our colds and runny noises and fears and worries from this life. I meditated removing dis-ease and discomfort (add to the list) from our life now too – and transmute it with love, joy, happiness, balance, harmony, peace, purity, and compassion.

    At the very end I asked God to take the healing Reiki symbol and place it somewhere safe for us to use it again at a later point if we need it. I didn’t want to leave it floating out there. It’s yours to catch at any time with pure and loving intentions, together with God and your posse. My feeling is Jesus, and Mother Mary might be good ones to join.

    I also included the Reiki symbol for Love (picture below) in my mind as I was meditating. As I write this, I hold my wooden cross from the holy land, and on my left side I have my protection Reiki symbols.

    And there you have it. It’s powerful beyond belief and measure.

    I ask you to feel free to do the same. Just remember, you are sitting in utmost peace and comfort in a still and harmonious God’s Kingdom right with God and the others. Your are safe, you are love, you are peace. You are harmony, you are light, you are purity, joy, happiness, balance, compassion.

    Thank you!

    P.S. About this Reiki symbol, the Motor Zanon (link below):

    “This symbol is used to remove spiritual, emotional and physical problems. It helps us in removing all the negative emotions especially self hatred and low self esteem which in turn helps us to improve our interpersonal relations with others, apart from it also helps in DNA healing, and helps us to release all soul traumas. Also it has been used by many Tibetian monks for exorcism of earthly entities and soul transition after death. This multifaceted symbol can be also used for removal of etheric cords and increase our body immunity, hence helping us to lead a better, peaceful and a healthy life.”

    Vera Kasi

    Be grateful for every challenge, turn it all into beauty.

    Image and related article, about this Motor Zanon:

    Inspiration (thank you dearly Vanaya!):

    P.S. I got my inspiration partly from Vanaya but I did not ask her about this one. I know she will of course approve and agree. For me, this one was a personal one: Just between me and God, Jesus, Kuthumi, Mary and my son – not necessarily yet to be done in a larger group the first time. But if you wish to do a self healing, you can join Vanaya’s beautiful Quantum Pranashakty Transmission healing session with your self healing and healing of all:


    Please all do join. Pajamas or sweatpants recommended. 😉

    Direct link to this post:


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