Why to wake up early in the morning? – 2

We will now explore this question with our breath (Prana), its location and the time of the day pattern. The breath changes its location-based on time of the day as shown below. It is important here to note that time of the day being given in ancient scripture the start time always corresponds with sunrise. Since Sunrise may vary from location to location, the breath location and its time would also vary accordingly. The start of the day is Sunrise is ancient calendars and not midnight like we have in the Gregorian calendar. This is more aligned with nature since the start of the day signifies a change in the nature (such as sunrise). Please consider 6 am as the sunrise time in the chart below.

Prana and Chakra Timetable

If we add all the breath counts, it will add up to 21600 for the entire day. The breath stays at Ajna and Sahasrara from 3.47am to 6.00am. Ajna and Sahasrara are the center for meditation and are chakras which control higher consciousness in an individual. These centers are energized and the Prana is seated in these chakras between 4am to 6am. This is why Brahma Muhurtam is the right time for meditative practices. One more thing note here is the start of New Year like Uttarayan (Jan 15th) or start of every season (there are 6 seasons in a year as per Indian calendar) or time of the day or day of the week everything is special because of its effect on our breath and nothing else. These are just a remainders set about ancient forefathers to make us more aware.

As very famously put by this saying “Vinasakaale Vibhareetha Buddhi”, which means bad times start for an individual with a spoilt mind. Nature has an uncanny way of influencing our mind based on our Karma so that we do either good or bad things led by our mind. The effect of nature / macrocosm on us is actually on our Buddhi (Intellectual Mind) is very difficult to detect and control but the external signal for the state of our mind is the breath.

Breath within us is both an input ingredient and also an output indicator. When we control the breath as an input ingredient then we can control our mind and hence our health and life. At the same time when our mind is very emotional then breathe which is erratic, heavy and non-rhythmic is an output indicator. Hence by understanding the right way of breath management we can control our fate. This is a secret in ancient yogic system which is not understood by many. In Tamil there is a saying called “விதிைய மதியால் ெவல்லலாம்”. This is wrongly interpreted as “We can win over our fate by using our mind”. But the word மதி means Mind and also Moon. The secret meaning of this saying is if we control the lunar breath then we can win over our death / fate. Hope we all are now more aware about our breath and why we need wake up early in the morning.


Know thy Nature by Raguram Gopalan, http://ragsgopalan.blogspot.com

Author: Ganesh

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