8 thoughts on “Leela – The Divine Play”

    1. I couldn’t resist extracting this from The Milk Is White so excuse me if it is irrelevant. 🙂
      Another aspect of the learning process can be likened to a very large jigsaw puzzle. At first there is a mass of little bits making no meaningful picture. Subsequently, as we read, listen, analyse, accept and practice, pieces fall into place little by little and the picture grows. Apparently unconnected areas may develop but these coalesce as time goes by. In any event we become aware of progress and the picture builds up to make more and more sense. In later stages, however, as the picture fills out we find that the border keeps moving outward and the size and scope of the picture increase. This is because, until such time as we are fully enlightened, we will not have the full picture. Perhaps not even then as there may be finishing touches to be made in other, less dense, planes of vibration.


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