we are present…

we are present

We are present everywhere,
We are present in everything,
We are present at every moment,
We are everywhere, everything, every moment…


6 thoughts on “we are present…

  1. Every nest is your nest.
    Make nice with your nest:
    Your home.

    Your body, your mind, your soul, your earth, your work, and your literal home.
    Clean them off clutter and make them your nest, your oasis, your mecca.

    Eat greens, colors, organic.
    Work with absolute integrity and the highest of intentions.
    Think and share uplifting thoughts.
    Say Thank You Earth every day.

    Make home.
    A place you feel safe, comfortable, at ease, loving and loved. Happy.
    Make home in all you do.

    I promise, you’ll be a deeply content human being.
    You’ll shine.
    You’ll fly.

    Vera Kasi



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