7 thoughts on “Let it flow…”

  1. Going with the flow has been my mantra over the last couple of weeks and I’m noticing a positive difference in the way I react to things and people around me. Thanks for the reminder to keep living from this perspective. Much Love, Sandy


    1. Sandy, this extract from The Milk Is White may appeal to you:
      We can use the analogy of a boat upon the ocean, with the ocean being the potential, the boat being the life, and the individual sitting with the hand on the rudder. The direction in which the prow is pointed, the currents under the boat and the winds prevailing at any given time, take the boat on its journey.
      Our best, and most difficult, course of action is to keep the prow pointing ‘north’ (this being our spiritual ideal) by a firm hand on the tiller whilst being aware of the forces being exerted by the air and ocean currents. This does not mean that we adopt a negative attitude by being totally fatalistic because it is necessary
      that we set goals as well as try various options and use our initiative to attain them, but this with the awareness that these may not be what is required for us and, hence, we apply the principle of non-attachment to the result. This allows the best to eventuate without any negative feelings relative to the result.


  2. Hi Ian, That was so beautifully expressed! Thank You. I can only say that your words are very timely as I am “navigating” through new waters and I’m still settling in and learning to just let it be.
    I really appreciated your additional comments, as it strengthens my resolve to continue to just Go with the Flow and see where it leads. Much Love, Sandy


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