Quantum Physics – The Unified Field of Attraction

So, what is Quantum Physics, and how does it pertain to the Subconscious Mind. Most of us have heard about Quantum Physics at some point in our lives. It has breached many of the boundaries that science previously had set up, a new breed of science, almost fringe in nature, has begun to tear down these walls, one by one. It takes an old view of physics and slaps a spin to it that shakes the very foundations in which we believed the world to be. It looks deeply into matter, at the atomic level, the structure of how matter is held together and what the basic element of this world, the founding cornerstone of reality is. Quantum Physics has spread throughout many of our theories and laws that we previously believed to be static and changed how we think about it. But, what is it they actually uncovered?

Energy and Consciousness

Quantum Physics has delved into matter, and reached a new level of understanding of how matter works. In an Atom, the stuff that makes up all Matter, Consisting of Protons and Neutrons, and surrounded by Electrons, you’ll notices this massive space. A number unfathomable of these Atoms pretty much makes up everything you see and touch. Yet, an Atom, that is so small and made up of mostly space, can hold together in relationships with other Atoms so tightly, that you end up creating something so solid. At the very base of this Atom, in Quantum Physics, it is suggested that the force that holds this Atom together is consciousness. And here’s why

It is suggested, that the act of measuring, or even observing can change what you view under the microscope. They have discovered that a particle has a dual component, known as a wave. This wave acts just like what I’m sure your thinking. Light waves, radio waves, it has curves going up and down (to put it bluntly). This is called the Particle-Wave duality. It suggests, depending on the observer or circumstances, that a particle or wave will change to the other. Such as, at rest and under a microscope, it could be a particle, but while it’s not, it might take the form of a wave. Because of this, they believe that the conscious of the observer impacts the outcome of the observed. This means that if this theory is correct, then consciousness is directly tied to the base element making up matter as we know it. And is proposed that the base element of matter is consciousness itself!

Remember waves are a form of frequency. This frequency vibrates, at a curtain rhythm that creates an effect. In relation to Quantum Physics, these frequencies make up what we See, Feel, Hear, Smell and Taste. The brain interprets all these frequencies as signals, and turns them into Sight, Touch, Sound, Smell and Taste. So, everything we perceive is nothing more than interpreted frequencies of the brain. Imagine what the world would look like, if our minds weren’t interpreting what it ‘thinks’ everything is. Consciousness impacting the observed, and the particle-wave duality, along with frequencies interpreted by the brain, this all suggests that there is a relationship between the observer and the observed.

Consciousness in itself is a form of energy, hence why the observer can impact the outcome of the observed. Energy reacts to energy. Consciousness gives rise to the “I” and with it; this energy accumulated into particles and frequencies becomes, Self-Aware. Think about that for a moment.

The Unified Field

If everything you see, taste, touch, smell and hear is a part of your consciousness and consciousness is a form of energy, then what is the world we see? It’s called the Unified Field, which suggests everything is energy and therefore everything is connected. It is influenced by something called the Global Consciousness. The Global Consciousness is in simplest terms, a collective consciousness. The collective energy of thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, experiences, etc. Each of us contributes to it. It acts mostly as a governing force to the world and how the world operates according to how we think and believe. For instance, how many people believe fire is hot? It’s a crude example, but it will do. Well, most everyone right? How about if you walk off a cliff, do you believe you will fall? The answer is probably yes.

Well, in conjunction with the Global Consciousness, it tells us that since just about everyone in this world, knows fire is hot, and gravity plus cliff doesn’t equal happiness, so it becomes true. We believe these things to be static and therefore, it is collected and it becomes true. This means that consciousness greatly impacts the world around you. Based on what you believe, how you perceive, and how you interact with the world, and in turn, how the world interacts with you.

