How are we united?

Mind Body Soul

Spirit/Soul and Body – Prana or Chi or Vital/Life Energy
Spirit/Soul and Mind – Chitta or Subconscious mind
Mind and Body – Emotions and Senses
Soul, Mind and Body – Awareness, Consciousness, Yogi

Author: Ganesh

A soul in the search of eternal peace... "Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace"

9 thoughts on “How are we united?”

  1. Really Great words and Practical description.
    The Senses are Powerful, but Superior to the Senses is Mind and Superior to Mind is Intellect, far Superior to Intellect is Self — Atma. — Soul.
    ( Sloka 42 of Chapter 8 of Bhagvad-Gita.)


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