To the Mind and Senses – —1

  • O Mind! You are a fool. You have dragged me in the avenues of senses and brought disgrace on me.
  • I will not keep company with you in future.
  • You are playing truant. You are a mischievous monkey. You are a strolling street-dog. You are a pig who revels in filth. You are a vile wretch. You are a vagabond.
  • You are born of Ananda (bliss). Your parentage is very high. Your father is Brahman or the Absolute. You are born in a very exalted, reputed and cultured family and yet you have degraded yourself and me also by your useless company. Your mother Maya(delusion) also is born in a very high family. She is the wife of Brahman.
  • Your very Svabhava(nature) is to run towards external, sensual objects. Just as the water runs downwards without any effort by its very nature, so also you run by your very nature towards perishable mundane things. You get knocks, blows and kicks and yet you repeat the same old things. You have become like a habitual, old criminal. Any amount of advice and admonition has not done you any good nor reformed your nature and character. Fie on thee!
  • Now I will totally disconnect myself from you. I will leave you alone. You can do just as you please. Good-bye unto you! I am going back to my original Supreme Abode of Immortality and Eternal Bliss.
  • O Ear! You also have been spoiled by your company with the mind. You do take immense delight in hearing the censure of others and all sorts of news of the world, but you do not take so much delight in hearing the Lilas of the Lord and the Kirtan, religious discourses and sermons.
  • O Eye! You have no interest in looking at the picture of the Lord, images of God in temples, saints and Mahatmas; but you are wholly absorbed in looking at women.
  • O Nose! You are highly pleased in smelling the odour of scents, lavender, etc.; but you do not evince any interest in smelling the sweet fragrance of the flowers etc., offered to the Lord.
  • O Tongue! You dance in joy in eating sweet-meats, fruits and all other palatable dishes; but there is no joy for you in taking Charanamrita and Prasad of the Lord in temples.
  • O Skin! You rejoice in touching women and other soft things; but you do not experience happiness in touching the feet of the Lord and the saints.
  • O Vak-Indriya! You daily talk all sorts of non-sense. You take delight in abusing others, in scandal-mongering and backbiting; but you do not feel any joy in singing Lord’s Name and doing Japa and studying the Gita and other holy scriptures.
  • O Hands! You are highly pleased in taking bribes, in beating others, in stealing others’ properties, in touching women; but you do not rejoice in doing charity, in serving the poor people and Sadhus, in doing worship of the Lord and offering flowers to Him.
  • O Feet! You take delight in going to cinemas, clubs, restaurants, hotels; but you do not find happiness in going to places of pilgrimage, temples and Ashrams.
  • O Senses! Behave properly in future. This is the last chance for you. Improve yourselves and get a good name. If you live for the Lord and serve Him, you will be ever happy. All miseries will come to an end.
  • Good-bye unto you all!


Mind – Its Mysteries and Control by Sri Swami Sivananda

Author: Ganesh

A soul in the search of eternal peace... "Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace"

9 thoughts on “To the Mind and Senses – —1”

  1. This is all very good. I suppose it would apply as well to those who practice Christianity and other religions. It seems human nature to succumb to the hypnotic persuasions of the passing sensual and material world, with all its wastefulness and corruption. Many people do this to such an extent that they overlook their spiritual development completely. The mind itself is a source of great delusion, perpetuating an irrational confidence in what is essentially an illusion; whereas it is necessary for us to remove our affections and attachments to the mundane world, in order to get a glimpse of the more transcendent things of Reality, and to grasp its true nature.,.


  2. Really very great post.
    Exalted and Exhaled all the Organs of humans and quite appropriately defined it’s working.
    Enjoyable. One must come out of the delusion.


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