Solar (Right) and Lunar (Left) Breath – 2

We will now see the explanation for 12 and 16 angulas concept based on Raguram’s understanding which of course seems to be more logical.

  • The overall human height is measured as 9 talas. Tala is the fundamental measure of time and space. We will see more in details about this later.

Human Body with Talas

Human form – Adi Tala, Nava Tala [Courtesy: Dr. Ganapathi Sthapati]

  • If the height of a human is 9 Talas (Navatala) then the torso which is neck to start of thigh is 3 talas. From neck to navel is 2 Talas and naval to start of the thigh is 1 Tala. Each Tala is 6 Angulas and hence neck to navel is 12 Angulas.
  • The solar breath starts at navel / nabhi chakra and hence 12 angulas. 
  • The lunar breath starts much below at Mooladhara chakra and hence 4 angulas below the nabhi chakra and hence 16 angulas. We also need to notice the distinction between nadi and breath. The Pingala nadi may still start at Mooladara but the solar breath is from the nabhi chakra. It is always better to go with what your guru says and that’s what we do.
  • Some schools tell us that 16 and 12 angulas are the length of the breath from the nose when we exhale, which may not be true. One angula is 11/8th of an inch. This would not be applicable for the exhaling length of the breath outside us.

Nadis and Chakras with criss cross

Nadis and Chakras [Book Yoga Nidra, by NC Panda]

  • We would notice that the flow crisscross between our nose and brain and this is one of the reasons why our sides of the body are controlled by the opposite sides of our brain.
  • The more we breathe through the right nostril the wastage is low and we would lead a long and healthy life. Alternatively when we breathe through your left nostril the breath wastage is more and they noted that it hampers long life and good health. We will see more on this tomorrow.


Know thy Nature by Raguram Gopalan,

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