Light, God and God Particle…

At the beginning it was just Consciousness that was luminescent with unmanifested potential energy and residing at resonant state of non‐vibration. This energy was self manifest and was ever-present as Paramaanu or Microbode or Vinporul aka a subatomic or god particle. This is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.

If we look at this particle’s characteristics scientifically, it is Eternal (Anaadi), Primordial (Aadi), without any quality (Nirguna), it cannot be reached / grasped by thoughts of mind (Achintya) since thoughts as energy are much more gross than this, it cannot be measured (Aprameya), Luminescent (Jyothi swaroopa), its omnipotence (Ishvara), omnipresence (Vishva) and Omniscience (Sarvajna) is already known. We can observe that all the characteristics of the god particle are attributed to a personality or a state by the founders of religions.

Every religion and sage has agreed with the fact this fundamental particle or potential energy is LUMINESCENT. Let us see few quotes on this (there are thousands of quotes):

  • Be it Vedic culture, Zoroastrians, Greek or any major culture fire / sun god which represents light is worshiped.
  • “Om Jyothi rasaha” says Vedas
  • In Gayatri mantra you meditate on the supreme light to illuminate you.
  • Vallalar said “Arutperumjyothi, Arutperumjyothi” which means mighty graceful light.
  • If therefore your eye be single, your whole body shall be full of light. Mathew 6:22
  • Siddhar Thirumoolar sayss brilliantly that one who realizes that the light (physical light which means the world) merges with light (subtle light), he has realized Siva(Consciousness).

ஒளியில் ஒளிேபாய் ஒடுங்கிய வாறும்
ெதளியும் அவேர சிவ சித்தர் தாேம – 124

So what has happened to the Sabda Brahman (Sound) here? It has merged with the Artha Brahman which is the Light. What can you use to represent this state? Light represents Form and our eyes represent Light / Form. So obviously sound is represented by ears. When sound has merged with light then it means Eyes and ears are merged together. Can you think of anything that represents this state?

Nataraja in Manduka Mandala

[Lord Nataraja in Manduka Mandala (8×8 grid) by Dr. Ganapathi Sthapati]

This concept is captured by representing a Manduka (Frog) or Sarpa (Snake) always. Since for a frog and a snake the ears and eyes are merged. Manduka Upanishad, represents knowledge of this state. And obviously the 8×8 square / cube represent the most subtle energy as an energy grid is called as Manduka Pada / Mandala. The same aspect when it is applied to a gross form / body or a building then it is a 9×9 energy grid and it is called as Paramasyika Mandala. At the gross level the same concept as applied is the WORD where Light (form) and sound and meaning merged into one.


Time = Space by Raguram Gopalan,

Author: Ganesh

A soul in the search of eternal peace... "Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace"

7 thoughts on “Light, God and God Particle…”

  1. Here we see the problems created by labels – the inevitable tools of communication of the mind(s). When what is under reference here is “neopted” [see Ian’s Dictionary] there is no such problem – all is clear 🙂


    1. Very true, Ian! Mind operates only with-in time and space understands as names and forms. All is one and One is all ultimately. What we learning here is to make our logical mind understand the same. 🙂


      1. Is there a difference between the logical mind and the mind?
        Sorry to serve that one but i used to play tennis! 🙂


        1. Good serve Ian! Mind in general refers for four-fold mind or four functions of mind viz. Ego, Intellect (Logical Mind), Subconscious mind and Mind (Decision making). You can find more details here. 🙂


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