11 thoughts on “Peace?”

      1. hey so you are not indonesian people ?
        Ahh so that’s why your all of post is in english..
        sorry 😀

        Hmm I mean, do you this text in sanskrit ? Or any other quotes from veda in sanskrit ?


            1. So cool, Bali! I love to visit their once, such a beautiful place. I have seen some beautiful videos shot on Bali. Reg. Sanskrit texts, you can learn them directly without even knowing Sanskrit as almost all are available with English translation in internet. Many you can download it and learn offline too. Some suggestions for Sanskrit mantra’s are Gayatri Mantra, Guru Stotram and ‘asatoma sadgamaya’. 🙂


  1. This extract is from “The Milk Is White”:
    The answer lies with every single one of us; to be aware, and being aware, to ACT.


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