Breath and Tamil

Earlier we saw why the language Tamil is called so and its relation with science. We will start with that brief explanation and then lets see how Tamil is related with our breath.

As per ‘Aintiram’ written by Mamuni Mayan, at this early stage of manifestation of universe there are five stages. They are அமிழ்தல் (Amizhdal – Withdrawal), இமிழ்தல் (Imizhdal – Overflowing), குமிழ்தல் (Kumizhdal – Clustering round in an order), உமிழ்தல் (Umizhdal – Emitting), தமிழ்தல் (Tamizhdal – Resulting into a well-defined form).

First the throbbing Consciousness withdraws into itself. Moolam (Originating Source) consolidates itself through withdrawal called Amizhdal or converging to a point. Minute Cubical tip This Moolam then gushes or explodes outward and emerges and spreads (Imizhdal) and consolidates its self (Kumizhdal). The movement of energy in self spin (kalavisai) propels and projects this energy (Umizhdal) so that it comes out into form (Tamizdhal).

Interestingly enough, for the experience to merge into word-form the inner being has to undergo or travel through these five levels states, namely Amizhdal (“converging to a point”…withdrawal), Imizhdal (‘emerging and spreading’), Kumizhdal (coming together an consolidating’), Unizhdal (projecting or delivering) and Tamizdhal (“coming out into form”). Hence a language as rich with the sweetness of inherent order, originating from the luminosity of the Source is called Tamil. Tamil is word based on the final resultant state called Tamizhdal (தமிழ்தல்).

Tamil language has 12 vowels and 18 consonants both combine to form 216 letters (உயிர் எழுத்து – Uyir Ezhuthu (Life / Energy letters – 12 letters) and ெமய் எழுத்து – Mei Ezhuthu (Body / Matter letters – 18 letters).

We have already seen that “Yoga states that if you breathe through the right nostril (Solar breath), then it is effectively 12 angulas of breath length and if you breathe through the left nostril (Lunar Breath), then it is effectively 16 angulas of breath length”. Now we will see the correlation between this and Tamil language as given below…

  • The 12 vowels correspond to 12 Angula breath of Solar / right breath. This also means all Vowels originate in our navel.
  • The 18 consonants correspond to 16 Angula breath of Chandra / left breath with the addition of Manas – மனஸ் (mind) and உயிர் (life). All consonants originate in our Moooladhara Chakra.
  • The combination of vowels and consonants total up to 216 alphabets in Tamil (216 =18*12) corresponds to one hundredth of 21600 breaths in day. Please note that vowels and consonants create a word with life just as much we would have a living body by the combination of left and right breath.
  • This number 18 is also reflected in பதிெணன் சித்தர்கள், (18 different Siddhars) பதிெனட்டுப் புராணங்கள், (18 Puranas), ேயாக சாதன முைறகளி ஏற்படும் தைடகள் (நிைலகளும்) (18 step process of Sidha Yoga) பதிெனட்டு, அய்யப்பன் ேகாவில்படிகள் பதிெனட்டு (18 steps in Lord Ayappa temple in Kerala), பகவத்கீைதயில் பதிெனட்டு திகாரங்கைள (18 Chapters in Bhagavad Gita). There are more such significances like Mahabharatha war took place for 18 days.


1. Time = Space by Raguram Gopalan,
2. Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay

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