7 States of Consciousness – Part 2

3. Dreaming State (Continued…)

The highest therapy: Gradually, the intensity of the coloring attenuates, eventually allowing the thought pattern to remain in latent, seed form (until it is dispensed with entirely). It is because of this process of attenuating that the Yogi says that Yoga Meditation is the highest of all therapies. The coloring gradually attenuates…


Taijasa is not the “spiritual” realm: This level of Taijasa (U of OM) has often been confused as being the “spiritual” realm, failing to note that it is only the second of four levels of consciousness in AUM (or third of the seven). If one is not familiar with this, it can seem that there are only two realms (a Gross and Spiritual) with a Transition between them. One can easily get caught in a trap of pursuing the actions, beings, and objects of the Subtle realm, not recognizing that they are merely a level to move through, not a place to go and stay. Journeys in these subtle realms are no more useful in the journey of Self-realization than journeys to a thousand cities in our external world, though some such journeying is sometimes needed so as to learn the lesson that the journeying is not needed. The article Realization Beyond the Gross and Subtle describes how it can seem that there are only two levels of Gross and Subtler.

Seeking the Subtle is a distraction: Patanjali, author of Yoga science describes many siddhis (powers) that come to the Yogi through practices. Some say that the Yogi is seeking these powers intentionally. However, Patanjali actually mentions these on the foundation of Non-Attachment (Vairagya) and Discrimination (Viveka), such that the seeker will abandon these powers when they come (Yoga Sutra 3.38). In other words, seeking of the breadth of the Subtle realm is a distraction on the journey to enlightenment; with Discriminative Wisdom and Non-Attachment, one is better off to let go of these allurements.

Witnessing and going beyond: At the same time that the Yogi observes and lets go of the Subtle realm, there is also a beauty in witnessing as one moves forward in the journey. We can surely enjoy the scenery along the way, though it may be best, the Yogis remind us, to move on to the Realization of the Absolute, which is not subject to death, decay, or decomposition.

Awareness of the transition: In the practice of remembering the OM Mantra, one allows the awareness and feeling associated with the “A” to transition into the awareness and feeling associated with the “U”.

Three types of awareness with “U”: In the practice of remembering the AUM, when awareness is on “U” of the OM, you cultivate and train yourself to have a simultaneous awareness of:

  • the Dreaming state,
  • the Unconscious processing level of the mind, and
  • the Subtle realm of the universe (Dreaming, Unconscious, and Subtle are all at the same level).

The awareness of these three operating at the same level of reality is allowed to become clearer through practice over time.

4. Aladani / Transition State

Transition between Dreaming and Deep Sleep: There is a transition stage between Dreaming (U of OM) and Deep Sleep (M of OM) states. The name of this transition stage of consciousness is Aladani. Aladani does not just refer to the personal experience between Dreaming and Deep Sleep. Rather, it is the name of that transition level of consciousness itself.


This transition is not normally experienced consciously: This is a state that one normally does not experience consciously. This state is very subtle. It is a transition, but is the transition whereby the latent, formless facts or impressions start to stir, and end up taking form in the Unconscious mind, that part normally only accessed when one is having dreams while in the Dream state of sleep. One may sometimes consciously experience the transition between Dreaming and Waking, either while in bed at sleeping time or at Meditation time. This might be experienced as very beautiful or very horrifying, depending on the nature of the thought patterns. However, the transition at Aladani is very different from the Waking to Dreaming transition.

Thoughts in their formless form: Here, in the Aladani transition, the thought patterns that are in their unmanifest, formless, latent form start to stir. This is literally the beginnings of the enlivening of latent Samskaras, the source of our Karma (the word Karma literally means “actions”). It is a process that one is not normally conscious of. Once again, it is very important to note that this is not the same as the process whereby Unconscious active mental process springs forward through Unmani into the Waking or Conscious state; this is happening at a deeper level.

Beyond the Gross and Subtle: As attractive as the Gross and Subtle realm can be, these levels beyond Taijasa (the Dream State or Subtle realm) can be even more alluring and distracting. As one touches on this transition phase from which the Subtle realm and Subtle thoughts are born, one starts to see the way in which both the subtle and material realm are manifested and can be manipulated.

Aladani and Aladin’s lamp: Notice the similarity between the names of the level of consciousness called Aladani and the story of Aladin’s lamp, wherein there was a genie. The genie was in latent form, but by rubbing the lamp, a transition process begins whereby the genie comes forth to fulfill any wishes. Between the stage of the genie being inside the lamp, and being fully formed, the transition of the genie is that of smoke that changes and solidifies into form.

Moving past this transition level: For one truly on the path of Self-realization, this is a level to be acknowledged and moved past, allowing the stirrings to fall back to rest so that the Absolute can be experienced.

5. Deep Sleep State

“M” represents Deep Sleep: The Deep Sleep state of consciousness is represented by the “M” of the AUM. The name of this level of consciousness is Prajna. Prajna does not just mean Deep Sleep. Rather, it is the name of that level of consciousness in which one experiences Deep Sleep.

Deep Sleep

Impressions are stored in their latent form: The Deep Sleep state is the level where deep impressions are stored in their latent form. It contains the roots of our habit patterns, the Samskaras that are the driving force behind Karma (actions). Those wants, wishes, desires, attractions, and aversions that play themselves out in dreams, or turn into actions and speech in the external world have their root in this level of consciousness. Those impressions are like seeds, lying there waiting for water and fertilizer to awaken them, so they may grow in the fields of Dreaming or Waking.

Prajna is supreme knowledge: “Pra” means “Supreme” and “Jna” comes from “Jnana,” which means “Knowledge”. Thus, Prajna is the level of consciousness that is of Supreme Knowledge. How odd it is, that the domain of Deep Sleep, where there seems to be nothing going on, is called the place of Supreme Knowledge.

Prior to the creation of thoughts and emotions: However, Prajna is the place, the level that is deeper than, or prior to the creation of thoughts and emotions, whether in the Dream level or the Waking level.

Prior to the manifestation of Gross and Subtle: It is also the domain that is deeper than, or prior to creation or manifestation of the objects and activities within both the Subtle and Gross realms. (The phrase “prior to” is not meaning in the sense of time. Rather, it is that out of which the next thing emerges. A metaphor sometimes used is the way that a pot comes out of clay. Here, the clay is always there. Out of the clay emerges the pot, and although the clay never goes away, the pot will go away, and merge back into the clay from which it came.)


Yogic Conscious Deep Sleep by Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati at http://www.swamij.com/yoga-nidra.htm


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