Evolution of Universe – 2

The Space itself becomes spatial forms and time is the instrument that creates, sustains and destroys. In other words, un‐manifest state when pulsates becomes absolute time and this is the creative energy. The process of pulsation confirms to a mathematical order and we will see this order in detail later. You may now understand the phrase that “Time creates, sustains and destroys”. Since if there is no pulsation then nothing happens.

Mamuni Mayan in ‘Aintiram’ quotes

“காலேம எைவக்கும் மூலம், காலேம மூல ஆற்றல்
காலேம ேகாலத் ேதாற்றம், காலேம ஞாலத் ேதாற்றம்”

Time is Source of everything, Time is the primal force,
Time has only manifested as Form, Time has only as manifested as Universe…

“காலக்கூேற கணக்கியலாகி.”

Time splits as Maths in proportion it pulsates.

Here is an interesting modern-day quote by Bertrand Russel’s, “What we perceive as qualities of matter are differences in periodicity”.

Vyasa says in Adi parva chapter 1, shloka 249, says the same thing that Time Creates, sustains and destroys everything.

“kalah srijati bhutani kalah sanharati prajah
sanharantah prajah kalam kalah shamyate punah”

The same is quoted as “Vastur eva Vaastu” which means the unmanifest Paramaanu which is called Vastu (with Single a) becomes Vaastu (gross form – with two aa).

We shall end this part with this thought, the Space is considered as Nataraja (Shiva) – subtle component and Ranganatha is considered as the Earth component. So Shiva and Vishnu are two aspects of the same seed.

“Shivasya hridayam vishnur, Vishnoscha hridayam shivah:” and “Shivaya Vishnu rupaya Vishnave Shiva rupine”

Vishnu is the heart of Shiva and likewise Shiva is the heart of Vishnu and they both are the representation of each other. We already have seen more details about this in Vishnu and Nataraja – Earth and Space.


Time = Space by Raguram Gopalan, http://ragsgopalan.blogspot.com. Key recommendations are item 6, 11, 14 and 43. http://www.vastuved.com/publication.html

Author: Ganesh

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