Learning from you…

Everyone is teacher

I am grateful to each and every one of you…


12 thoughts on “Learning from you…

  1. I love this post! Yes, this is how we should look at everyone and everything, as our teachers! It is not always that easy in practical life, because it requires constant awareness, and sometimes that ego comes in and stirs feelings we are not proud of, and we forget these wise words. But I try my best all the time, and sometimes taking a step back and evaluating a situation in quiet solitude really helps 🙂 Thank you for this post! 🙂


  2. When we begin to understand and live the essence of these words, the power of love within us will overcome the love of power. We are all Teachers and Students, drops in an ocean of gratitude and mercy. Thank you for the wisdom that flows through you!


  3. Learning is always far superior than teaching. It makes us humble.

                                                                                            – sujan 


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