The Perfectly Balanced Mind

Observe the nature of the mind of a Jivanmukta (Liberated Sage). It is perfectly balanced under all circumstances. His mind is always cool and unaffected by the pairs of opposites. His mind is free from elation and depression. It is neither elated by enjoyments nor depressed by sorrow and grief. Without being affected by the pleasures or pains of enjoyments though moving in them, the mind of a Jivanmukta will become inured to them. Through internal contentment and freedom from pains, there will arise in the Jnani (Wise men) an equanimity of mind in all circumstances and at all places.

Even when pains and the rest attaching themselves to his body exhibit themselves on his face, his mind never writhes under them or their antithesis. It is free from impure subtle desires. There will be no anger or desire. There will not arise any evil impulse of lust in such a mind. There is not the least longing for objects. His mind is above worldly things. He is not affected by the world. He need not have a separate room or Asana. He need not close the eyes. He need not do any restraint of the senses. A mind which, though apparently enjoying the diverse objects, does not, in reality, enjoy them, may be stated to be Brahman itself.

Dual Consciousness

An occultist learns through self-control and discipline to work on two planes at once, that is, to be partly out of his body at the same time when he is working on the physical plane; so that, while he is writing or speaking, he may be doing other things with his astral body. When such is the case with an occultist, little need be said of a full-blown Jnani who is resting on his own Self. A Jnani has dual consciousness. He has consciousness of Brahman (Absolute) as well as consciousness of the world. He sees the world as a dream within himself. A Jnani is always in Samadhi. There is no ‘‘in Samadhi’’ and’ ‘out of Samadhi’’ for a Jnani like that of a Raja Yogi.

When you play on the harmonium, you adjust the tune first. It may be fixed either on the second reed or the fourth reed according to the strength and power of your voice. Then you begin to play on the various reeds. The Sapta Svaras (Seven Notes) are pronounced now. You can play now various Raga-Raginis (melodies). He who is aware of the main Sruti (smallest interval of pitch) can be compared to a Jnani who knows the Soul or support for this universe. He who is aware of the Sapta Svara only without knowing the fundamental Sruti is like an Ajnani (Ignorant)  who is unaware of the Soul, but who has knowledge of the sense-objects only. When you see an object with your eyes, you know that it is through the light of the sun that you are able to see it. You have a double vision. Similarly, a Jnani has always a double vision when he does worldly activity. Even when he works, he knows he is not working; he is unattached. Even though he sees the world, it is all Brahman and Brahman for him.

Equal Attitude and Equal Vision

There is a slight difference between Equal Attitude and Equal Vision. The former is the condition of the mind (as balanced in pleasure and pain, gain and loss, heat and cold, victory and defeat). The latter is the condition of knowledge. The Jnani sees the Soul alone in a scavenger and a king. When you are expecting to meet a friend of yours at the railway station, the mind tries to see him in several other persons with a like physiognomy, because the mind is engrossed with the one idea of meeting a particular friend at a particular time. The mind is very eager to see him. A lustful young man sees a woman in a pillar tied with a woman’s cloth, in fact, everywhere. The mind is charged with very powerful and lustful thoughts. A God-intoxicated man, on the contrary, sees God in a tree, a stone, boy, child, girl, cow, dog—in fact, in everything. A Jivanmukta, though he has infinite powers, cannot express all his Siddhis through his finite mind.


Mind – Its Mysteries and Control by Sri Swami Sivananda


Now is a good time!


Leave everything aside for a moment,
this self-obsession with being someone special.
Leave aside all these shallow concerns, projections,
expectations that keep your mind floating
like a bubble on the surface of the ocean of being.

Just try to be this formless presence
in which this entire play is watched.

Be neutral.
Try to observe that which observes.
Keep quiet.

Your mind seems so afraid of this meeting
which is with your true Beloved!

Now is as good a time as any.

Once your heart accepts this invitation
the whole universe is with you.

~ Mooji