10 thoughts on “Creativity…”

    1. 🙂 Similar to this extract from The Milk Is White:
      “The only unchanging aspect is the Light itself, the absolute being,
      that which is timeless, always was and always will be, that which simply IS. This absolute self is of the Creative Forces, it is like a water droplet touched to a vast drop, it merges completely yet retains its identity. That is our true state of being.”

      Anyone interested in this rather abstract subject should read Chapter 8 of the above mentioned book.


  1. Great Quote.
    ‘Intelligence’ is complicated. It is not straightforward and we should consider very carefully how we even use the word “intelligence” when we really think about it. Intelligence is not singular.
    Metaphysical intelligence includes a sense of awe and wonder, the transcendental, and a sense of value and worth.


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