Looking from within…

Looking from within cultivates inner states of awareness which aid the seeker in achieving extraordinary spiritual growth. It’s a stepping stone for those who wish to obtain a greater mastery of life and self; for those who aim at embracing but exceeding ordinary life, for those who seek to grow towards a higher state of being; and for those whose spiritual growth is life’s primary purpose. Self-mastery and inner growth groom in us a poise and attitude which enable us to deal equally well with both success and failure.

~ Sri Aurobindo


10 thoughts on “Looking from within…

  1. These are not Sri Aurobindo’s words but Dalal’s words from his book ‘Looking from Within: A Seeker’s Guide to Attitudes for Mastery and Inner Growth
    by A.S. Dalal’.[ http://www.lotuspress.com/pdf/PrcSprtLowRes.pdf%5D– book which draws on Sri Aurobindo’s teachings. Kindly double-check in case I am wrong- and please correct the authorship of the quote – wonderful as the internet is in sharing inspiration, it can also rapidly transmit inaccuracies. Hope you understand and thank you for your inspirational blog.


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