Vaastu through the Arts – Part 2


By Dr. Jessie Mercay
posted by Ganesh

Earlier we saw a definition of Vastu and Vaastu based upon a study of the roots of the words as below…

Vas: to shine; to grow bright, to bestow by shining upon, to cause to shine; to enter into, to dwell, becoming light, dawning, the seat or place of, an abiding substance or essence, the pith or substance of something, to cohabit with.

Vaas: to make fragrant or to perfume, an intoxicant, to be or make firm, dwelling place, to assume the appearance of, matter. (Cologne Lexicon)
Tu: One who changes his shape at will.

Vastu is that energy or force that lives eternally. It is never-ending and omnipresent.

In examining these definitions, we can see that Vastu is the seat of an abiding, shining luminous substance or essence (the essence of life). It has a quality of growing brightness and is the pith or substance that enters into and cohabits with that in which it dwells and that which dwells within it. It is the source of the material world yet it cohabits with the material world as Vaastu. It does not separate itself from the material world. In fact, the material world (Vaastu) exists within the body of Vastu. It changes its shape at will and becomes the innumerable forms of the material world and exists as Vaastus (all material forms).

Vaastu is that which assumes the appearance of matter. It makes firm or gives concrete shape to the place where it dwells. It makes fragrant that in which it dwells. That fragrance is the intoxicating spiritual bliss experienced by people who live in or visit a Vaastu structure, listen to Vaastu music or poetry, or view Vaastu sculpture and dance. Here we are speaking of authentically created and executed forms of these arts based on the ancient Shastras.

Authentic Vaastu or Mayonic arts that use the principles Mayan established brings forth this essence we call Vastu. This essence is luminous. It causes that which it enters to shine – glow. As it becomes Vaastu, that form which it enters – music, poetry, architecture etc., becomes fragrant with the light of Vastu – the light of consciousness. The listener, viewer, or inmate then becomes permeated with specific qualities of consciousness exhibited in the art. This results in an intoxicating experience of spiritual bliss.

This Mayonic Science/ Vaastu Science and Technology must live. Conscious people must take it as a personal responsibility to help it grow in their area of interest. It is the savior of the world, the balm for the suffering on the weary road of life. It brings enlightenment and spiritual bliss to those who partake of arts and architecture that demonstrate its principles.

From the pen of Santi – Deva a 14th century monk:

This Thought of Enlightenment…
it is an elixir made to destroy death in the world,
an unfailing treasure to relieve the world’s poverty,
a supreme balm to allay the world’s sickness,
a tree under which may rest all creatures wearied with wandering over life’s paths,
a bridge open to all wayfarers for passing over hard ways,
a moon of thought arising to cool the fever of the world’s sin,
a great sun driving away the gloom of the world’s ignorance,
a fresh butter created by the churning of the milk of the Good Law.

For the caravan of beings who wander through life’s paths hungering to taste of happiness, this banquette of bliss is prepared, that will satisfy all creatures coming to it.

Those of us who have supported, studied and applied this art and science bring this banquet of bliss to the world. Come join us. Build a Vaastu house, garden cottage or temple cottage, learn the application of Mayonic/Vaastu principles to the visual arts, or study Vaastu music. Support AUM S&T. Somehow participate in this great endeavor for the wellbeing of humanity.


Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay. Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, For any questions please visit

Author: Ganesh

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