Divine economy…

Divine economy...

As is the inner, so is the outer; as is the great, so is the small; as it is above, so it is below; there is but One Life and Law; and he that worketh it is ONE.

Nothing is inner, nothing is outer; nothing is great, nothing is small; nothing is high, nothing is low; in the Divine Economy.

~ Hermes Trismegistus


4 thoughts on “Divine economy…

  1. I really like this quote.

    I heard Joseph Campbell stay he asked his guru how we can say ‘yes’ to all the horrible things that happen in the world. Joe’s guru then asked his guru, and the answer was “You and I must say yes”. It is the transcendence of good and evil in this world of opposites that allows for the manifestation of bliss.

    Love to you today!



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