To at least try to better convey what I mean, let’s look at hypnotist. A good hypnotist can make you think, feel or see anything he wishes you to see. I remember seeing a hypnotist demonstrate this on the street. He made a few people in New York believe they were climbing in the Himalayan Mountains. I was utterly amazed. When he snapped them out of it, they said they could feel the cold, hear the wind and see the mountains. They honestly believed they were there. So, if he could make them believe they were in a place they had never been before, feeling the cold and seeing mountains. Can we truly be sure that what we perceive the world to be is exactly as we originally thought it to be?

If you work the problem backwards, it might make a little more sense. If Consciousness is Energy, and Energy is Matter, and Matter is what we interact with, it becomes a little more easy to grasp. Anyways, now that you know a little bit about the Unified Field, the existence of Consciousness in our everyday life, let’s have brief look at how the world sings.

Vibrating Information

The world as we know it is Energy, and whether you choose to know it as Energy or Consciousness, to many, it’s the same thing. But, remember, all that energy holds its own signature, through vibrations. These Vibrations create a frequency which tells our brains what it feels like, or looks like, or smells like, tastes like or sounds like. It gives everything in this universe a distinct signature which separates it from other things like it. When you add all this things together, you get information! Every time you move, your brain sends a signal, or a frequency that travels to your muscles and causes an effect. This frequency is so packed with information that not only does it tell your muscles how to move, but it also tells you what you experience.

This information travels deep into everything we interact with. Within the energy itself, the consciousness if you will, gives rise to this information and this goes so far as to determine its shape and texture, etc. through vibrations. But it doesn’t quite end there. Even your emotions give off vibrations. You as a whole, vibrate. Your vibration changes depending on your mood. The higher the vibration betters the mood. Though your emotions probably have the greatest impact on your vibratory state, your thoughts also have an impact on your vibration. Everything you think, you send out a vibration with that thought. Remember if you repeat a thought enough, it becomes a pattern? Well this pattern will change your emotional vibration, putting you into a more suited mood of your choosing. This is great news, because now we’re getting to the good stuff. So, you use thoughts to influence your emotional state to help get you more involved, and then use that to better achieve your desired outcome. Now, finally we come to the Law of Attraction

World Attracts

All consciousness is energy, all energy vibrates information, this combination helps shape the world around us in the Unified Field. So, how does the Law of Attraction come into play? Well, the Law states that things that are alike attract. Which means, two things that are similar, will naturally be attracted to each other. So, how does one use this Law to their advantage? Well, here is where it all comes together. Use your own thought as the means to begin this process. You begin to center your mind on the objective at hand. These Thoughts Vibrate, changing your own vibrations and influencing your emotional status. This Vibration is sent out from you and enters the Unified Field. There it will find vibrations that are alike with the one you sent out, and return them to you.

So, let’s use this in an example, just to be safe. Let’s say, you really want a pair of bunny slippers. How would you use what you’ve learned here to get those bunny slippers? First you center your mind on “Having” the bunny slippers, because if you concentrate on “Wanting” that bunny slipper, the Universe will only return a state of wanting. So you picture and think about “Having” those slippers. When done right, and if you truly want it, you probably will begin to feel emotional about it, which in turn will make you focus on that thought even more, since you really want them, and the idea of “Having” them makes you happy. You end up sending out a vibration into the Universe, this universe takes this vibration and matches it, kind of like magnets, your vibration attracts another and you pull closer your perfectly fluffy, lovely, comfortable bunny slippers. Since I doubt the bunny slippers will appear out of thin air. Chances are they will manifest in a different way. Chances are, a likely way would be you stumble upon them at a store, or your friend had a pair that they don’t need anymore, and they give them to you or maybe in some other way. This, in essence is also the fundamentals of Magic (k).

So there you have it. Consciousness is Energy, Vibration is Energy and Matter is Energy, all in different forms. Study this, and let it become a part of you. Once you understand this information as truth, you find the door to a world of higher possibilities opens up for you.

Source: http://learntelekinesis.blogspot.com/2009/11/quantum-physics.html

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