Significance of Energy Belts in Layout of Living Space

By Dr. Jessie Mercay
posted by Ganesh

Earlier in the discussion on the manifestation process a point was made concerning the five concentric belts that spread as square belts of energy coming from the center of the Brahmasthan. I have also mentioned that the central area of a building called the 105 Brahmasthan must be left empty because it is the seat of Brahman where the energy patterns arise.

Energy Belts

You can see in the above diagram that these energy belts have specific names. The first belt pushing outward from the Brahma pada is called Brahmavithi. This is the abode of Brahmam. This point is OM – a composite of subtle light and sound. The second energy belt coming from the center is called Devavithi (Devika Pada). This is the abode of luminosity, in ancient India, this belt was also left un-bilt and used as a passageway. The third energy belt is called Manushyavithi (Manusha Pada). This is the field of consciousness – often left un-bilt in ancient times and used as a passageway. The last energy belt is Pishachavithi (Paisachika Pada) – the abode of gross matter or human existence. This energy belt is where rooms were traditionally placed. In modern building, due to space constraints, we generally use the space of Devavithi, Manushyavithi and Pishachavithi.

The order in this pattern is said to be the Universal Order. It is also reflected as the same order of manifestation within the human being. When the egg and the sperm unite, a thread of consciousness or Brahma Sutra is activated around which a cubical Atman(Soul) arises and subsequently forms a human body through its vibration. Just as the fetus of consciousness activates itself to form the universe, the same fetus on the micro level is activated to form a human life. The frequency within the Atman (jivatman to some) forms the body and mind of the person. As it continues to vibrate ones whole life is formed. Who we are and what we do is born of that vibrating thread of consciousness. The same manifestation process occurs within the human and other beings that occurs in the cosmos as described earlier in this text.

We as humans have the opportunity through free will to change that frequency for better or worse. We can go to lowly places and associate with people of lesser frequency and alter our own frequency in that direction. We can, on the other hand, choose to surround ourselves with saintly people and raise our frequency. We can choose to live in a lowly house and lower our frequency or we can choose to live in a saintly house and raise our frequency. The saintly house is one that is built using the mathematical order and building codes promulgated by Mayan. This order is called Vaastu Dharma and one who applies this order to building is said to be following Vaastu Dharma – called the Luminous Path by Mayan.

In ancient times, in South India, every community had a saintly house. It was called a temple or koil (pronounced ko-eel) – temple of Space. Everyone could not afford to live in a Vaastu house (although small Vaastu houses, sheds, temple cottages, or shrines can be built in ones back yard) so every community had a Vaastu building that was used as a community meeting place and healing center. They did not do this to worship idols – worship of idols in temples did not occur until Brahmins came from the north. If a statue of Nataraja or a Siva lingam was present it was with the knowledge that these were representations of the principle of Vastureva vaastu. They did this because they understood the knowledge of the union of Jivatman and Paraatman that occurs by being in a Vaastu building or temple. In the evening people would congregate at the temple and talk and share their day. There would be Vaastu music and Vaastu dancing as well as reading of Vaastu poetry. They would experience complete rejuvenation from the frequency of the building. If someone were ill they would sleep and live in the temple until their illness was healed. This is the power of a building built using Vaastu codes on the Vaastu Purusha Mandala.


Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay. Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, For any questions please visit

Author: Ganesh

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  1. When I wrote these articles which Ganesh is kindly posting, it was with the hope that some readers would be awakened to what Vastu and Vaastu are really concerned with. Vastu has nothing to do with using yantras or other things to improve the vastu of your house. It has nothing to do with rearranging furniture or anything else. It is only concerned with building architecture from the ground up. I hope you all take a look at


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