10 thoughts on “East or West?”

  1. Time, too, is the big illusion: there is no time. There, is Day, Night, and seasons. Man has created time to his great detriment, and we do not profit from it (I think). It constrains us, a prison-like construct that causes us much angst, worry, fear and stress.
    To be free of the illusion of time! 🙂


    1. Mind is the child of Maya (Delusion). It’s can operate only within the limits of time and space. If think us as a mind, we have limits. But if we think us beyond our mind, we are limitless, which we are. 🙂


  2. These words resonate to me. Something else my late Sister has said to me… that we, here on this planet, are ‘the ghosts in the machine’.

    I am sharing and reblogging with love and gratitude Ganesh.. thank you 🙂


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