Initially there was Nothing,
Nothing was filled with One-thing,
Later One-thing becomes Something, Something,
Further Something expressed it-Self as So many things,
In the journey many things forget One-thing, its true Source,
Once these things realize that One-thing, which is (in) Everything,
Everything returns back to that One-thing in the ocean of Nothing.

Author: Ganesh

A soul in the search of eternal peace... "Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace"

6 thoughts on “Nothing-to-Nothing”

  1. you said it – if i may add the something that came out of nothing was a kind of consciousness called ego (maya), when that self consciousness ended the diversity resumed to its unity


  2. I had a debate with someone a few months ago, they were unable to understand how something can come from nothing.


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